Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Human Rights Censors Are Targetting Christians

CHP Leader To Discuss ‘Human Rights’ Complaints On Television

Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray will be interviewed on Wednesday, Dec.12 on the Miracle Channel's "Insight" program. The main topic of the interview will be three "human rights" complaints filed by militant homosexual activists against the CHP, against one of its Riding Associations and against Ron Gray himself.

From the CHP news bulletin:

Does a registered federal political party have a right to promote the policies it has held for 20 years?

Does a Christian have a right to state publicly that he (or she) regards homosexuality as immoral, unnatural and unhealthy?
Mr. Gray and the CHP are merely the latest in a long line of defendants subjected to ‘human rights’ allegations by militant homosexual activists. Earlier victims of the purge of free speech rights have included Toronto printer Scott Brockie; Hugh Owens of Saskatchewan, in whose case a judge declared that citing Bible verses made his newspaper advertisements “hate”; an elderly couple in PEI who had to close their Bed & Breakfast establishment because they did not want two unrelated men sleeping together in their home; Craig Chandler of Calgary, who wrote a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate denouncing the ‘gay agenda’; Dr. Chris Kempling, a BC teacher with a doctorate in counselling psychology, who was punished by his employer for advocating CHP policies about homosexuality, when he sought the nomination as a CHP candidate; Rev. Stephen Boissoin of Calgary, convicted by an Alberta ‘human rights’ tribunal for writing a letter to the editor expressing his concerns about homosexuality. Other victims of the ‘human rights’ campaign against free speech have included Mark Harding of Toronto, accused of fomenting hatred when he published a booklet complaining that Christian prayers were not allowed at his daughters’ school, but a room was set aside for Muslim prayers. And now, internationally renowned columnist Mark Steyn has been accused before the Canadian Human Rights Commission of ‘Islamophobia’.

“If an agency of the government can tell a registered political party what it can and cannot say in advancing its policies,” notes Mr. Gray, “Canada has gone a long, long way down the road to totalitarianism—to becoming a one-party (militant Secularist) state. What the human rights commissions and others forget is that Secularism is also a religion—perhaps the most intolerant in the world; it seeks to drive every other faith out of the public square.”

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Roger said...

Chandler didn't write a letter in the Red Deer Advocate, Boissoin did and was part of the same political lobby group as Chandler. Chandler has faced political persecution because he has been disliked by the left for years. He has been very outspoken and constantly attacks publicly. The media has attempted to use Boissoin's letter claiming that Chandler was dumped from the PC's because of his support of it. Truth is, Chandler would have been dunped will never find where Stelmach is quoted saying the letter had anything to do with Chandler's PC demise. Get yer facts straight.