Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Ancient system of Pledging!!!


Colonel Edward Mandel House revealed that the American people would be, “…required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.”
Now, if this Ancient System of Pledging could be used against the people after one was, “Born of a Woman, born UNDER the law,” (meaning a new born offspring of slaves is still a slave), for pledging their, “Life, liberty and (property) pursuit of happiness,” (See John Locke) to government through REGISTRATION, which is another way of saying ABANDONED, or to abandoned property (in other words, electing another man as their King in place of their Creator, 1 Sam 8).
Could that very same Ancient System of Pledging be used to proclaim by Deed to whom one has pledged their, “Life, liberty and (property) pursuit of happiness,” too overturn and effectively rebut all presumptions correcting the mistake that caused presumption to be used in place of expressing such a Will (TRUST) at the time one reached the age of majority, and thereby correcting the mistake that the parents made wherein they should have expressed a trust upon one’s day of nativity?
Could such a deed be used as proof to show that one is now and forever, “Born from above,” born of fire for pledging their Life and Liberty and Happiness to their Creator through the One that redeemed them without money?
What religious organization has ever explained how to effectively present how one needs to respond for that gift… honorable… and in the manner that has just been presented to honorably please the Giver of that bestowed gift?
More importantly, who would ever dare have the audacity to counter such a deed and do so without trespass and trespassing the prohibition against involuntary servitude?
The doorway (gate) to self-governance can ONLY be found through the ministry of reconciliation, upon a firm and unwavering foundation that the Word of the Promise has been completely fulfilled, and there is nothing more to do, other than for each one to respond to it in reply. “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.” The gift itself is not, nor shall it ever be, in a state of imperfection. However, by the lack of reply, by the lack of acceptance, by the lack of a deed by the receiver of that gift leaves the gift for that one awaiting it being made perfect through acceptance. Does one get what I am saying?
In all boldness and even dogmatism, there is NO other way for one to be found to be ready for self-governance.

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