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Letter to a top Mason in Alberta

March 7th 2001 A.D.
To: The private man acting as an executive of the Standing committee on the administration of justice and the Chair person of the Administration of justice committee and associate justice of the Judicial conduct committee and as Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queens Elizabeth II’s Bench of God’s Justice, Allan Wachowich
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From: Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
Heatherdown ecclesia, Church of Ecumenical Redemption International
C/o near Onoway Alberta no code non commercial
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Dear Allan, I apologize for the lateness of my letter and I hope you do not mind me calling you by your first name, please correct me if you do. As you aware my ability to receive her majesty’s justice in the Alberta courts has been prejudiced by the lack of understanding of the meaning of the oaths of allegiance to her majesty that all the members of the judiciary of Alberta took to gain the sanction and authority of her majesty in defense of the faith. The King James Bible by royal proclamation and royal letters patent must be present in all proceedings in her majesty’s courts. All those men and women that take that oath of allegiance must understand the meaning of that oath in order to provide that allegiance. It is undeniable than any man or woman that has no knowledge of the meaning of the or oath of allegiance that they took, has no sanction nor authority from her majesty as they cannot provide the allegiance they swore and promised to. They by logical definition are imposters. If there is another explanation for this Allen, I would appreciate your discretion and intelligence and in telling me just how her majesty’s authority extends to one man or woman that does not subscribe to aiding her majesty in defense of the faith and upholding the laws of the King James Bible nor even know what they were being allegiant to. I as a Christian Minister and a man intend no malice nor deception in presenting my faith compounded with knowledge and wisdom of God’s word and the right to be judged by a man or woman that understands fully and without reservation that God’s law, of the King James Bible of her majesty’s defense is the supreme law in Canada, (the corporate legal fiction, as well as the province of Alberta the corporate legal fiction,) and it is the supreme law of all Christians practicing the teachings of Christ.

I wish to suggest you that a synod be formed with members of the judiciary in Alberta of your choosing that recognize the supremacy of God and his law of her majesty’s defense, the King James Bible. This meeting within the confines of an ecclesiastical structure will attempt to remind all of the origins of the courts of her majesty’s justice. This action seems unavoidable and imperative in light of the corrupt attitudes and vile contempt for her majesty and the rule of law that has been demonstrated by numerous colleagues of yours, members of the Alberta judiciary, police officers, members of legislative assembly, and of the Alberta Bar .

This type of information relating to so many high ranking members of our society is referred to by many as a conspiracy theory. I assure you Allen is no Theory that corruption long ago invaded politics the judiciary the criminal justice system in general as that is the controlling structure of our society. Avarice greed and acquisition have always been the enemies of the common man woman. “The Golden rule is he who has the Gold rules” this greed oriented maxim is prima facie evidence of empirical attitude and the corrupt pride of money mongers.

I have noticed the head clerk, registrar and the manager of the Alberta law courts of my religious faith and beliefs. I have made them aware that my name is private and a religious belief cannot be altered in any shape form or fashion attached to or associated with any legal fiction statutory person or corporate commercial entity of any kind as that is association with mammon and is a violation of my faith as directed by Jesus Christ Matthew 6:24.

I have told the Alberta law Court clerks then I cannot accept nor indeed apply to make record in the court that is not formed truly allegiant to her majesty’s defense of the faith.

It is in performance of a function of my calling as a Minister of God that I of original right insist, yes I demand, that a true oath bound allegiant of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, be employed and available as head overseer of her majesty’s courts, and at all agents of her majesty comply with and subscribe to the meaning and intent of that oath so taken to gain sanction and authority from her majesty to govern over and protect her subjects from threats to God’s justice and laws.

One more thing Allen, your justices and Judges have long been supporting the act of usury by the banks in the foreclosure cases that have come before the Alberta courts. Usury is simply the act of charging interest. The original definition is biblical and was altered some time in the 16th century by financial interests influencing the Vatican , to mean excessive interest. This is a corruption of the original translations and intent of the biblical scriptures. Usury by definition has brought pain war, and starvation to the woe of man and is only profiting the select few vampirical families on this planet. All the countries of the world are in debt to these families. Does this sound like the kind of world God intended?

Do you wish to aid these families as they steal from the poor?
A few simple facts to show they loan no money!
A promissory note, bank note, negotiable instrument, is by correct definition, funds.

I provide, as a borrower, a bank note, a negotiable instrument called funds, to the banker that has advertised that he has money to loan. The banker takes my negotiable instrumental funds and deposits them into an account he creates in the bank’s name. He then transfers the funds in the newly created that he creates in my name. The bank of Canada receiving from the banker my promissary note, negotiable instrument, the original funds, in ex-change sends back to the banker, Canadian negotiable instruments, funds, banknotes, who in turn gives them to me in exchange for the same value of funds that I gave to him. This exchange although clearly an exchange has since 1913 been advertised as a loan. Since the original value is in my energy and funds and I was told that the bank was the one that had the funds to loan, it is apparent I was deceived and misled by the bank to believe that it was Loaning me something that it already had in its possession. The paper money that the government of Canada calls legal tender or currency has only the value that my promissary note gives it. There’s no gold in Canada to back or give value to the paper that we perceive as money. In 1933 every man woman and child was registered and bonded as sureties for the fraudulently unlawfully created debt and listed as members of the corporate commercial entity known as Canada and once registered and monetized, are listed as assets of that commercial entity in the consolidated general revenue fund.
Those bonds that were formed with the men and women listed at sureties for the debt that was created by usury and unlawful and treasonous acts of traitors to her majesty and the defense of God’s laws are then sold in blocks of 1000 on the futures commodity exchange in New York.

It has been that way since 1917 and finalized in 1931 when the statute of Westminster left Canada with a defacto government ruled by commercial law! 1933 saw orders in council ban gold as backing the buck. When they receive the promissory note the consolidated revenue fund can be attached to and the bond can act as a surety to fund the loan that you in turn are told you have to repay. This is your value and energy registered at birth you are being asked to give back to the Bank ,not theirs. You are the money!

When I as a Christian Minister stood before you in approximately December 2001 I would not go into the arraignment box as it was against my religious beliefs to submit to a de facto Court. It was on charges of failing to obey the order of a court to leave his court and my parishioner Katherine Ibsen by the private imposter Ray Bradley. I have no qualms about calling this man an imposter as he declined my offer to define his jurisdiction and allegiance to the Queen twenty times on the record to me in violation of 176 of the code and 337 of that same code as it applies to government via section 32 of the Canadian Constitution. I did not ask you if you understood the meaning of your oath allegiance in front of all those people that day as I felt it would be counterproductive to embarrass you the private man Acting as the Chief Justice of Alberta and may bring justice to disrepute to all courts beneath you.

It is not my intent to embarrass nor indeed rebuke those of your capacity but rather to invoke and remind of the integrity that is the basis of your office.
Please respond Allan, as if you don’t I can only conclude that you are acting as an enemy to Christian Justice and her majesty’s defense of the faith. This will mean that you are traitor to her majesty and are engaged in acts of treason. I am not looking forward to that possibility.

According to brother-in-law Orest and fellow Mason’s, I have had good occasion to talk with, you are good man. I would trust Orest in Interpretation of your character when and if I get reply from you the private man as I cannot all faith in duty to serve Christ respond to or offer respect to persons. (Deuteronomy 10:17;Acts 10:34; James 2: 9 of the KJV). that have no respect for the widows son, but for the person, as god is no respecter of persons he is real not fiction nor a player on a stage wearing a mask, and nor am I.

Please talk with Neil Skinner and Wayne Hatt Justice of the peace in the Alberta Courts about my quest and sincerity. Wayne has sworn the information for me against several judges and is aware of the injustice that is going on. Please ask him as he is the one man that I have found who understands the meaning of his oath. Judge Marshall in Leduc affirmed he had an oath to her majesty and also affirmed the supreme law in Canada is the King James Bible after I read the Coronation oath into the record in a proceeding last spring involving Puget Sound Agricultural Society and Tim Wishewan in appearance a rather disjointed plant for the RCMP who professed he was a member of our society at the time. The man acting as a judge that day was also made aware of the requirement to have a KJV of the Bible in the court as he did not at the time. The clerk affirmed my assertion to to judge Marshall’s amazement!.

I have been assaulted by some of these men and women entrusted with our safety such as the man acting as a judge in Stony Plain a Mr. Ayotte and Scott Brooker from Calgary in Edmonton and have been insulted by them as well. I have been obstructed by them as well in my performance of a function of my calling and from receiving her majesty’s justice. They in appearance commit treason as if it was nothing to them. So called master Quinn said in December 2000 that he cared not about the Queen or treason as he was Irish and he had a tough neck. The transcripts were then altered to remove those comments. I have four witnesses that will testify to what this man did and how what is being evidenced as the record is fraud and conspiracy to commit treason!

I know there seems to be some body wanting the statute of limitations to be extremely short on treason but not fraud Allen that goes on for quite a while. My name has been altered on the court records despite my repeated attempts to get the clerks to stop doing it. I cannot allow alteration of my name and will not respond to those who have done so as they are criminals and I cannot conspire with criminals. My name is mine and I cannot accept corporate fictions as me or as otherwise known as me nor will I as it is a sin. This action by your courts judiciary and indeed the BAR associations themselves has prejudiced me from receipt of fair justice of her majesty’s intent and I want to know what will be done to insure the reputation of justice is not stained indelibly with a scandal of this caliber. Remember this is inclusive of RCMP who are supposed to be sworn allegiant’s. I can only accept them if they let me know they are in true understanding of their oaths as otherwise they are definitely imposters, private, and as such without her majesty’s sanction of authority and are trespassers upon my rights.

Allen I intend no contempt when I tell you that I will not present myself before imposters of her majesty for their criminal enterprise with me as their meat. Either I am informed how I have to obey imposters or I will not show up for your courts and if men or women are sent to my Church I will inquire of them of their understanding of their oaths and it is of my right and duty as a minister to do so. If they will not comply with an affirmative answer to uphold that oath I will quite rightfully conclude they are imposters and enemies to her majesty and my Christian ministry.
I hope you will see this requires a meeting of members of the clergy and judiciary to guide our passage through these perilous waters of deceit and corrupt control of the courts by financial vested interests. I Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger am not a corporate fiction nor statutorily created person nor a debtor but simply a man created by God and under his and only his law. I as a minister and a man am under no duty or obligation to offer permission to or accept the authority of another, without the proof that other man or woman’s capacity of understanding that oath, being produced upon request! Deuteronomy 4:1-2 :12:32 I obey only God’s laws.
I await you’re integral reply.
May the Kirlian speed of Christ’s light fill your body

Minister Of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
"The Divine constantly works in every detail of life according to spiritual laws that look to our eternal welfare."

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