Friday, June 22, 2007

Canada Post says Church members do not need postal codes

On 8/1/06, PALIWAL, Sanjay <> wrote:
Dear Minister Belanger:
I am writing further to the e-mail message you sent to Ms. Moya Greene, President and Chief Executive Officer, regarding the use of the postal code. I regret any confusion that resulted from the e-mail message to Minister Mieczslaw.
As per the Canada Post Corporation Letter Mail Regulations, items paid by postage meter or postal indicia must include the applicable postal code to qualify for standard mail prices, otherwise higher postal rates will apply. For the most part, postage meters and/or postal indicia are used by businesses and other "commercial" organizations.
The postal code is not required on standard mail if it is mailed using postage stamps.
Should you wish to mail an item using our Registered Mail service, it should be brought to the post office, addressed but not bearing any meter impression or postal indicia. Postal staff can then process the item for you. The postal code would not be necessary in such a case.
I appreciated the opportunity to clarify our position on this matter. Please be assured we are committed to providing the best possible postal service, and the postal code will always help in ensuring efficient and timely mail delivery.

Yours sincerely, \nSanjay Paliwal General Manager, Addressing and Delivery

If you bow to defacto governments it is not only your knees that will be sore!

"Re: Canada post says ....Church members do not have to use commercial postal codes

Yours sincerely,
Sanjay Paliwal General Manager, Addressing and Delivery

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