Sunday, July 29, 2007

Psychiatry Exposed!


The whole field of psychiatry has gotten into every facet of your life. DR. JEFFREY SCHALER, states that they basically believe that everyone is mentally ill.

DR. MARK FIUOCI asks where these diseases are coming from. He states that they are coming from the minds of psychiatrists that are dreaming these things up, writing papers and getting published with their names on them, creating new diseases.

DR. RON LEIFER, Psychiatrist, states, “There is not one shred of credible evidence, that any respectable scientist would consider valid, demonstrating that anything the psychiatrists call mental illness, are brain diseases or biochemical imbalances. It’s all a FRAUD.”

DR. GARY NULL, states, “…there is nothing done that is legitimate and they are billing for it.”

Psychiatrists claim that over one billion of world’s population is mentally ill. Right now they drug 17 million school children with stimulants and antidepressants. That doesn’t stop them from calling themselves “mental health experts” and treating people against their will.

One man (Robert-stepfather), stated, “The psychiatrists who are to work to heal people, have done nothing but destroy this man’s life, forcibly committed, and in destroying his life, destroying the lives of all his loved ones.”

Insurance companies pay out $69 billion per year in psychiatric services, doubling the cost of medical insurance premiums. And while raking in the money, psychiatrists cannot point to one single cure.

In the past 4 decades, nearly twice as many Americans have died in government psychiatric hospitals, than in all US wars since 1776.

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