Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free masonry has corrupted the system of Justice the Queen defends

UK Masonic Criminal Elite Called "Untouchables"
The UK is currently being run by a Masonic group who consider themselves untouchable. These people are often high end criminals who use their Freemasonry links to hide their illegal activities.

These untouchables include drug dealers, pimps, murderers, and gangsters. They have Masonic links to UK police and security services. For example, if a dirty job is required,the criminal gangs will happily carry it out allowing it to be completely deniable to security service and the police. In the event that the criminal gangs require a blind eye or even assistance, security services and the police are very happy to become involved.

In fact, I have specific evidence of the activities of these people and the line between untouchable criminals, MI5 and the police is often blurred: Police and MI5 acting as criminals for the criminals, criminals doing "Favours" for the police.
This level of corruption runs through the justice system, lawyers, politicians and much of local government.

The links these untouchables have enabled them to commit murder, drug trafficking, and any other heinous crime you can think of with the collusion of masonic police officers, judges, politicians and lawyers.

Ever so often in the UK a "special" police unit is set up to tackle police corruption. These units are allowed to continue as long as they do not uncover the truth. If they ever do, then they are shut down very quickly.
Once such unit based in London was set up to expose pedophile rings trafficking children. Senior people within this covert operation were very close to exposing a network that served important people and was operated by untouchables. The specialist police unit was immediately disbanded.

Some of these "Untouchables" operate with complete impunity. They have access to some of the most advanced technology and resources including equipment which is normally only available to secret service and special forces.

The willingness or obligation from officials at all levels to assist these people comes from two directions. The Freemasonry oath to help "Brothers" before anything else; and the fact that once you cross the line and help these people, you then become their property. These "Untouchables" with the right connections can call on assistance from the very top. When orders come through, those carrying out the dirty work will often believe they are just doing their job. This means these untouchable criminals can do anything and will tell you if you happen to become their target.
This network of senior freemasons is unknown to the lower ranks who willingly comply to orders.

The level of corruption has now reached a stage that they are willing to expose themselves to the public in the belief that they are completely untouchable. The Freemasonry untouchable criminals, corrupt police officers (not all of them) and security services are in for a suprize. The truth is coming out.

Maureen Spalek who's video is at the bottom of the page was once married to an individual who told her openly that he was an untouchable high level Freemason. After a major disagreement and subsequent divorce her children were illegally taken after a visit to hospital for one of her children who was knocked over by a motor cycle in suspicious circumstances. The nurse involved wrote a report saying that Maureen was unstable and an unfit mother. The children were immediately taken in to care and very soon after adopted. Maureen has had independent reports stating that she is perfectly fit.

She decided to contact the nurse who made the report. However, the nurse was murdered before she could speak to her. An individual was convicted of the murder and sentenced. Maureen attempted to get a visiting pass to the prison in an attempt to find out if this person did murder the nurse and why. Before she could make the visit the prisoner was killed in prison. Maureen is receiving daily harrassment from Cheshire and Mersyside police organized through the untouchable masonic connections, she has also been the victim of corrupt judges and medical staff.

UK Security services, UK police and untouchable criminals attempted an illegal operation on Saturday 31st October 2009 in central London. The security services were used for surveillance and tracking of the victim, the untouchables planned to carry out a heinous crime and the police colluded by standing by once these people had done their work to take the victim of this high level organized masonic crime.

UK security services protect untouchables who organize and run a high level child trafficking ring for elite masonic groups who call themselves illuminati. Theses people will be called upon by security services to set a target up as a pedophile in order to drive the target to suicide. This is probably the most heinous tactic of MI5 and clearly a target not wanting to allow these thugs to bring disgrace on family and friends would have no option.

Police tracking techniques and the masonic stooges will be used to follow the target until he reaches a location then the team will swing in to action orchestrating a crime scene in order to set up the target. Bribes will be paid to as many people as required in order for them to carry out their crimes at any given location and they will often tell members of the public anything to get their agreement including labeling the target as a dangerous attacker when in fact the rouge elements of the security services and police combined with Freemason untouchables are the most dangerous people in society. There have been unsubstantiated claims that these groups participate in satanic ritual sacrifices, from what I have witnessed I can certainly not dismiss these claims.

These people rely on fear to prevent people from speaking out and encourage people to take part in their activities. If you have any information or have been targeted yourself please email

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