Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Lettter to John Rooke regarding his duty to accommodate a demand...

March 3, 2021 [This letter was sent to John Rooke on March 4, 2021 via registered mail. I noticed today, March 14, 2021 that the floor number was incorrect. I have changed it to the 24th floor and will be sending this same letter on March 15th , 2021 via registered mail.] From: Helen Dorothy [Mowat] 196057 - 82 Street West Foothills, Alberta (no postal code, non secular] John Rooke Calgary Court Centre 24th floor – N, 601 5th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta John Rooke, private man Re: Case Number #SES01 118769 Hello. I am writing to you as a private woman in your private capacity. Jesus tells all of his children to make things simple and non confrontational and I want to follow his directions with an agreement from you. I have read the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). I also plan on reading Canada's Emergency Act as it is part of the (ICCPR). I want to know if you recognize this covenant (ICCPR) as binding upon your office should I make a Demand for Accommodation of my religious faith and beliefs. I look forward to receiving a reply from you. Blessings, Helen Dorothy, Christian name with a surname [Mowat]

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