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Interesting letter to Chief Judge

To: Chief Justice Allan Wachowich October 8th 2002 A.D. Edmonton Law Courts Court of Queens bench Edmonton, Alberta Tel: 422-2493 Fax: 427-0334 From minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Heatherdown Ecclesia, near Onoway, Alberta Dear Sir, It is my displeasure to have to write to you again as of our last communication but I feel this issue although differing in matter and substance is entirely based upon my religious rights and freedoms to be privileged to gain access to a truly allegiant court of her majesty. I am being denied this access by your masters Quinn and Funduck. These masters act in collusion of fraud with Douglas Hughes for the Toronto Dominion Bank regarding the bifurcation of my name to a corporate legal fiction listed as a debtor on the 9thth of January in a mortgage foreclosure proceeding against my Church and sanctuary that my family has known as our home for almost ten years. He was informed prior to not alter my name as it was of my religious belief. No one has permission of alter my name they have no entitlement I am not a owned entity. My idea of Church is the same as the apostles as taught by Jesus and the house of God is to respected in it’s application for the benefit of others who may have stumbled or are in need of help. Where two or more are gathered in his name we are a church. This is what I believe God is about Allan, believing in good things for others in following God’s law. I have evidense to show and prove conclusively that the Canada Trust bank and Toronto Dominion along with the bank of Canada committed a fraud not only when they originated the false offer of a loan but when they altered my name without my permission and entered it as a corporate legal fiction into the court record in complete awareness of the fraud. I pre noticed them by months and by the principles of the Board of directors of the Toronto Dominion Bank.. I have one of the courts JP’s who told me on his own time that altering another’s name for a financial purpose without their permission, is internationally well known as fraud. As you know my quest as a Christian minister in gaining a truly allegiant court is my right and you as a Chief Justice are in my understanding required to support that right in your allegiance to her majesty. I cannot contract nor conspire nor indeed communicate with a non allegiant defacto court as that would be to conspire with fraud and treason and disrespect for God’s laws and I cannot in my ministry involve myself in such actions. Please grasp my intent is not malicious nor deceptive but rather to point out that the banks and their influence upon the court, in it’s debtor creditor capacity, is commercial by nature and I am not nor never have knowingly been commercial nor a birth bonded debtor to a commercial fiction as I am a free Christian in quest of my ability to gain a livelihood in my God given right. The masters in my case have ignored their oaths to not violate not impose the violation of God’s laws upon others of faith in those laws . I have educated the Toronto Dominion Bank of my faith and beliefs and they were also aware I would be requiring a truly allegiant lawyer to deal with along with a truly allegiant court. I am not accepting this Allan, no consent has ever been offered by me the living man or for me by anyone. and it is discrimination against my rights as a man created by God and as his minster along with all moral purpose to expect myself as man of God to accept a false court, a false bifurcated unlawful filing, and system of fraud. I have been outright and from the heart true in my efforts to speak to the fraud within this system operating in the hallowed halls of God’s Justice. It is indeed etched into the hallowed halls of that building. It would please me genuinely if you could see the conundrum the acquired knowledge puts both of us in. What I am asking is your discretion in this awkward matter to stay the order of master Funduck for possession of our house. This will give her majesty time to review my Petition. I say awkward as I cannot in my faith communicate to a man who refuses to assure me, as a minister of God performing my duty, that he is truly allegiant to the Christian monarch defender of the faith. Am I required ,by any sensible logic, to accept just anyone coming before me as a true allegiant???? This assurance is my right as God’s minister in quo warranto, but as I cannot gain the acceptance of the offer I make of requiring true allegiance from the master or judge I come before in the quo warranto application, and because there is no truly allegiant court to apply to, the integrity of the application of quo warranto is without true justice and is void ab initio . Justice falls to disrepute! It is in conflict of interest to have a non allegiant man hear an application to force another non allegiant man to allow myself as a minister of God in performing a function of my calling to require all judges or masters to prove their allegiance and confirm it as a true understanding of upholding God’s laws as supreme. It would also, in my knowledge of the fraud, be violating my faith and my duty to not conspire with criminals nor partake of their actions. I am hoping that your true allegiance is in that Coronation oath understanding, as other interpretations sully her majesty’s honor in defense of the faith. I did report the actions of your charge, on August 9th 2002 with regards to the man calling himself, master Funduck, who unlawfully obstructed me and prevented me from doing a thing I have a lawful right to do, to the Edmonton City police and was subsequently informed by a Mr. Harrof the Chief assistant, that it had been forwarded to the crown prosecutor. Section 126,176,and 423 of their her majesty’s law was broken, I phoned that office to find out who, but was refused access to that info and was told that complaints of that nature can only be received by you. This seems rather double standard as the proverbial fox watching the chicken coop but not offered in intent to insult but rather express actual popular perception. I was never told this fact, that only you can entertain this complaint, by the police and they seemed rather Keystone about the whole matter. Thus the delay. My apologies The RCMP have been notified and are hopefully watching at least. My Complaint is about master Funduck’s authority to throw me the man in possession of the property in question, out of court because I asked for true authority. RCMP NSI agent Roger Piper and special investigation agent for the Edmonton city Police John Hansen witnessed the whole thing along with Robert Cyre and Cheryl Belanger, my wife . I am hoping that the CC list will be provoked into seeing my quest is not to cause dissension as much as bring about awareness of the original purpose of the oath. This is the Golden Jubilee of her majesty’s Coronation and the dishonor of her majesty’s post by the imposition of unlawful and ungodly actions against this minister of God is obstructing God’s ministry and defiling the house and temple of his worship and unlawful, unwarranted and of no merit to her majesty’s reputation. This year is Jubilee for myself as a a man l as I have just turned 50 on September 29th. I am submitting a petition for redemption to her majesty and am asking that you stay the proceedings against our Church, to honor my lawful religious right of Coronation request and to give her majesty time to reply to this unprecedented Coronation Jubilee petition. McKenzie and Bishop are mishandling this matter for the Toronto Dominion bank and have exhibited a lack of ethics and moral turpitude in the honor of their oaths of allegiance as Mr. Hughes Mr. Quinn , Mr. Funduck refuse to tell me the meaning of their oaths and as such are an imposters and acting defacto and in fraud. They violates section 15 of the code of ethics The head Clerk, John Bachinski threatened me to leave the court house in denial of my filings in January 24th of this year the final day of rebuttal to the TDCT affidavit statement of claim when I asked him of his understanding of his oath in honor and quest of a truly allegiant registry. Unlawful prevention of true lawful filing and denying my Church true allegiant justice. I was threatened by John Bachinski Court Clerk if I did not leave he would have court security throw me out. He refused to offer me a lawful registry. This denial of my lawful registration has prevented me from putting forth full defense into the registries of one of her majesty’s courts. It cannot be her majesty’s court if the registrar is not allegiant and the judge or master or justice also defy’s a Christian ministers quest for the Queen’s honor in defense of the integrity of God’s word as Supreme in his court. Wayne Samis the Edmonton law courts manager is of a similar view. Please honor the Coronation and my own Jubilee right of redemption in exercising your power in this matter of religious faith and historical honor. There is no honor in defying the meaning of one’s own oath Allan. The Coronation ceremony gives full description of the purpose of that oath. Please show honor and respect for that contractual service you subscribed to when your swore your oath to be truly allegiant to the Christian monarch of the commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth the second. Please show your discretion in seeing that I was unlawfully prevented from defending my Church against the unlawful actions of the Toronto Dominion Bank in that I cannot violate my faith and file into a false registry. I have done so in the past under threat duress and intimidation but cannot continue as it has been revealed even this is violating God’s law. It is embarrassing for God to ask those in power if they respect him. It is obvious they do not and as such can not be truly allegiant to the contractually bound duty to uphold the laws of God with all of their power. This logically and consciously precludes me from proceeding in a truly allegiant court and as such obstructs the flow of truly allegiant justice . Without that true allegiance there is no justice but the banks books. Please aid me in this noble Quest Allan, it is in maintenance of the faith and test of the integrity that the court is founded upon. I have proof the bank committed a fraud as I noted to it’s board of directors on August 27th of this year via hand service. I am mandated to show this evidence to a truly allegiant court if you wish to see it in that light. I can even call Wayne Hatt ,who understand’s his oath correctly and in honor, to testify. He saw the fraudulent document produced by Douglas Hughes in a altered version of my name and when asked outside of his official capacity if he thought it was fraud he replied “yes I do think that is fraud”. Wayne was not offering a legal opinion he was thinking. I tried to get others like the city Police to listen but they refuse my calls and did not answer my letters. Neil Skinner was informed of the false oath issue and promptly notified Dave Hancock who instituted a study on rewriting the oath and I believe re-swearing the oath as well. This was my research and offer to Neil. Neil agreed I should not be denied access to a truly allegiant court but has since seemed to have changed his mind. I cannot imagine how truth can all of a sudden not be true any more as in having the right to a truly allegiant court. My logic is irrefutable in that her majesty did in fact say the words contractually binding all of her allegiant’s to that coronation oath. That is what this Coronation Jubilee is all about God is offering us a vision and we can be part of his prevailing his justice in prosperity for all or we can stand apart and revile the duty in the that true allegiance. “A time comes when silence is betrayal. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men and women do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom and in the surrounding world... Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak. For we are deeply in need of a new way beyond the darkness that seems so close around us.... “We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation. We must move past indecision to action. If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight. “Now let us begin. Now let us rededicate ourselves in the long and bitter, but beautiful struggle for a new world....” Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. April 4, 1967, in Riverside Church, New York City It is my hope and prayer that you will show the honor the defense of the faith is deserving of and offer in mercy that stay of possession order issued by Master Funduck on Oct.1st to the TDCT on our Church and sanctuary being NE-31-53-1-w5th near Onoway Alberta forcing an unlawful sale of our sacred house and land. This is the man who had me assaulted and thrown out of his fiction and conspiracy with the TDCT on August 9th in the Edmonton Law Courts in 211 . We have paid the principle of that fraudulent representation of a loan and have communicated faithfully to the TDCT of our faith and beliefs and the hardship are in we have shown them the international law on contracts which shows they must respond to a notice of hardship but they have declined to accept and respond to the original I sent the board of Directors on August 27th of 2001. My Children and wife are in fear of the total lack of respect for the oath of true allegiance we have seen and are petitioning you about. I have been teaching my family and brethren in faith and truth that it is absolutely mandatory for a truly allegiant court to exist to have an accurate understanding of what it is that they have sworn allegiance to.... Without this “true allegiance”there is darkness prevailing Sincerely your minister of God in quest of light to fill a darkened room and offering God’s blessing in your Quest for that light. May NESARA shine into all our hearts and rooms soon. minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Heatherdown Ecclesia, near Onoway, Alberta CC: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second C/o Her majesty’s private secretary, Sir Robin Janvrin Buckingham Palace 011-44-207-839-5950 The President of the Privy council of Canada The Honorable Stephane Dion 66 Slater Street 8th floor Ottawa K1A-0A3 Tel: 613-943-1838 Fax:613-992-3700 The Treasury Board President Lucienne Robillard Tel:613-957-2666 Fax:613-990-2806 Secretary of the Treasury Board Alex Sheppard Tel:613-996-4984 613-996-4986 Lesplanade Laurier East Tower 9th Flr. 140 O’Conner St. Ottawa, Ont. K1A0R5 613 -957-2666 fax 613 990-2806 The Registrar General of Canada Jacqueline Gravelle Gene Edmunds South tower 9th Flr 365 Laurier Ave W. Ottawa K1a0C8 Tel: 613-941-9053 fax 613-941-9047The Privy Council of Canada Chair Stephane Dion The Governor General Of Canada Adrienne Clarkson Tel:1-800-465-6890 fax: 1-613-920-7636 The Right Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Lois Hole C/o 3rd flr Legislature Bldg 10800-97 Ave Edmonton Alberta,T5k2b6 Tel: 427-7243 Fax: 422-5134 The Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien Tel; 1-800-465-6890 Fax 613-998-1664 Prime minister’s office 80 Wellington St. Ottawa Ont. K1A0A2 The Minister of Finance John Manley Lespanade Laurier East Tower 21st flr. 140 O’Conner St. Ottawa Ont.K1A0G5 Tel:613-996-7861 Fax::-613-995-5176 The Superintendent of Financial Institutions Mr. Allan Rock 255 Albert Street 13flr Ottawa Ont. K1A0H2 Tel:1-800-385-864 Fax:613-990-5591 The Minister of Revenue Connaught Bldg 7th flr. 555 Mackenzie ave. Ottawa K1A0L5 Tel: 613-995-2960 Fax 613-952-6608 The Commissioner of the RCMP Giuliano Zaccardelli 1200 Vanier Parkway Ottawa K1A0R4 Tel: 613-993-0400 Fax:613-993-5297 The Attorney General of Canada Martin Cauchon Justice Bldg 284 Wellington St. Ottawa, Ont K1A0H8 Tel:613-992-4621 Fax:613-996-4516 The speaker for the House of commons Peter Milliken House of Commons Ottawa Ont. K1A0A6 Tel:613-996-1955 Fax:613-996-1958 Member of Parliament Rob Merrifield 613-992-1653 Fax:613-992-3459 Parliament Building Ottawa Ont. Tel: Fax: Senator Thelma Chalifoux Tel:613-943-0445 Fax:613-943-0450 Senate of Canada Parliament Bldg. Wellington St. Ottawa, Ont.K1A0A4 Senator Tommy Banks Tel:613-995-1889 Fax:613-995-1938 Senator Nick Taylor Tel: 613-947-1605 Fax:1-613-947-1607 The Leader of the Opposition Tel:613-996-6740 Fax:613-947-0310 The Registrar for the province of Alberta Laurie Beveridge Tel: 780-427-4095 Fax;422-0818 3rd flr. Commerce place [T5J4L4] The Director of Vital Statistics Barry Haugrud Tel:780-427-4645 Fax:422-4225 3rd flr. John E. Brownlee 10365-97th st. [T5J3W7] The Executive Director of Land Titles for the Province of Alberta Ray Runge Box 2380,Edmonton,Alberta [ T5J2T3] Tel:427-2742 Fax:422-4290 Province of Alberta Minister of Government Services David Coutts Tel:415-4855 Fax:415-4853 Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein Tel:427-2251 Fax: 427-1349 Rm 307 Legislature bldg.10800 97ave, Edmonton, Alberta T5K2B7 The Lac Ste. Ann County Council Len Sybunka Tel: 459-1900 Fax: 459-1900 Sangudo Alberta Mr. A. Charles Baillie Chairman & Chief Executive Officer The Toronto-Dominion Bank Executive Offices, Toronto Ontario Mr. G. Montegu Black Chairman and President Txibanguan Limited Mr. W. Edmund Clark President & Chief Operating Officer The Toronto-Dominion Bank Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, TD Canada Trust Ms. Eleanor R. Clitheroe President and Chief Executive Officer Hydro One Inc. Mr. Marshall A. Cohen, Q.C. Counsel Cassels Brock & Blackwell Dr. Wendy K. Dobson Professor and Director Institute for International Business Joseph L. Rotman School of Management Mr. Henry H. Ketcham Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. Mr. Pierre H. Lessard President & Chief Executive Officer Metro Inc. Mr. Brian F. MacNeill Chairman of the Board Petro-Canada Mr. Roger Phillips President and Chief Executive Officer IPSCO Inc. Mr. Edward S. Rogers President & Chief Executive Officer Rogers Communications Inc. Ms. Helen K. Sinclair Chief Executive Officer BankWorks Trading Inc. Mr. Donald R. Sobey Chairman Empire Company Limited Dr. Michael D. Sopko Chairman Inco Limited Mr. John M. Thompson Vice Chairman of the Board IBM Corporation Mr. Richard M. Thomson Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Toronto-Dominion Bank

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