Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it antisemetism or anti fraud? Talmud does it respect you???

The Parasite's Dilemma:

The Origin of Talmudism:

"Tell Me Please, British-Israel Identity Foundation Truths":

"An Informed Consensus: An Essay on the Proper Use of the Word, 'Jew'":

"Webster and the Term, 'Jew'":
Global-Judaic origins-Between Testaments.doc Page 3 of 16 28 January 2009

"Misconceptions About Josephus, the Judean":

95 Theses Against the Anti-Christ
(my free ebook, which explains how Judaism violates every law of Moses)

Arsenal of Words
(another fee ebook, documenting how the Talmudic rabbis have invented false definitions of words in order to deceive the masses):

(Arsenal of Words contains much information on the rabbinical technique of INTERPOLATION, which is the technique of redefining words to suit their deceptive purposes, so this is MUST READING for anyone who wishes to understand how the Talmudic rabbis have butchered the Holy Scriptures.)

For a quick summary of the
works of Josephus, please see An Informed Consensus Revisited:

Great reading here!

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