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Toronto Protocols Like the Brotherhood of Zion plans

Toronto Protocols revealed 20 years ago – What are they about?

The debate about the existence of a master plan for the economic, cultural and political unification of the world and the radical transformation of societies has been going on for decades. Even though the mainstream media consistently regards these assumptions as conspiration theories, videos and posts about secret organizations, their meetings and the establishment of a united “One World” reach millions of viewers on YouTube and other social networks. The origin of the so called “Toronto Protocols” – which were published 20 years ago– is still not clear, but the bare content of the document seems to be certified by the elapsed time.

The document running under the name “Toronto Protocols” was published by a French-Canadian journalist, Serge Monast in May, 1995. There is little accessible information about Monast –who was born in 1945–, but what we do know about him was amassed in a post by “Konteó blog” in 2012. Monast started off as a poet and writer, but from the second half of the ‘80s he became interested in investigative journalism. At the beginning, he worked for a journal called L’Enquête (Investigation), but since mainstream media outlets refused to publish his writings, he established his own news agency, l’Agence Internationale de Presse Libre (International Agency of Free Press), where he published his findings and the results of his investigations. He and his work gained fame in May, 1995 when he got his chance to present his views in a Canadian television program.

He didn’t survive

Monast's writings covered topics like medical experiments influencing human thinking and emotions, conducted by the CIA, or the joint sequence of operations (code name: “Blue Beam”) by NASA, CIA and NSA. The aim of “Blue Beam” was to manipulate people’s religious faith with the help of electromagnetic waves, computers and global, real-time holographic projections to fake the coming of the Messiah.

Monast, having been singled out  by Canadian and American authorities, had a troubled life: he was accused several times of committing crimes, he was repeatedly placed under detention, dozens of house searches were carried out in his flat and office, piles of his semi-finished materials and documents were confiscated, they didn’t let him see his children, and his friends' distrust of him was engendered.

One and a half years after the revelation of the Toronto Protocols, he was arrested again on 3rd December, 1996 in Montreal. A criminal procedure was initiated against him for scare-mongering and other crimes, then he was taken into custody for 24 hours. The following day he was freed, but almost immediately he felt sick, and died the following day. According to his post-mortem – that was only carried out as a result of the persistent efforts of his wife, as no hospital wanted to deal with his case – the cause of death was heart failure. Serge Monast was 51 years old, known as a religious person, healthy as a horse, living without any addictions.

Concerning the origins of the Toronto Protocols (Les Protocoles de Toronto) Monast only stated that he obtained it through “adventurous means”, and his reason for not revealing any details to the public was that “he could have endangered lives”. He claimed that the first part of the Protocols was created around the end of June, 1967 and it was further clarified and amended 18 years later, at a meeting in 1985. According to Monast, the leaders of the “New World Order” (NWO) ideology gathered in Toronto to elaborate their strategies for the following 50 years. One thing he revealed that out of the 18 participants, six represented the World’s most influential banks, six represented the most significant energy consortiums and six represented the largest agricultural and food consortiums.
Since Monast passed away shortly after the meeting, and his records have not been found either, the origins of the document cannot be verified, and we do not wish to attempt to do so either. The only thing that is certain is that the document is at least 20 years old, thus concerning the course of events after 1995, the protocols are remarkable regardless of whether Monast himself wrote them or not. There is very few content available of the Toronto Protocols online, so we wish to provide you with a shortened version highlighting the most interesting parts in our opinion. The original document of 60 thousand characters is available here.

Is there a master plan?

Man without values

The document emphasizes, the “New World Order” is much more than a thorough and radical reform of the world’s economy, politics, and society; it aims to unite humankind so the population of the Earth will act together as one, and in ways the creators of the Plan want them to. Throughout history many have tried, but no one ever came even near to ending all the divisions of mankind. In order to achieve this, the individual and the traditional social structures –like family, nation and religion– have to lose their meaning so that new, global ideas can replace them.

The program is all about planning for long term. All steps are planned according to this and have been built on each other. The two main directions are given by the document’s motto “Panem et circenses” (Bread and circuses) because according to the authors, most people can be controlled if you provide them the means of sustenance and give them ways to spend their free time. According to the document if the masses go in the desired direction, others who think differently about politics, ideologies and religion, can be easily isolated, eliminated or forced to cooperate. The globalist project aims to create a “society of comfort” where everybody is provided with entertainment like easily accessible and varied travelling, sports and sex. “The Man has to be controlled so that he might believe this is "Modern", and that his modernity consists of his capacity, and his possibility of being able to enjoy much, and now all that surrounds him.“ To achieve this, the media, the fashion industry and the culture have to be controlled. “Thus holding the "senses" of the youths (that is, tomorrow's adults) under control, we will consequently have the way clear for infiltrating and transform in depth without being disturbed, the politics, the legal system and the education.”

The liberation of the individual

How can total control be achieved over the life of people, especially young people? The document considers changing the social structure based on family to be the most important goal, saying if this can be shaken, the traditional religious beliefs can be done away with as well. "The foundations of 'Western Society' in its essence, originates straight from Judeo-Christian heritage. It is precisely the same heritage which made "family", the "node", the "cornerstone" of all existing social structures."

Changing the idea of family started by the authors of the 19th and 20th century. It was continued by non-conformist philosophers, so people will replace the interest of the family with the interest of the individual. The changes were made in the name of being progressive, modern, and democratic.
By making the rights of the individual absolute, the interest of national, ethnic, religious groups are overshadowed. ‘It is no longer society (the right of the majority) that must be protected against individuals that can threaten, but rather (the Right of the Individual) needs to be protected against the potential threats of the majority’.
The legal protection of nontraditional sexual behaviours as fundamental individual rights serves prioritizing the individual over the society, just as making child protection laws and institutions that enable the state to take the supervision over children from the parents if it is considered justified.
"Thereby transferring the "Parental Role" to the State, it will become much easier for us to monopolize, one by one, all the responsibilities that had been, to this day, the exclusive responsibility of parents. This is how we can make be considered by all as an abuse against children, the traditional religious education of the Judeo-Christian origin."

People who think only the Communists and the Nazis wanted to monopolize education, are mistaken. Progressive societies don't want parents to raise their children according to their beliefs. They claim that they are protecting children’s individual rights, when for example they allow them to choose their own sexual identity at an early age. If this can be put into a global “child protection” constitution, the ban on separating sexes will not only be ushered in schools (as it is already happening in Scandinavian states) but it also will be expected of families to do the same. If parents insist on bringing up their children by naming them and dressing them according to their biological sex, "child protecting services" can intervene and take the "endangered" children away, as it would be done in case of physical abuse.

The document also talks about the staff needed, to get through the plans: "For guaranteed success of such an enterprise, it is essential that civil servants who work in these "offices" in the service of the State are young, without past experiences that are imbued with ideas which we consider empty and vain, but believe with missionary enthusiasm that they are protectors of vulnerable children. These officials must consider all parents to be potential criminals who can be a danger to the welfare of the child."

The promise of freedom

If children are successfully separated from their families at an early age, it becomes possible to educate a "youth that is arogant, looks down on and humiliates" others, by using the buzzwords of "self-realization" and "freedom."

"To complete the breakdown of the family, the education system, thus the society in general, it is essential to encourage the "Sexual Freedom" at all levels of the Western Society. It is necessary to lower the individuals by all possible means, and thus the masses made up of them, to be centered around satisfying their primal instincts" - stated in the 1967 document, highlighting that sexual revolution is not only supported by culture and music but is also backed by the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

The development of modern contraceptives "revolutionizes the Western societies and pushes the traditional moral principals and the Judeo-Christians into oblivion" - says the document. The pill brings sexual freedom" without consequences. It convinces women to break off everything that is perceived as "the chains of tradition" and the past, when women were slaves to men and the traditional Judeo-Christian family. In the past, women were the "center and the main pillar of the family unit", the modern woman however is an independent individual trying to step out from her traditional position and perception, to break away from the family and pursue her own agenda and goals.

This process is supported by "progressive feminist protest movements" pursuing ever more radical demands, to bring about the "total and obvious destruction of the family and the Judeo-Christian society. " This "Sexual liberation" will be the ultimate means that makes it possible for us to remove  from the "consciousness of the society" any form of the concept of "Good and to the Evil". The collapse of the moral and religious guidelines enable the complete liberation of humankind from under the "oppression of the past".

"This open door, from the encouragement of sexual freedom and divorce to abortion and the legal recognition of the different forms of homosexuality, will help us to radically change the historical foundations of the legal system of the societies. It be a major asset to push for all of the individuals in a general relaxation of the morals, to divide the individuals as compared against each other, according to their instincts and their own interests, to destroy the future of the youth by pushing the adverse experiences of early sexuality and abortions, and to break the future generations morally by pushing them to alcoholism, addiction to different drugs (which our Senior International Lodge Officers will take charge of taking the control at the world level), and in suicide" – states the document.

In the network

The 1985 additions to the original documents give practical guidelines for the re-education of the youth. "It is now possible to foresee the establishment of a kind of "International Highway" where all these machines are interconnected. Because, as you already know, the direct control of individual populations of the planet at the very least would be totally impossible without the use of electronic computers and attaching them to each other in a vast "Global Network". These machines also have the advantage of replacing millions of people. In addition, they have neither self-awareness nor any moral, which is essential for the success of a project like ours. Above all, these machines do, without question, everything what is dictated to them. They are perfect slaves of which our predecessors only dreamed, although they never doubted that one day it would be possible to perform such a miracle. These machines without nationality, color of skin, religion, and political affiliation are the our greatest possible tools and the slaves of the New World Order. They are the "Cornerstones"!"

"The basic structure of our New World Order consists, in its essence, of a multitude of different networks, each covering all the spheres of the human activity on the whole of the planet. Until this day, all these networks were interconnected by a common ideological base: that of the Man as being the center and the ultimate fulfillment of the Universe." The statements of the document show a great deal of foresight from the authors, even if they had been written by Monast in 1995 (the largest social network, Facebook, only started at 2004 and became a global platform in 2010 when it reached 1 billion users).

The authors deem it necessary, that the individuals take part in the new global system enthusiastically and willingly, as opposed to the former authoritarian systems. Through this, people will not be alienated by the complete lack of control over their private sphere. "And that is precisely what we will give him, encouraging him to take part, "Body and Soul", in this "Global Electronic Network" (...) While this misled man will be absorbed by his blind enthusiasm to be a part of this new "World Community" by being a part of this vast "Network of Computers", for our account, we shall see, from the superior levers, which will be hidden from him, to file, to identify , to record, and to make profitable according to our own objectives. " – says the document.

The enthusiasm towards technology is further encouraged by the educational system, which prefers technical skills rather than classical arts and literature. This enthusiasm is very similar to the transhumanist views of contemporary culture.

Downgraded nations

If the young generations are placed into a technological and sensual dependence, it is possible to relativize nation states and finally, to disintegrate them. “If the nations would be deprived thereof that they can lean on a strong youth and that the individuals in the society could group around a common ideal, which is strengthened by indestructible moral trellises and historical support, they would have no choice but to subject themselves to our global will” – says the Protocols, that is detailing the program of economic and financial undermining of nation states. First it would transform the national economics throughout multinational companies, and then by the extraction of capital at the right moment in order to crack them.

"We would maintain a global economy worldwide that would be totally out of the influence of nation states. This "New World" economy would stand above all, neither politics nor trade unions would have control over it. It would dictate its own global politics, and would enforce political reorganisation, according to our viewpoints expanded on the world of course” – says the document, which also suggests increasing the defencelessness of the nations with financial-political instruments – for example with debt traps.

We would manipulate the governments and the population of nation states so as that they give us a pretext that we, using the IMF, call on the Western states to accept so called "restrictive budgets" so they could virtually decrease state debt and maintain their international credit classification (which is an absolutely theoretical and unimportant aspect), and to preserve the peace of the society – which is also an impossible task for them.” The state debt, the dependence of international credits, and the credit classification of nations –these expressions emerged in the news nearly every day during the past years.

The flow of refugees

The creators of the Plan believe, once they are able to restrict nation states' margins using international economy, global trade and expensive UN-projects launched to handle all crisis, people's mind can be controlled freely as well: "This independent economy will operate on the basis of our laws and hereby we will establish a global mass culture". With the help of the international media we control, we will establish a new culture, which will be uniform, thus making it practically impossible that someone would create something new. The future artists will be like we want them to be like or else they will not be artists. We don't have to fear any more that such independent works of art come into being that endangered the realization of our global ambitions so often in the past."

The most interesting paragraph of the document today was written 20 years ago but is about the use of a migrant crisis in order to realize the global plans: "To assure us at all costs of the success of such an enterprise, making sure that our Agents already infiltrated in the Ministries of Intergovernmental Affairs and Immigration of Nation States make indepth modifications to the Laws of these Ministries. These modifications will essentially aim to open the doors of the western countries to a more and more massive immigration inside their borders (immigrations that we will provoke by taking care of touching off, here and there, new local conflicts). By well orchestrated press campaigns in the public opinion of nation states targeted, we shall provoke among them a significant refugee influx, which will destabilize their internal economy and increase the racial tensions inside their territory. We have to take care that there are foreign extremists among the migrants as well. This will facilitate the destabilization." – writes the Toronto Protocols in 1985 (or not later than in 1995).

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