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Pharmaceutical corporations accused of Genocide before IC= in The Hague

Pharmaceutical corporations accused of Genocide before IC= in The Hague
By Matthias Rath MD - The Hague, June 14, 2003 (Original article is here) Pharmaceutical corporations and individual executives have been accused of genocide and crimes of war before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The charges, which also involve accusations of war crimes against U= President George W. Bush, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top political figures, are contained in a detailed complaint filed with the ICC by Dr. Mathias Rath.
Pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline ,Novartis, Amgen and Astra Zeneca are accused of deliberately preventing life-saving natural alternatives to drug based treatments from being applied in prevention and cure. A worldwide disinformation campaign undertaken by these companies is said to have caused the death of millions of people. Their role in getting both Bush and Blair into power and in determining the policies of their respective administrations with respect to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is cited as evidence for a case made for violation of Human Rights.

Financial interests behind misdirected health policies world wide and be=ind the drive for war are also named in the complaint, filed by Rath and others during a two-day Conference in The Hague on 14 and 15 June.


Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity
Committed in Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'
This complaint is submitted to the
International Criminal Court by Matthias R=th MD
and others on behalf of the people of the world
The Hague, June 14, 2003
To the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court=2C
Senator Louis Moreno-Ocampo,
c/o International Court, Maanweg 174
NL-2516 AB Den Haag/The Hague

This complaint brings before the International Court of Justice (ICC) the greatest crimes ever committed in the course of human history. The accused are charged with causing injury to and the death of mi=lions of people through the 'business with disease', war crimes and other crimes against humanity. These crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the international Criminal Court.

The accused know that they will be held accountable for these crimes and=they have therefore embarked on a global campaign to undermine the authority of the ICC in order to put themselves above international law and continue their crimes to the detriment of all mankind.

Therefore, the current complaint must be considered by the ICC with utmost urgency. Moreover, every natural person and every government is hereby called upon to join this complaint with the goal to once and for all terminate these crimes.


The Cartel
The charges presented in this complaint relate to two main fields of crime: Genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the pharmaceutical business with disease.

? Crimes of war and aggression and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the recent war against Iraq and the international escalation towards a world war.

These two fields of crime are directly related and connected by one fact=r: They are committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and their political stakeholders. In order to establish the ei=dence and show the common motives of the accused a short historical review is imperative.

Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and=organized with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world=by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs. This industry did not evolve naturally. To the contrary, it was an investment decision taken by a handful of wealthy and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. They deliberately defined the human body as their market place in order to generate further wealth.

The driving force of this investment industry was the Rockefeller Group.=They already controlled more than 90% of the petrochemical business in the=United States at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century and they were looking for new global investment opportunities. Another investment group active in this field was formed around the Rothschild financial group.

The Cartel and the Second World War
After Rockefeller's Standard Oil (today EXXON), the second largest pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporate conglomerate during the first half of the 20th century, was the I Farben conglomerate headquartered in Germany. This corporate conglomerate was the single most important factor for the political rise to power of Hi=ler and their joint conquest of Europe and the world. In fact, the Second World War was a war of aggression planned, started and conducted on the planning boards of IG Farben. IG Farben was the parent company of IG Auschwitz, the largest Industrial plant of this chemical cartel outside Germany. Much of the wealth of this cartel was built upon the blood and suffering of slave laborers, including those from the Auschwitz concentration camp IG Farben promoted and used the unscrupulous political rulers of Germany as their willing tools to seek economic dominance over Europe and the rest of the world.

IG Farben was the largest shareholder in Rockefeller's Standard Oil and =ice versa. The victory of the Allied Forces over Nazi-Germany at that time=terminated the plans of IG Farben to become the leading pharmaceutical and=petrochemical conglomerate in the world. At the same time, Standard Oil and the other pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporations of the Rockefeller consortium became the controlling financial group of this industry and remained so ever since.

In the Nuremberg War Tribunal of 1947 against the managers of the IG Far=en Cartel several of them were found guilty and convicted for committing crimes against humanity including mass murder, plundering and other crimes= The Nuremberg War Tribunal also dismantled the IG Farben Cartel into the daughter companies Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. Today, each of these companies is larger than the parent company IG Farben was at that time.

Today the United States of America and Great Britain are the leading exp=rt nations of pharmaceutical products in the world. In fact, two out of three pharmaceutical drugs currently marketed globally derive from corporations in these two countries.

Fundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Business
The accused are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people who continue to die from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases that could have been=prevented and largely eliminated long ago.

This premature death of millions of people is neither the result of coincidence nor negligence. It has been willfully and systematically organized on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and its investors with the sole purpose to expand a global drug market worth trillions of dollars.

The market place of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body and its return on investment depends on the continuation and expansion of disease=. Its profits depend on the patentability of drugs rendering this industry=the most profitable industry on planet Earth.

In contrast, the prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces or totally eliminates the markets for pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, the pharmaceutical corporations have been systematically obstructing the prevention and the eradication of diseases.

To commit these crimes, the pharmaceutical corporations use a maze of executors and accomplices in science, medicine, the mass media and in politics. The governments of entire nations are manipulated or even run by l=bbyists and former executives of the pharmaceutical industry. For decades the legislation of entire nations has been corrupted and abused to promote this multi-trillion-dollar "business with disease" thereby risking the health and lives of hundreds of millions of innocent patients and people.

A precondition for the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a successful investment business was the elimination of competition from safe and natural therapies because they are not patentable and their profit margins are small. In addition, these natural therapies can effectively help prevent and eliminate diseases because of their essential roles in cellular metabolism.

As the result of the systematic elimination of natural health therapies and the takeover of the healthcare systems in most countries of the world=2C the pharmaceutical industry has brought millions of people and almost all nations into dependency upon its investment business.

Pharmaceutical Industry as an Organized Fraud Business
The ph=rmaceutical industry offers "health" to millions of patients - but does no= deliver the goods. Instead it delivers products that merely alleviate sym=toms while promoting the underlying disease as a precondition for its futu=e business. To cover the fraud, this industry spends twice the amount of=money in covering it up than it spends on research on future therapies.

This organized deception is the reason why this investment business coul= continue for almost a century behind a strategically designed smoke scree= as 'benefactors' to humanity. The lives of 6 billion people and the econo=ies of most countries in the world are held hostage by the criminal practi=es of this industry.

Exposing the Pharmaceutical 'Business with Disease'
Over the =ast decade, I have led the effort to unmask the organized fraud of this =argest investment industry on earth. I have been instrumental in pointing =ut that the biggest obstacle for improving the health of the people of our=planet is the pharmaceutical industry itself - and its nature as an invest=ent industry driven by the expansion of diseases.

As a scientist, I was privileged to discover the true cause of cardiov=scular disease and other chronic diseases. Together with my colleagues and=others I have also been instrumental in documenting the effective, natur=l and non-patentable alternatives to the pharmaceutical 'business with dis=ase.' The identification of the natural molecules that optimize cellular m=tabolism enables mankind to prevent and largely eliminate most of today's =ost common diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and many ot=ers.

Background of the Current International Crisis and the War of Aggress=on Against Iraq

Four main factors are currently threatening the survival of the pharmace=tical industry and thereby the very basis of a long-term investment indust=y worth hundreds of trillions of dollars:

1. Unsolvable legal conflicts, resulting in an avalanche of class acti=n lawsuits against many pharmaceutical corporations for product liability=20

2. Unsolvable scientific conflicts due to the breakthroughs in natural=2C non-patentable therapies that effectively and largely eradicate disease= as a market place.

3. Unsolvable ethical conflicts, resulting in the loss of credibility =or the entire pharmaceutical business due to the fact that their exorbitan= patent fees limit access to medicines for the majority of people and risk=premature death for millions.

4. Unsolvable corporate conflicts. The unmasking of the pharmaceutical b=siness model as an organized fraud.

For decades, the Pharma-Cartel has made every effort to protect its gl=bal business with patented drugs and to ban the dissemination of competing=non-patentable health alternatives. This effort is conducted at the intern=tional level, by infiltration of the European Parliament and the abuse o= the World Health Organization and other United Nations Organizations.

Now, with the largest investment industry on planet Earth being expose= as an organized fraud business - haunted by tens of thousands of liabilit= lawsuits - immediate and global industry protection laws have become an u=gent measure to cover up these crimes and to cement the continued control =f the investment "business with disease" over human health worldwide.

These far-reaching protection laws for an organized fraud-business impli=d the curtailing of civil rights and other drastic measures that could not=be implemented during peacetime. The implementation of these measures requ=red the escalation of an international crisis, a series of military conflicts that deliberately factors in the use of weapons of mass destruction a=d the triggering of a World War. Only then would there exist a global psychological situation that would allow abandonment of civil rights, passing of martial laws and the global implementation of protection laws allowing =he accused to continue their 'business with disease' and other crimes.

In this situation, the pharmaceutical industry became the single large=t corporate donor to the election of George Bush in order to exert direct influence over the most powerful political and military center in the world= With the election of George Bush, the Rockefeller investment group had direct access to the White House, the Pentagon and the political decision= taken there. A similar influence was exerted by the Rothschild group on the government of Tony Blair in Great Britain.

Thus, it was no surprise that the two largest export nations of pharmaceutical products, the United States of America and Great Britain, spearheaded the current international crisis and instigated the war against Irak. The alleged necessity for this war was presented to the people in America, Great Britain and the world under the false pretence of a global fight=against 'terrorism', elimination of rogue governments and the crusade ag=inst proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Thus, the same corporate interest groups and the same political stakeholders responsible for millions of deaths from the continued business with =isease are now also responsible for risking the unnecessary death of tens =f thousands of innocent people in Iraq and for the death of young soldiers=in America, Great Britain and other countries. They are responsible for =tarting and conducting a war of aggression against Iraq without any international mandate. They are responsible for the enslavement, plunder and other crimes currently being conducted in occupied Iraq.

If these interest groups and their political stakeholders are not held accountable for these crimes immediately, they are likely to continue the escalation of the international crisis with the ultimate risk of a war with=weapons of mass destruction.

In this critical and historical situation I am bringing these crimes aga=nst humanity, these war crimes and crimes of aggression and of genocide =o the attention of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court and =rge him to take immediate action to prevent further crimes and the ultimate disaster, a world war.

Every individual person, government, corporation or organization fro= anywhere in the world who has suffered from these crimes or wishes to terminate these crimes is called upon to join this complaint.

Criminal Charges

The charges in this complaint relate to crimes in two main fields:

Crimes perpetrated by the pharmaceutical "business with disease including the crime of genocide and other crimes against humanity.
Crimes related to the 2003 war against Iraq and the international escalation towards a world war including crimes of war and aggression as well as=other crimes against humanity.
These two fields of crime are dir=ctly connected because they are committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and their political stakeholders. The accused are charged with the most serious crimes committed against all mankind and are therefore subject to the principle of international prosecution. 1. Crimes Committed In Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With =isease'
1.1. The Crime of Genocide
The accused are guilty of the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosecution under Article 6 of the ICC Statute. This includes but is not limited to the following specific crimes:
1.1.1. Genocide by Killing (Article 6a)
1.1.2. Genocide =y causing serious bodily or mental harm (Article 6b)
1.2.3. Genocide b= deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about phys=cal destruction (Article 6c)
1.2. Crimes Against Humanity
The accu=ed are guilty of the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosec=tion under Article 7 of the ICC Statute. This includes but is not limited =o the following specific crimes:
1.2.1. Crime Against Humanity of Murd=r (Article 7a)
1.2.2. Crime Against Humanity of Extermination (Article=7b)
1.2.3. Crime Against Humanity of Enslavement (Article 7c)
1.2.=. Crime Against Humanity of Severe Deprivation
of Physical Liberty (Article 7e)
1.2.5. Crime Against Humanity of Other Inhumane Acts (Article=7k)
Summary Of The Substantiation Of The Charges In Relation To The Cr=mes Connected With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' (Charges 1.1= - 1.2.)
1. The accused willfully and systematically maintain cardiovascu=ar diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic =omplications and other diseases, cancer, infectious diseases including=AIDS, osteoporosis and many other of today's most common diseases that a=e recognized to be largely preventable by natural means. The accused have =eliberately caused the unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundre=s of millions of people.

2. The accused systematically and deliberately prevent the eradication o= cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases by obstructing and bl=cking the dissemination of life-saving information on the health benefits =f natural non-patentable therapies. Thereby, the accused have deliberate=y caused further unnecessary suffering and the premature death of hundreds=of millions of people.

3. The accused deliberately and systematically expand existing diseases =nd creating new diseases by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceut=cal drugs with short-term symptomatic relief but with known and detrimenta= long-term side-effects. Thereby the accused have deliberately caused furt=er unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of pe=ple.

Details are provided in the evidence section.
2. Specific Cri=es Committed In Connection With The War Against Iraq And The Current Inter=ational Crisis
2.1. The Crime of Genocide
The accused are guilty o= the crime of genocide for which they are liable to prosecution under Arti=le 6 of the ICC Statute. Under the terms of this statute genocide means an= of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in =art, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. This includes bu= is not limited to the following specific criminal charges:
2.1.1. Gen=cide by killing (Article 6a)
2.1.2. Genocide by causing serious physic=l or mental harm (Article 6b)
2.1.3. Genocide by deliberately inflicti=g living conditions calculated to bring about physical destruction (Articl= 6c)
2.2. Crimes Against Humanity
Under the terms of Article 7 of =he Rome Statute, crimes against humanity mean any of the following acts =hen committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed agains= any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack. This includes bu= is not limited to the following specific criminal charges:
2.2.1. Cri=es against humanity of murder (Article 7a)
2.2.2. Crimes against human=ty of extermination (Article 7b)
2.2.3. Crimes against humanity of ens=avement (Article 7c)
2.2.4. Crimes against humanity of deportation or =orcible transfer of population (Article 7d)
2.2.5. Crimes against huma=ity of imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty (Artic=e 7e)
2.2.6. Crimes against humanity of other inhumane acts of a simil=r nature intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to the=body or to mental or physical health. (Article 7k)
2.3. War Crimes 2.3.1. War crime of wil=ul killing (Article 8(2)(a)(i))
2.3.2. War crime of torture (Article 8=2)(a)(ii)-1)
2.3.3. War crime of inhuman treatment (Article 8(2)(a)(ii=-2)
2.3.4. War crime of including biological experiments (Article 8(2)=a)(ii)-3)
2.3.5. War crime of wilfully causing great suffering (Articl= 8(2)(a)(iii))
2.3.6. War crime of destruction and appropriation of pr=perty (Article 8(2)(a)(iv))
2.3.7. War crime of denying a fair trial (=rticle 8(2)(a)(vi))
2.3.8. War crime of unlawful deportation and trans=er (Article 8(2)(a)(vii)-1)
2.3.9. War crime of unlawful confinement (=rticle 8(2)(a)(vii)-2)
2.3.10. War crime of taking hostages (Article 8=2)(a)(viii)
2.3.11. War crime of attacking civilians (Article 8(2)(b)(=))
2.3.12. War crime of attacking civilian objects (Article 8(2)(b)(ii=)
2.3.13. War crime of excessive incidental death, injury or damage =Article 8(2)(b)(iv))
2.3.14. War crime of attacking of undefended plac=s (Article 8(2)(b)(v))
2.3.15. War crime of killing or wounding a pers=n outside combat (Article 8(2)(b)(vi))
2.3.16. War crime of mutilation=(Article 8(2)(b)(x)-1)
2.3.17. War crime of destroying or seizing the =nemy's property (Article 8(2)(b)(xiii))
2.3.18. War crime of depriving=the nationals of hostile power of rights (Article 8(2)(b)(xiiv))
2.3.1=. War crime of employing poison or poisoned weapons (Article 8(2)(b)(xvii)=
2.3.20. War crime of employing prohibited bullets (Article 8(2)(b)(xi=))
2.3.21. War crime of outrages upon personal dignity (Article 8(2)(b=(xxi))
2.3.22. War crime of starvation as a method of warfare (Article=8(2)(b)(xxv))
2.3.23. War crime of murder (Article 8(2)(c)(i)-1)
2=3.24. War crime of cruel treatment (Article 8(2)(c)(i)-3)
Summary Of T=e Substantiation Of The Charges In Relation To The Crimes Connected To The=War Of Aggression Against Iraq And The Current International Crisis (Charg=s 2.1.1 - 2.3.24)

1. The accused deliberately started a war of aggression against Iraq wit=out any mandate by international law.

2. The accused deliberately escalate an international crisis situation i=cluding psychological warfare and actual military warfare. The goal of thi= escalation strategy is to create a global emergency state that allows the=abandonment of civil rights on global scale - including establishment of f=r reaching protectionist laws. The war of aggression against Iraq on the f=lse pretence of a global fight against "terrorism" and the crusade prolife=ation of weapons of mass destruction is part of this strategy.

3. The accused deliberately committed the crimes of genocide, murder=2C mutilation and other serious bodily and mental harm during their war of=aggression against the people of Iraq.

4. The accused deliberately committed the crime of destroying and seizin= public and private property during and after the war of aggression. Iraq =as the second largest oil resources in the world and these resources are b=ing plundered on behalf of the accused for private gain.

Details are documented in the section "Evidence"
Historic Pre=edent For This Complaint
The Nuremberg War Tribunal against executives=of the pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel IG- Farben

More than half a century ago, the Nuremberg War Tribunal took place ag=inst the executives of the IG Farben Corporation, the largest pharmaceut=cal-petrochemical cartel in pre-world-war Europe. The Nuremberg War Tribun=l brought to justice those responsible for the Second World War and set th= precedent for international prosecution of war crimes and ultimately the =nternational Court in The Hague.

Unbeknownst to most people today, the Nuremberg War Tribunal did not o=ly sentence the political and military leaders, but also the corporate e=ecutives who brought Hitler to power. 24 executives and managers of IG Far=en were indicted in this War Tribunal. US chief prosecutor Telford Taylor =tated in his opening statement: "The indictment accuses these men of matur= responsibility for visiting upon mankind the most devastating and catastr=phic war in human history. It accuses them of wholesale enslavement, plu=der and murder. These are terrible charges."

And he continued, "These accused corporate executives, not the Nazi =unatics are the principal war criminals. If their crimes are not brought t= the daylight and they are not punished, they will commit even larger cr=mes in the future than Hitler could ever have committed."

In 1947, the main charges against the IG Farben managers were:=20

Charge 1: the planning and conduction of a war of aggression and the co=quest of other countries with the result of unprecedented destruction in t=e entire world, the death of millions of people and the continued suffer=ngs of millions more.
Charge 2: deportation, plundering and spoliation of public and privat= property in the occupied countries with the purpose of permanently exerti=g economic control in these countries and other severe crimes.
Charge 3: slavery, mistreatment, terrorizing, torture and murderi=g of millions of people.
Now, half a century later, the char=es in this complaint, are strikingly similar:
Planning and conduct of a war of aggression against Iraq under the pret=nce of fighting international terror and the proliferation of weapons of m=ss destruction with the result that vast areas of the country are devastat=d, thousands of people have died and hundreds of thousands were injured.=
Plundering and spoliation of public and private property in the pursuit=of economic power and control in entire regions of the world by escalating=an international crisis. Against this war of aggression the accused were d=liberately factoring in the use of weapons of mass destruction including n=clear, chemical and biological weapons.
Genocide by killing, by causing serious bodily harm and by inflicting=conditions of life to bring about physical destruction and crimes against =umanity of murder and of other inhumane acts.
Evidence For Th= Crimes Committed
The evidence for the charges brought in this com=laint also relate to two main fields of crimes
Evidence of genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in con=ection with the pharmaceutical business with disease.
Evidence for crimes of war and aggression and other crimes against huma=ity committed in connection with the war against Iraq and the escalation o= the international crisis to a world war.
1. Evidence Of Genocid= And Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Connection With The Pharma=eutical 'Business With Disease'
Specific evidence is presented that the accused are responsible for deli=erately maintaining and expanding diseases, purposefully causing new dis=ases as well as expanding the use of drugs once registered for one disease=to as many other diseases as possible.

To accomplish those goals, the accused have strategically designed, =mplemented, conducted and organized a business fraud scheme on a global =cale that by its economic magnitude is unmatched in human history.

1.1. The Deliberate Expansion of Disease
The following specif=c evidence is presented that today's most common diseases are deliberately=maintained and expanded by the accused, despite the fact that these dise=ses could have been effectively prevented and largely eradicated saving mi=lions of lives.

1.1.1. Coronary heart disease
The primary cause of coronary a=tery disease and heart attacks is a structural weakening and impaired func=ion of the artery wall, which - similar to scurvy - develops as the resu=t of long-term deficiencies of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease for which =hey are marketed, the detrimental side effects of these pharmaceutical d=ugs cause new diseases. The worldwide death toll from cardiovascular disea=e as a result of these deliberate crimes of the accused is in excess of 12=million lives every year.

1.1.2. High Blood Pressure
The primary cause of high blood pr=ssure is an increased tension of the artery wall due to a deficiency of es=ential nutrients in the arterial smooth muscle cells, leading to narrowi=g of the artery diameter and a rise in blood pressure. A multitude of clin=cal studies is available documenting the benefits of non-patentable micron=trients, in particular the amino acid arginine and magnesium. They corre=t the underlying deficiency in millions of vascular wall cells thereby rel=xing the blood vessel walls, increasing blood vessel diameter and helpin= to normalize high blood pressure,
Pharmaceutical drugs sold for the=treatment of high blood pressure purposely focus on the treatment of sympt=ms. For example, beta-blockers reduce the heart rate and diuretics reduc= the blood volume. These pharmaceutical drugs deliberately avoid correctin= the 'spasms' of the blood vessel walls as the primary cause of high blood=pressure. Thus, whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these=pharmaceutical drugs have long-term detrimental side effects potentially c=using a multitude of new diseases - and thereby new drug markets.

Worldwide several hundred million high blood pressure patients remain un=ured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death to=l is rising daily.

1.1.3. Heart Failure
The primary cause of heart failure is la=k of cellular biocatalysts, certain vitamins, minerals, carnitine,=coenzyme Q10 and other bioenergy carriers in millions of heart muscle cell=. This results in impaired heart pumping function and accumulation of wate= in the body.

In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of heart fail=re deliberately ignore this fact and focus on symptoms. Diuretics marketed=for the treatment of heart failure not only eliminate water accumulated in=the body but also wash out vitamins, minerals and other water-soluble bi=energy carriers. Thus, the pharmaceutical drugs marketed for heart failu=e actually worsen the disease and they are responsible for the short life =xpectancy of heart failure patients once diuretic medication sets in.
=hilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these pharmaceutical dru=s flush out essential nutrients from the body, thereby aggravating the u=derlying cause of the disease. Worldwide over one hundred million heart fa=lure patients remain uncured and eventually die prematurely as a direct re=ult of the actions by the accused.

1.1.4. Irregular heartbeat
The primary cause of irregular heatbeat is lack of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other bioenergy carriers, in millions of electrical heart muscle cells. This results in impaired generation or conduction of the electrical impulses=required for normal heartbeat. A recent double blind placebo-controlled st=dy has unequivocally documented that the therapeutic use of micronutrients is an effective safe and affordable way to correct the health condition underlying irregular heart beat.

In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of irregular heartbeat deliberately ignore this fact and focus instead on symptoms. Antiarrhythmic drugs marketed to treat arrhythmia frequently worsen the irregular heartbeat and cause cardiac arrest and the premature death of patients.=20

A decade ago the author Thomas Moore documented in his book "Deadly Medicine" that one new class of anti-arrhythmic drugs in the USA alone had caused more deaths than the number of US casualties in the Vietnam War. Worldwide over one hundred million patients with irregular heartbeat remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

1.1.5. Cancer
Until recently cancer has been considered a death verdict. Recent advances in natural health and cellular medicine have fundamentally changed that. For this disease too, it is now obvious that medical research with non-patentable therapies has been deliberately neglected and excluded by the accused in favor of ineffective drugs that allow the continuation of the cancer epidemic as one of their most profitable markets Because of the extraordinary significance of the crimes committed by the accused in connection with the cancer epidemic it is presented here in more detail.

It is a scientific fact that all cancers spread by the same mechanism,=the use of collagen digesting enzymes (collagenases, metalloproteinases)= The therapeutic use of the natural amino acid lysine - especially together with other non-patentable micronutrients - can block these enzymes and thereby inhibit the spread of cancer cells. All types of cancer studied thus =ar respond to this therapeutic approach including breast cancer, prostat= cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, fibroblastoma, synovial cancer and any other forms of cancer.

The only reason why this breakthrough in medicine has not been investigated further and applied in the treatment of cancer patients worldwide is the fact that these substances are not patentable and therefore have low prof=t margins. More importantly, any effective treatment of any disease ultimatately leads to its eradication and to the destruction of a multi-trillion-dollar market of pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmaceutical drug marketing for cancer patients has been particularly fraudulent and malicious. Under the pretense of treating cancer using the cover-term 'chemo-therapy' toxic substances, including derivatives of mustard gas, are applied to patients. The fact that these toxic agents also destroy millions of healthy cells in the body is deliberately factored in.

Knowing this fact, the following consequences were deliberately taken =nto account: First, cancer would continue as a global epidemic, providing the economic basis for a multi-trillion-dollar continued business with =his disease. Secondly, the systematic application of toxic agents in the=form of chemotherapy causes an epidemic of new diseases in cancer patients=receiving these toxic substances.

As a result of this strategy, the pharmaceutical drug market from treating the dangerous side effects of these drugs - including infections, inflammation, bleeding, organ failure etc. - is even bigger than the mark=t of the chemotherapy drugs itself. Thus, the accused also applied their=organized deception scheme to the detriment of hundreds of millions of can=er patients with one purpose only: their financial enrichment.

1.1.6. AIDS and other Infectious Diseases
Similar deliberate deception schemes were applied for the treatment of one of the most deadly =pidemics in human history, AIDS. Already 10 years ago scientific studies=have shown that vitamin C is able to reduce the replication of the HIV-Vir=s by more than 99%. This fact has been known to the accused for more than = decade.

Deliberately ignoring and bypassing this safe and affordable non-patentable treatment, the accused developed patentable drugs against AIDS, wit= severe side-effects and - due to their exorbitant patent royalties - unaffordable to the great majority of the people on this planet. Thus, by applying their criminal business scheme, the accused are guilty of risking the lives and causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in Africa South America, Asia and all the other regions of the world.

In a similar way, they have boycotted the information that the single =ost important measure to enhance immunity against infectious diseases is a= optimum intake of vitamins B6, B12, Folic Acid and certain other essential nutrients. It is a scientific fact that these biocatalysts of cellular metabolism increase the production of leucocytes, the body's main weapon against any infection. By systematically withholding this information, particularly from hundreds of millions of children and adults in the developing world, the pharmaceutical industry deliberately risks the lives of hundreds of millions of people in these areas of the world. All the accused =now that hardly anyone in these areas of the world can afford pharmaceutic=l treatments and they will consequently die.

Withholding this lifesaving information about natural, non-patentable alternatives to prevent and fight infectious diseases, not only leads to the death of millions of people, but also to the ruin of the economies of=many developing countries. As a direct result the already existing imbalance in the current world economy is dramatically aggravated. These countries=are deliberately placed in a conflict where they can only lose.

1.1.7. Other diseases
In a similar way, other degenerative=2C inflammatory, infectious diseases and many other of today's most comm=n diseases only continue to exist as health problems because the accused h=ve defined them and protect them as the markets for their criminal 'busine=s with disease.'

1.=.1 Deliberately Expanding Diseases and Causing New Diseases in Patients to=Expand Pharmaceutical Drug Markets

To expand their markets the following groups of drugs are manufactured a=d marketed by the accused deliberately, in spite of their known detrimen=al side effects. In a criminal manner, the accused are deliberately caus=ng new diseases under the pretense of fighting existing ones. The fact tha= these new diseases caused by the side effects of these drugs surface many=years later is used as an additional cover for this deceptive scheme:

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, particularly statins and fibrates are mass=marketed under the pretense of preventing cardiovascular disease. These dr=gs are known to induce cancer at doses currently administered to millions =f patients worldwide.

Chemotherapy drugs are marketed to allegedly treat cancer. In fact, th=y cause a series of severe side effects the most frequent of which is sett=ng off new cancers. The entire criminal marketing scheme around chemothera=y can only work because the accused have rendered cancer a death verdict -=and even a few month's survival of a patient on chemotherapy is being mark=ted by the accused as a success story.

Aspirin is mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing heart at=acks and strokes, whilst long-term use of this drug is known to cause de=truction of collagen and therefore to gradually increase the risk of heart=attacks and strokes as well as other diseases such as stomach ulcers and g=strointestinal bleeding.
Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat pai= and inflammation, e.g. in arthritis. However, many of these drugs des=roy connective tissue, e.g. the joints. With their long-term use these d=ugs aggravate the health problems rather than healing them.

Calcium antagonists are mass-marketed under the false pretense of treati=g high blood pressure and preventing heart attacks, whilst long-term use=of these drugs is known to cause an increase in heart attacks, strokes a=d other diseases.

Estrogen and other hormone drugs are mass-marketed under the false prete=se of preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, whilst long-term use of=these drugs is known to cause cancer in more than 30% of the women taking =hem. Particularly frequent forms of cancer caused by these drugs are hormo=e dependent cancers such as cancer of the breast and uterus.

Tranquilizers and anti-depressants. Another mechanism by which the accus=d systematically expand their markets is to deliberately cause addiction i= order to increase drug sales. Many tranquillizers and anti-depressants,=including widespread diazepam ('Valium') are known to cause dependency and=addiction. In order to expand their global sales of these addictive drugs=2C the accused even praise them through full-page adverts directly to the =ublic.

Other drugs. Since patentability is a precondition for the pharmaceutica= investment business typical pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic molecules =nd therefore toxic to the human body. For almost all drugs the same fraudu=ent business principle is valid - alleviate symptoms short term whilst, =t the same time causing damage and gradually generating new diseases as th= basis for new drug markets.

1.3. Expanding their drug markets to new diseases
In executin= their crimes, the accused deliberately extend their existing pharmaceut=cal drug market by inventing new health conditions for which they recommen= the drugs that had previously been recommended for other diseases. As fir=t evidence the following examples are presented here:

Headache pills allegedly prevent heart disease. Aspirin was developed as=a headache and pain relief pill and is now being mass-marketed and recomme=ded by the accused for long-term use, even by healthy individuals for th= alleged prevention and treatment of heart disease and other severe health=conditions.

Antibiotics allegedly fight coronary heart disease. In order to extend t=e global market for their antibiotic drugs, the accused fabricated and s=read the so-called "bacteria-theory" of heart attacks on a worldwide scale= Without any clinical evidence that chlamydia or other bacteria actually c=use atherosclerosis or heart attacks the accused criminally promoted the g=neral use of antibiotics even for healthy individuals with the false prete=se of preventing heart attacks.

These are just a few examples of the practices by the accused to systema=ically expand the use of their drugs to other diseases. In fact this marke=ing scheme is not the exception, but the rule. The list of crimes commit=ed in this context should be amended and completed during further investig=tion.

1.4. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Infiltration Of Various Sector= Of Society With The Purpose To Facilitate Committing These Crimes

The accused have systematically and deliberately infiltrated medicine an= the health sectors of most countries in the world to create financial and=other dependencies in order to conduct their 'business with disease' and c=mmit other crimes. Medical research is not performed with the primary obje=t to find the most effective, safest and most affordable treatment again=t a disease, but with the goal to identify the largest disease markets a=d to achieve the highest gains in that market for the drug manufacturer. A= part of this strategy over recent decades, the accused systematically r=moved from the training programs at medical schools the knowledge about ef=ective, but non-patentable natural therapies. They are purposely produci=g generations of doctors with little or no knowledge about the life-saving=health benefits of these natural therapies. Simultaneously, therapeutic =ducation at medical schools was taken over by the newly created department= named pharmacology. Thus, over decades generations of doctors have been=leaving medical schools practically as a trained sales force for the pharm=ceutical 'business with disease'. In order to hide this strategy, patent=d drugs were portraid as 'scientific' and even baptized 'ethical drugs' wh=reas non-patentable natural therapies were discredited as 'unscientific.'=20

In a similar way the accused have systematically and deliberately infilt=ated the mass media around the world, creating financial and other depen=encies, disseminating deceptive and false information in order to concea= their criminal practices, promote their 'business with disease' and com=it other crimes.

The accused have deliberately and systematically abused the legislative =nd political system of most nations to pass laws, establish regulations =nd promote other measures with the purpose to expand their sales of ineffe=tive, unsafe but lucrative pharmaceutical drugs. The accused abused thei= political influence to coerce legislation that would allow them to approp=iate trillions of dollars under the cover of 'health insurance' and other =ublic and private health funds. By promoting their fraudulent 'business wi=h disease' they have taken this money from individuals, corporations and=governments around the world by requesting payment for ineffective and har=ful therapies. Thereby, the accused secure exorbitant gains for the phar=aceutical industry and causing unnecessary suffering and premature death o= hundreds of millions of people.

The accused have purposely and systematically infiltrated and abused the=European Parliament and other regional and international bodies including =he United Nations Organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), =he Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and other national and interna=ional political bodies to commit their crimes against humanity.

1.5. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Obstruction Of Effective, No=-Patentable Health Measures

To protect their artificial investment business with disease, the accu=ed tried to strategically eliminate access of the people of the world to n=n-patentable natural therapies. To accomplish this goal the accused used s=veral strategic measures:

1. Withholding life saving information about non-patentable natural ther=pies. The accused have deliberately and systematically withheld and blocke= the basic health information from millions of people that the human body =oes not produce its own vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Because of the lack of =his knowledge almost all humans suffer from vitamin C deficiency and are s=sceptible to cardiovascular and other diseases. In a similar way, the ac=used have systematically and purposefully withheld and blocked the basic h=alth information from millions of people that the human body does not prod=ce the natural amino acid lysine. Because of the lack of this knowledge al=ost all humans suffer from lysine deficiency and are susceptible to cancer=and other diseases. Thereby, the accused deliberately cause further unne=essary suffering and the premature death of hundreds of millions of people=

2. Publicly discrediting non-patentable natural therapies. The accused h=ve willfully and systematically deceived the public by disseminating false=2C misleading and fabricated information discrediting non-patentable healt= therapies with the goal to protect and expand their 'business with diseas=' based on patented drugs and to commit other crimes. Thereby, the accus=d deliberately cause further unnecessary suffering and the premature death=of hundreds of millions of people.

3. Outlawing the dissemination of health information related to non-pate=table natural therapies. The accused have deliberately abused their politi=al influence trying to implement legislation at the national as well as th= international level that would essentially outlaw the dissemination of pr=ventive and therapeutic health information related to non-patentable natur=l therapies. At the same time, this legislation seeks to establish arbit=arily low 'upper limits' for the amounts of these natural and safe therapi=s, a step intended to prohibit their use as natural therapeutic agents. =y abusing the United Nation's 'Codex Alimentarius Commission', the accus=d have even been trying to establish such laws for all member countries of=the UN - that is worldwide.
1.5.5. Now that all peaceful efforts to pr=tect the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' have failed, the accused=adopt another strategy. They are deliberately escalating an international =risis, including wars, in order to create the psychological and legal =recondition that would allow an immediate and global implementation of pro=ectionist laws and cement the continuation of their 'business with disease= and the other crimes of which they are accused.

3. Evidence Of Genocide, Crimes Of War And Other Crimes Against Humani=y Committed In Connection With The War Of Aggression Against Iraq

The accused are committing the crime of deliberately escalating an inter=ational crisis including wars of aggression towards a war that includes we=pons of mass destruction.
The accused have been consistently abusing t=e tragedy of September 11th for the purpose of building up an internationa= crisis scenario, which they ultimately used as a justification for thei= war of aggression.

Whilst the accused maximized the psychological factor of this tragedy th=y have blocked an official investigation into the actual events and the ba=kground of September 11th. It was The White House itself that blocked the =nstitution of an independent commission for over a year.

Thus whilst the facts about this tragedy are not fully disclosed to the =ublic the events of September 11th have been abused as the justification f=r the international crisis situation ever since.

Whilst failing to disclose any convincing evidence about September 11th =hey abused this tragedy to conquer the country of Afghanistan. The militar= conquest of Afghanistan was followed by the plundering of its natural res=urces, by the accused, for their financial gain.

In a similar way the accused used this pretense to conquer the next coun=ry, Iraq. Under cover of fighting the proliferation of weapons of mass d=struction, the accused were trying to coerce the world community into a =ar of aggression against Iraq.

Despite the fact that the great majority of the UN Security Council, t=e vast majority of the member states of the UN and overwhelming world opin=on opposed this war, the accused still launched their attack.

The war planned, started and conducted by the accused was a war withou= any international mandate and therefore constituted a war of aggression a=d a crime against humanity. If the accused are not brought to justice for =his crime, the entire system of international law as designed after the =econd World War to protect mankind from destruction, will collapse.

In the absence of any international mandate the only justification left =or the accused to commit this criminal act, was to fabricate a pretense = their alleged search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Today the e=tire world knows that this too was a deception.
During their war of ag=ression against Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraqi people - soldiers and c=vilians alike - were killed. Killing of that magnitude during a war withou= any international mandate constitutes the crime of genocide.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of innocent people - many of them c=ildren - were injured, mutilated, or suffered physical or mental harm =aused by the criminal acts of the accused.

Moreover, the accused purposefully and systematically seized the oil f=elds and other natural resources of Iraq with the purpose to exploit them =o enrich themselves. To cover up their crimes the accused disseminate the =alse justification that their seizure of the oil resources would be in the=interests of and to the benefit of the Iraqi people.
With the occupati=n of Iraq and the appropriation of its resources in a war of aggression,=the accused also committed the crime of plundering and seizing the enemy's=property.

The accused systematically promoted this crisis escalation to further cu=tail civil rights through so-called 'anti-terror' laws. To deceive the peo=le while committing their crimes these laws were deliberately given decept=ve names, e.g. 'Homeland Security Act', or 'Patriot-Act', thereby co=rcing political support for the abandonment of civil rights.
Whilst sy=tematically organizing this escalation the accused also deliberately abuse= the media distraction and made their first moves trying to implement prot=ctionist laws on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel. Largely unbeknown to=the US Congress at that time, a provision was inserted into the Homeland=Security Act granting immunity to drug makers from product liability law s=its.

This is but a short synopsis of the crimes of war and crimes against hum=nity committed by the accused and of their strategy to abuse these war cri=es to continue crimes of even larger magnitude, such as cementing their =lobal 'business with disease'.
In the course of the further investigat=on of these war crimes, all available resources must be used to bring th= accused to justice. This includes particularly all information available =hrough the United Nations organizations, the UN weapons inspectors, do=umentation of war crimes from Iraqi and international sources and all othe= available sources.

The people of the world will demand to be part of this process and contr=bute documentation about these war crimes in order to accelerate the proce=s of justice.
The Accused

The accused are the following persons from the corporate, military and=political sectors of different nationalities:

1. George Walker Bush, U.S. President. He is the main political=executor of the interests of the pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel. He i= the main political executor of the war crimes against Iraq and the other =rimes of this complaint.

2. Anthony Charles Lynton ("Tony") Blair, Prime Minister of the=U.K. He is the political head and executor for himself as well as an accom=lice of George Bush in committing the crimes listed in this complaint.

4. Richard Bruce ("Dick") Cheney, U.S. Vice President. Cheney w=s the chief executive officer of the oil service provider Haliburton &=3B Company from Dallas, Texas. After the conquest of Iraq, Haliburton =ecame the key company for the economic plundering of Iraq under the preten=e of reconstruction.

4. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld was Chief Ex=cutive Officer of several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, am=ng others the pharma-concern G. D. Searle, today part of Pharmacia. For =everal decades, he had the role of strategic organizer of the pharmaceut=cal "business with disease". He received several awards of the pharmaceuti=al industry. Beside George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld was one of the main =nstigators of the war of aggression against Iraq.

5. John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General. He is one of the strat=gists of the so-called Homeland Security Act, one of the organizational =nstruments by which the accused are systematically curtailing civil rights=in the U.S. He is responsible for protectionist legislation that would ess=ntially grant immunity to the pharmaceutical industry from being held resp=nsible for their crimes in the U.S.

6. Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security, an accomplice o= John Ashcroft in cementing the political and economic control of the accu=ed with the purpose to continue their unscrupulous business with disease a=d other crimes by systematically curtailing civil rights in the U.S.

7. Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Security Advisor. She is a former dir=ctor of the petrochemical concern Chevron and was instrumental in promotin= the war of aggression of the accused.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the following companies are accused:

1. Pfizer Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Henry A. McKinnell, Ph.D=, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

2. Merck & Co., Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Raymond V. G=lmartin, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

3. GlaxoSmithKline PLC, the Chief Executive Officer Dr Jean-Pierre Gar=ier, the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

4. Novartis AG, the Chief Executive Officer Dr Daniel Vasella, the o=her Executives and the Board of Directors.

5. Amgen Inc., the Chief Executive Officer Kevin Sharer, the other E=ecutives and the Board of Directors.

6. Astra Zeneca, the Chief Executive Officer Sir Tom McKillop, the o=her Executives and the Board of Directors.

7. Eli Lilly and Company, the Chief Executive Officer Sidney Taurel,=the other Executives and the Board of Directors.

8. Abbott Laboratories, the Chief Executive Officer Miles D. White, =he other Executives and the Board of Directors.

9. Other pharmaceutical companies, their Executive Officers and Boards=of Directors that maintain and promote the investment "business with disea=e" and other crimes.
In the petrochemical sector, the following corp=rations and their executives are accused:

1. ExxonMobil Corporation, its Chief Executive Officer Lee R. Raymond=2C the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

2. British Petroleum (BP), its Chief Executive Officer The Lord Browne=of Madingley, FREng, the other Executives and its Board of Directors.=20

3. Chevron Texaco Corp., its Chief Executive Officer David O'Reilly,=the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

4. Other petrochemical companies that benefit from the plunder and spoli=tion of the war of aggression against Iraq.

The financial groups behind these corporate multinationals:
1. The R=ckefeller Financial Group and the members of the Rockefeller Family in ben=fiting from the crimes committed.

2. The Rothschild Group and all its members financially benefiting from =hese crimes.

3. The JP Morgan Group and all its members financially benefiting from t=ese crimes.

4. The Trilateral Commission and its members, a body founded by David =ockefeller to
coordinate the interests of this investment group in the=three areas of the world, U.S.A., Europe and Japan - hence, the name="trilateral" - including all members of this commission individually who a=e found guilty of participating in these crimes or benefiting from them fi=ancially.

5. The members of other corporate lobby and interest groups who in the c=urse of further investigation will be found to have participated in commit=ing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

6. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, its Chief Executive Officer William B. Harr=son Jr., the other Executives and its Board of Directors.

7. Other financial institutions their Executive Officers, Boards of Di=ectors and shareholders and others who in the course of further investigat=on will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or financ=ally benefited from them.

8. Politicians as well as national and international political bodies wh= in the course of further investigation will be found to have participated=in committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

9. Members of the military who participated, or in the course of furth=r investigation will be found to have participated in committing these cri=es or financially benefited from them.

10. Pharmaceutical health executives who in the course of further invest=gation will be found to have deliberately and systematically participated =n committing these crimes or financially benefited from them.

11. Members of the media and others who in the course of further investi=ation will be found to have participated in committing these crimes or fin=ncially benefited from them.

12. Any other individual person, organization or body that in the cour=e of further investigation will be found to have participated in committin= these crimes or financially benefited from them.

International Treaties Applicable For This Complaint
Beside the Rome=Statutes for the International Court of Justice the following internationa= treaties and declarations are applicable for the severe charges of this c=mplaint:

1. The United Nations Charter

2. The Declaration of Human Rights of December 8, 1948

3. The Geneva Convention on Human Rights of August 12, 1949

4. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genoc=de of January 12, 1951

5. The Convention on Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War C=imes and Crimes against Humanity of 1968

6. The Principles of International Co-Operation in the Detection, Arre=t, Extradition and Punishment of Persons Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes=Against Humanity of 1973
The Jurisdiction Of The International Crimina= Court Over The Accused

The accused committed the crimes outlined above, knowingly and deliber=tely and in full knowledge of all the circumstances surrounding their acti=ns.

The crimes reported here have been committed against all mankind. The IC= in The Hague is the court governed by international law addressing these =rgent issues.

Moreover, the ICC was established after WWII and the Nuremberg Tribuna=, with the goal to prevent another tragedy from happening - possibly a w=rld war.

1. Liability to prosecution of those bearing office
The accused can =e both sentenced and punished by the International Criminal Court.

The Statute applies equally to all persons without any distinction based=on official capacity. In particular, official capacity as a Head of Stat= or Government, a member of a Government or parliament, an elected rep=esentative or a government official shall in no case exempt a person from =riminal responsibility under the Statute of the ICC, nor shall it, in =nd of itself, constitute a ground for reduction of sentence (Article 27=2C Paragraph 1 of the Statute).

Immunities or special procedural rules which may attach to the official =apacity of a person, whether under national or international law, shal= also not bar the Court from exercising its jurisdiction over such a perso= (Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Statute).

2. Exclusion of criminal responsibility

None of the accused may invoke any of the grounds specified under Articl= 31 of the Statute for excluding criminal responsibility.

The accused were acting in full knowledge about the illegitimacy of thei= actions. Thus, any claims to the contrary are null and void.

Equally null and void are all efforts by the accused to retroactively ju=tify their crimes by forming 'coalitions' of opinions with other nations.=20

3. Power to inflict punishment over members of the US Government and cit=zens of the USA

Even those of the accused, who hold citizenship of the United States o= America, cannot claim immunity from criminal prosecution before the Int=rnational Criminal Court, just because the United States of America in c=ntrast to 90 other countries around the world (i.e. almost half of the mem=ers of the United Nations) is not amongst the signatory states to the Rome=Statute.

The accused have long been devising plans to try and evade the power to =nflict punishment of the International Criminal Court. This, however, =oes not exempt the accused from the jurisdiction of the International Crim=nal Court, because the mere performance of the crimes involved in the ac=s to be judged before the ICC constitutes liability to punishment under th= terms of the Statute.

It does not matter if you belong to a specific Member State, because t=e International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over natural persons and n=t over States and establishes individual responsibility and liability for =unishment (Article 25 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Statute).

The ICC Statutes render attempts by the US Administration to coerce smal=er nations into bilateral 'immunity pacts' redundant.

In addition, the UN Security Council did rule that the US Government a=d therefore also the majority of the accused could not and should not deci=e themselves whether the International Criminal Court could take action ag=inst them or not.
This decision was taken for good reason: One can onl= imagine what would have happened if the main figures accused in the Nurem=erg Trials had been allowed to choose whether they had to stand trial befo=e the Nuremberg Tribunal.
For these reasons the accused, even if the= are citizens of the United States of America, are still subject to the =ower to inflict punishment of the International Criminal Court.

Final Appeal
The individuals named should be indicted before =he International Criminal Court on the basis of the valid grounds specifie= in this complaint.

The investigations into the individual responsibilities of the accused a=e to be taken up and continued by the Prosecutor of the International Crim=nal Court.

These investigations will also be continued and intensified on our side=2C the side of the people of the world.

The accused should be convicted for the following reasons:

* knowing and deliberate violation of the human right to peace;
* =nowing and deliberate violation of the human right to life;
* knowin= and deliberate violation of the human right to health.

This complaint is to be updated and completed in a system of constant de=elopment and revision until legal proceedings finally commence against the=accused.

This complaint deals with the largest crimes ever committed in the cours= of human history. Every day that formal proceedings at the International =riminal Court against the accused are delayed, millions of people worldw=de will pay with their lives and the world moves closer to the next world =ar. There must be no delay.

As the US Prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Tribunal against the executive= of the chemical/petrochemical cartel IG Farben stated: " If the crimes co=mitted by the accused are not brought to the daylight and if they are not =eld accountable, they will do even more harm in the future."

We call on every person and every Government in the world to unite behin= the charges. The time to act is now.
The Hague, Netherlands=20

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