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Man or Other Animals: US Laws Define Humans to be Animals - Livestock on the Global Plantation
By Al Adask with comments by Donna & Ron
Dec 31, 2011 - 2:28:25 AM

Man or Other Animals: US Laws Define Humans to be Animals - Livestock on the Global Plantation

On 27/12/11, in the third hour of 'The Power Hour' radio talk show program the host, Joyce Riley, interviewed Al Adask. See: the first few minutes of the program deal with a typically smooth talking Talmudic author who, I assume from what he says, has written a book demonising Muslims. Feel free to ignore that.

Mr. Adask has brilliantly exposed the truth about how any unlawful government legislated "laws" in the US have defined humans as mere animals so that they can treat them accordingly.

Donna visited Al Adask's blog at which is shared with you below. This information is so interesting and relevant that many may wish to research these articles and legal resources for themselves. At the end of the articles listed below Al Adask makes a personal statement. He is a man who stands in his own sovereignty.

Quoting Al Adask from his blog:

"The subject of the interview will be the “man or other animals” laws whereby the government expressly defines the American people to be “animals” rather than men and women made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28) and endowed by their Creator with God-given, unalienable Rights (“Declaration of Independence”). This definition violates fundamental principles of the Bible and Declaration of Independence and constitutes an act of genocide against the American people.

I know these definitions exist in Texas and federal law, as well as five other States that I’ve investigated. I presume these “man or other animals” laws exist in all 50 States. I’ve had reports from England and Australia that their definitions of drugs also declared man to be an “animal”. It is likely that the presumption that mankind are nothing but “animals” is a cornerstone principle for big government and the New World Order.

The concept of “man or other animals” laws is hard to follow over the radio. Therefore, so, as a convenience for today’s radio audience, I am publishing several links on this blog entry to the fundamental laws and documents I’ll discuss during the interview.

If the listeners want to verify some of what I’ll be saying, they’ll be able to so with relative ease from this single blog entry and list of articles and legal resources.

1. This first link is to a copy of the original paperwork (a freedom of religion defense) that I used when the Texas Attorney General sued me and six others for the “manufacture and distribution of a a controlled substance” (colloidal silver). Each defendant was threatened with fines of $25,000/day ($9 million/year). After investing 6 years and nearly $500,000 in the pre-trial investigation and hearings in our case, the Texas simply ceased all prosecution efforts. I believe the reason is that the case was dropped is that the “man or other animals” insight is so politically explosive that the gov-co couldn’t risk taking it to court. I.e., the “war on drugs” started by President Nixon in A.D. 1971 is based on a definition of the word “drug” that presumes the people to be animals. The war on drugs laid the foundation for much of the modern police state. The police state gave us the prison-industrial complex. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical establishment , and the FDA’sregulation of raw milk and vitamins are all based in large measure on a definition of “drug” that presume the people to be “animals”. All of these institutions (and billions of dollars) are based on a definition of “drug” that can’t withstand a challenge based on freedom or religion. If the “man or other animals” definitions are overturned in court, these various institutions will be badly debilitated and perhaps destroyed. The Texas Attorney General wasn’t willing to take that risk, so he dropped the case.

2. This second link explains why the “man or other animals” laws are acts of genocide perpetrated by the federal government against the American people.

3. This third link is to an article published at entitled the “8 Stages of Genocide”. Note that “Stage 3″ in this article is “dehumanization” and includes declaring other people to be insects, vermin or “animals“:

[Ron: Please note that Al Adask inappropriately and wrongly further publishes the Talmudic calumny that the German nation exterminated Jews during WWII. IT DIDN'T! And anyone concerned about human rights, as he is, should be scrupulously careful about Blood Libelling the German nation with throw-a- way lines. In fact, the US and its British and Soviet allies genocided some 13 million Germans at the end of WWII and in the five years thereafter. Moreover, NO Jews were holocausted by the German nation and the Red Cross reported that only 271 304 Jews died in German concentration WORK camps during WWII - most of them from disease, malnutrition and (at the end of the war) starvation due to Anglo-US bombing of Germany . See eg: OFFICIAL RECORDS FROM INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS PROVE "HOLOCAUST" WAS A FRAUD – Repost. See: ].

4. Here’s a link to the A.D. 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. See Section 6 wherein the government defines the words “food” and “drugs” to apply to “man or other animals” and thus defines man to be an “animal”. This the earliest instance we’ve found of government declaring the American people to be “animals”. For over a century, your government has regarded you, your spouse, children, parents and friends to be “animals”.

5. Here’s a link to Title 7 (Agriculture) of the United States Code, (7 U.S.C. Section 136(d)) which defines man to be an “animal”.

6. 21 U.S.C. 321(g)(1) Federal definition of “drugs” defines man to be an animal:

7. Texas Health & Safety Code definition of “drugs” at 431.002(14) defines man to be an animal at: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.u...31.htm#431.002 .

8. For an assortment of other articles I’ve published on this blog that touch on the “man or other animals” laws, see:
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I am a man made in our Father YHWH ha Elohiym's image (Genesis 1:26-28) and endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights ("The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America"; July 4th, A.D. 1776). I am one of the People of The State of Texas. My articles are written and published within the venue of The County of Dallas, located within The State of Texas--a member-State of the perpetual Union styled "The United States of America".
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