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Maxgxl is it a panacea? Does it work on everyone?

I have been taking Maxgxl for about 45 days...I started as of pain in my heart every day that was excruciating and very scary....after about two weeks my pain disappeared and has not upline, Giselle Jones, used to suffer horribly with Fibro Myalgia and Asthma and was almost finished with her marriage as a result..

After taking Maxgxl for less than a month her pain subsided and her moods softened the asthma went dormant....Her marriage was saved and her pain disappeared as of this amazing Glutathione boosting product!!

Bloodtests prove it works on everyone!!!


I have received many questions about Maxgxl and have decided to keep an ongoing list so that when asked a particular question which I have already answered one can find the answer below.

1.Can Maxgxl be taken by patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy?

Yes….Maxgxl can be used by patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The only slight contraindication is that those who are on a chemotherapy which involves a Platinum derived agent such as Cis-Platinum they should not take their Maxgxl 24hours before or 24 hours after receiving their Platinum based chemotherapeutic agent. Once the 24 hours is over they may resume the Maxgxl and it is only this one particular chemotherapeutic drug.

2. A patient recently has developed canker sores in his mouth and throat while taking Maxgxl and wonders is this might be an allergic reaction. The sore disappeared after stopping the Maxgxl.

Canker sores are usually caused by viruses and can be single lesions or a collection of many throughout the mucous membranes of the mouth. I see these frequently in the office and would think that it is very unlikely that the patient’s symptoms are related to the Maxgxl. When something new like this occurs the best approach is to stop the Maxgxl until the symptoms have completely cleared up and then reintroduce the Maxgxl once again. If the sores were to come back immediately then I would consider that the person is having a reaction to the Maxgxl however if the sores come back in several weeks or months then I can say that the person’s canker sores are just part of the normal attacks viruses have against our bodies..

3.Can patients who have had a transplant take Maxgxl?

Patients who have received a transplant organ are in a particularly precarious situation. They are constantly being monitored for “rejection” of the donor organ. Sometimes one can go for years before an organ is rejected. Since we have no studies whatsoever using Maxgxl in transplant patients it is contraindicated to give Maxgxl to anyone who has received a donor organ.

4. Can patients who are taking blood thinners also take Maxgxl?

Many patients are now taking “blood thinners” as part of their prescription drugs. The commonest blood thinners are low dose aspirin and a drug called Plavix.

Maxgxl does not interfere with these medications in any way. The more complex question involves the drug called Warfarin or Coumadin. This is a more complex blood thinner and patients on this product need to go to the lab every 1 to 4 weeks to measure how thin their blood is. This test is called the INR. It measures how thin one’s blood is with the higher the number indicating the thinner the blood. The INR level can vary considerably depending on one’s diet and any other medications that one is on. Even for healthy patients the INR will vary month to month. Maxgxl is not known to affect the INR however it is simply good medical practice to repeat one’s INR about 7 to 10 days after starting Maxgxl as a precaution to see what the INR level is. It is not uncommon for the doctors to adjust the dosage of Warfarin after the patient has an INR done but certainly being on Warfarin does not mean you cannot take Maxgxl. It just means looking more closely at the INR for the first few weeks to make sure there is no major change in the level.

5. Some people have developed “heartburn” while taking Maxgxl and can Maxgxl be taking by someone with stomach ulcers?

Maxgxl does have an irritant effect on some people with “sensitive stomachs”. You know who you are and already you get heartburn from pizza, tomato sauce, alcohol, spicy food etc. I am one of those people and so I do not ever take Maxgxl on an empty stomach. It you have a sensitive stomach it is better to take Maxgxl after a meal. If it is the middle of the afternoon perhaps a yogurt may be enough to coat your stomach prior to taking the Maxgxl. For those who claim to have ulcers one should get more information. Was the ulcer actually noted on a gastroscopy exam or upper intestinal Xray? We now know that ulcers are caused by the H.Pylori bacteria in the stomach and if that is the case one should take the 7 day course of medication (the HP Pac) from your doctor to treat the ulcer and then follow the above instructions to guard against further stomach upset. Dr. Keller did mention the product Gaviscon which is an antacid which foams up in the stomach to cover the lower esophagus and it can also be used to combat the heartburn which sometimes comes with Maxgxl.

6. I have a customer who is on the following medications from their doctor. These medications include: Lipitor, Glyburide, Altace, Plavix, Indocid, Plaquinal, Norvasc, Aricept…and any other meds you can think of. The customer is suffering from: Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimers, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Depression….and any other disease you can think of.

Maxgxl is a nutritional supplement. It works to increase the Glutathione is every cell of the body. Glutathione is essential for the life and energy of our cells and drugs such as those mentioned above are not influenced by Maxgxl in any way. Also those suffering from any disease should not worry about Maxgxl affecting them in any untoward way. It is very safe to take Maxgxl when you are taking any and all of the drugs listed above. It is important to note that the sicker one is the more Maxgxl they may need. If one does not notice a significant improvement in wellbeing after 2 or 3 weeks on the product then one should increase by an extra package per week until one reaches 5 or 6 packages or until the person feels much better. When taking Maxgxl it is important to “listen to your body” and take additional product when your body is asking for more.

7.When one has a prolonged “cold” should they cut back on their dosage of Maxgxl?

This question was recently asked of me and I wanted to clear up some confusion that may occur here. Sometimes when one starts on Maxgxl there can be a rapid period of detoxification. This detoxification can present with symptoms similar to a “cold” with nasal congestion, headache, muscular aches and pains and general fatigue. If this is prolonged then most likely detoxification is taking place and one should reduce their consumption of Maxgxl to as little as 1 capsule per day for the first 10 days and gradually increase by 1 capsule per day every 10 days. On the other hand if the person genuinely has a viral infection presenting with a “cold” with fever and nasal congestion the appropriate thing to do would be to at least double their dosage of Maxgxl.

8. I recently had a question about a patient with a weak heart on oxygen therapy who was worried about how his heart would react to Maxgxl. He was at the time on 17 prescription medications. He is overweight and can walk only very short distances before he is very short of breath and must sit down and rest.

In Dr. Keller’s CD he mentions Congestive Heart Failure as an example of health challenges which can affect us. The heart has millions of muscle cells and the function of each cell is to contract in unison to allow the heart to pump blood properly. In Congestive Heart Failure the heart is floppy and does not pump properly. The 17 medications that the patient is on would not interfere with Maxgxl. Maxgxl has a different mode of action as it will work on each heart muscle cell to make it more efficient in its ability to pump blood properly. The Maxgxl can only enhance the quality of life and improve the heart’s performance.

9. A patient with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) was wondering about the use of Maxgxl and if it might interfere with ongoing treatments he is receiving and if the product would help him.

Lou Gehrig’s disease is a poorly understood progressive degenerative neurological disease which has no cure. There are treatments available which may slow down the progression of the disease however I am not aware of any pharmaceutical product which arrests the disease into complete remission. There are no clinical studies on the use of Maxgxl in the treatment of Lou Gehrig’s disease at this time however I have heard many anecdotal reports of Maxgxl being effective in other neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. The product certainly cannot hurt the patient and may improve the quality of life that remains. The disease is however a major challenge and the sicker one is the more Maxgxl they require. I would start with the usual 2 packages per day and if no untoward effects with detoxification I would gradually increase the dose of Maxgxl by one package every 2 weeks until the patient experiences an improvement in general wellbeing or until one reaches at least 2 packages 3 times per day.

10. Can women who are breast feeding take Maxgxl.

When any new product which is ingested applies to any regulatory body such as the FDA in the United States or Health Canada they supply the regulatory bodies with their clinical data to show that the product is safe to take. Most pharmaceutical companies do research on the persons who are most likely to take the product. In the case of most drugs the product is studied on those over 12 years of age, but they usually restrict the study from including pregnant women and nursing mothers. Because Maxgxl was not studied on children, pregnant women and nursing mothers we do not have permission to use the product on this group. As noted above in item number 3 the product was not studied in transplant patients. For this reason Max International does not give permission to distributors to promote the product in this group of people.

11.A person who has just started on Maxgxl indicated that she now has problems sleeping. What can this be caused by?

I found this to be an interesting question since I see people in the office each day who present with sleep disturbance. I remember the first convention meeting I had with Dr. Keller addressing the audience and asked “how many people feel that the Maxgxl product is not doing much for them”. I would estimate that 90 hands may have gone up out of the 500+ in attendance. He then asked “of those people with their hands up, how many of you are starting to dream once again”. This time many of those people put their hands up again. In effect Maxgxl helps put one into REM Sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). This simply means that the person is having a more restful restorative sleep and that is something that many people will say happens when they take Maxgxl. So for the person who says that Maxgxl is affecting their sleep they should not take the product within 5 hours of sleeping. They should then do their own study of 5 days on the product and 5 days off and then repeat this to truly understand if it is connected with their insomnia since insomnia is a very common condition and I am not convinced that Maxgxl is causing the insomnia. If indeed there does appear to be a connection to the insomnia then I would cut back on the dosage and take 1 capsule per day for 2 weeks and gradually increase by an extra capsule every 14 days.

12.Patients who are about to undergo surgery often ask if they can stay on Maxgxl up to the time of surgery.

Any surgical procedure results in the cutting through of tissue in the body. This cutting process activates several systems in our bodies one of which is the clotting system to stop the bleeding and allow healing of the tissues which need to reunite. Again on a microscopic level we are looking at tissues that want to heal and rejoin to repair the tissue which has been cut by the surgeon. Maxgxl can only enhance the healing process and allow the tissue to repair itself in a more timely fashion but also activate our immune system to help keep the wound clean and avoid infections.

13. A 76 year old patient with Polymyalgia Rhuematica (it is an inflammatory condition affecting muscles and joints) had been on prednisone and her pains were under control however when she began the usual dose of Maxgxl of 1 package in the am and another in the pm she could hardly walk and the pain was extremely high in the next 2 days. Is there a relationship between the prednisone and the detoxification that would explain her symptoms?

One must remember that the longer we are alive the more toxins we can ingest from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods that we eat. Toxins are also being absorbed through our skin from a host of chemicals and cosmetics that we use daily in our environment. I have seen cases of extreme lethargy, muscle pains and weakness that can occur within the first few days of taking the usual dose of Maxgxl and at this time the only explanation that I can give would be that we are suddenly releasing stored up toxins into the blood stream which cause these symptoms. The cause of Polymyalgia Rheumatica is like many conditions we see in medicine that are very poorly understood so the condition itself might even be caused by some as yet unrecognized toxins in our system or cells and again Maxgxl is helping to clear this. In such cases one would cut back drastically in the dose and might even consider 1 capsule daily for 2 weeks and gradually increase or even do as low as 1 capsule Monday. Wednesday and Friday and gradually increase the dosage.

14. A distributor wanted to know if Maxgxl could help a young person with leukemia.

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer where the bone marrow starts to produce cells in a very abnormal fashion. One can have a huge increase in white blood cells and at the same time a decrease in red blood cells. The disease is often fatal however some treatments have been successful with newer chemotherapies and with aggressive treatments like bone marrow transplants after total body radiation.

We do not have any studies at this point in time to talk about the use of Maxgxl in treating any disease. It will certainly help every cell live to its full potential and on a theoretical basis it would make sense that it could be of help to the bone marrow but without studies we simply do not know what it can do. Also if a bone marrow transplant is under way this would be considered a “transplant” and Maxgxl is not sanctioned for use in transplant patients. I do know of one patient who has had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia and is doing well and who has decided to use Maxgxl despite the company not sanctioning its use in such situations however they are doing so against our advice. The patient says that the Maxgxl has improved her sense of wellbeing despite her bone marrow transplant for leukemia.

15. A distributor has asked if Maxgxl could be of help in a patient with Cystic Fibrosis.

Until this past decade many persons afflicted with cystic fibrosis did not live past their teenage years because of the constant risk of lung infections which eventually prove fatal. These patients are treated with long term antibiotics and special inhaled concoctions of medications to help support their lung functions which are constantly under challenge from infections as the lungs have extreme difficulty in keeping clear because of the constant buildup of mucus in the lungs. The second highest area of concentration of Glutathione in our bodies is in our lungs with the highest level of concentration being in our liver. It would only make sense that by taking Maxgxl and increasing our Glutathione level we would have a better immune system working in our lungs to help keep infection at bay. Each lung cell would work to its maximum potential by improving the “cellular health” of the lung tissue. I did ask this question to Dr. Keller more than a year ago and he indicated that Maxgxl should of help in this condition.

This information is predicated with the statement that Maxgxl is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition at this time until we have completed clinical trials on specific health challenges.

16. A young person has some difficulty in swallowing tablets and wondered how Maxgxl can be taken?

The absorption of Maxgxl does not seem to be affected by the presence of food. For that reason the Maxgxl capsules can be opened and put into soft foods such as ice cream, applesauce, or yogurt. The dosage of Maxgxl in children has not been studied. It would probably be best to simply start with 1 capsule in the morning after breakfast and only increase the dosage every 3 weeks after observing the person’s behaviour. One would then take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon. If the child’s weight approaches 110 pounds then one could eventually go as high at 1 package twice a day.


Does Maxgxl help women with the symptoms of Menopause?

Maxgxl is not intended to “diagnose or treat any medical problems” however there are anecdotal reports of it helping with hot flashes and insomnia during menopause. I have recently learned that Cordyceps has been used to treat menopausal flushing in women for many years and this may explain why Maxgxl has a positive effect on hot flashes in some women.


Does Maxgxl have an effect on Diabetes?

Once again Maxgxl is not intended to “diagnose or treat any medical conditions” however the anecdotal reports seem to indicate that those with Diabetes have higher blood sugars for about 3 weeks on the product and then afterwards the diabetes appears to be in better control.


When one is taking chemotherapy what would be the appropriate dosage of Maxgxl?

The general rule for the use of Maxgxl is that the sicker one is the more Maxgxl that is required!! Healthy persons with minor health challenges seem to do well on 1 package of Maxgxl (3 capsules) in the morning and 1 package (3 capsules) in the afternoon. Those who are very ill can significantly increase this dosage however the sicker one is the more toxins they may already have in their body. In this case the chance of some adverse reaction is quite high as many toxins begin to be mobilized from the deep tissues and may flood the body causing nausea, weakness, sinus congestion and muscle pains. If this should happen one needs to start at a very low dose of 1 capsule per day and gradually work up by increasing an extra capsule every 7 to 14 days. I would think it would be reasonable to slowly increase one’s dosage to 2 packages three times a day.

Again as Dr. Keller has said, always listen to your body and see how you are feeling.

Remember if the chemotherapy is Cis-Platinum one should not take Maxgxl for 24 hours before or after that particular chemotherapy.


A patient has visited her doctor and after describing symptoms of muscle aches and pains and breathing problems, is told that she has severe inflammation in her body and wonders about the dosage of Maxgxl.

The effect of Maxgxl appears to be dose related. As a general rule one should take 1 package of Maxgxl in the morning and a second package of Maxgxl in the afternoon. Those who are very ill should gradually increase the dosage and “listen to their body” as to how they are feeling. It is very reasonable to increase the dosage of Maxgxl by an extra package every 7 to 10 days until they are taking 2 packages 3 times per day. If the desired improvement is found one should stay on the increased dosage for a month or two and then slowly decrease the dosage and again “listening to their body” as to how they feel will know what dosage to stay at.


A distributor has recently asked if Maxgxl can be given to persons with Hemochromatosis and Thalasemia.

Hemochromatosis is a condition where the body stores Iron in large amounts in the liver and bone marrow. In many cases there are no symptoms though if left untreated it can cause eventual disease when the Iron stores are very high. Thalasemia is a hereditary problem with the production of blood cells and most people with this disorder are asymptomatic from the mild anemia that is associated with the disease. I do not feel that Maxgxl will have any effect on these 2 conditions and certainly will not cause any ill effects to take Maxgxl when one has these diseases. I believe that Maxgxl can improve the general well being of individuals who have these diseases and certainly improve their “cellular health” which has many positive benefits for the own health.

I hope that this is helpful and answers your question…..Dr. John Kindle M.D.

Last Updated on October 7th 2008


Willy said...

I experienced an adverse reation when I took Max GXL as I was directed. I took the first packet at 3 o'clock on Sunday and the second packet on Monday morning. I first experienced extreme dry mouth that could not be quinched.

The third packet was taken on Monday afternoon and the fourth packet on Tuesday morning. I was now beginning to experience joint pain, muscle weakness as well as muscle pain. The muscle pain was concentrated in my lower back. (After a month of not taking the MaxGXL I still have residual muscle pain in my lower back that is preventing me from working.)

I took the last packet on Wednesday morning. By now my complcations had reached severe and was forced to discontinue taking Max GXL.

I was told to cut back to only one pill per day and gradually build back up to the recommended dosage. Because one of my best friends was asking me to try Max GXL, I was tempted to continue. I am so grateful that I quit taking this suppliment because of the lingering side-effects.
My joint pain took two weeks to subside and as I mentioned earlier, I still have muscle pain in my lower back.

I could be one in ten thousand that will experience this adverse reaction. Please be sure that if you sell this to your friends, family, and neighbors to not let the money cloud your sensibilities.

Dr. Evan R. Neilson, Chiropractor said...

Dear Willy,
I am a Doctor Of Chiropractic and have been personally using and recommending Max GXL to my patients, friends & family for a few years now. I buy it for my 93 year old Mom (she swims daily, works out 3 days a week, still drives, lives on her own with her dog, a Golden Retriever) and also give it to my 14 year old Icelandic Sheepdog. I think it is an amazing nutritional supplement. But, after 22 years in healthcare, I also understand that nothing helps everybody. I am sorry you had a bad reaction to Max GXL, but please don't assume that the only reason someone recommends it is to make money. I am happy that Max compensates me for the time and effort I take to educate someone about the benefits of taking Max GXL, but I never recommend it to anyone that I don't think it would help. I think your friend was hoping that you would be helped tremendously by GXL, as the majority are. Also, in your situation I would have recommended that you stop GXL altogether and wait for all symptoms to abate and then try again with one capsule every two days, and then one per day, slowly working up to the recommended dosage.
Sometimes people need to work slowly up to what will help them, especially those who need it the most or have the most to gain. As an analogy, exercise is obviously good, but the more out of shape you are, the more gentle must be your start, in order to avoid a bad reaction. I hope this helps you see it differently.
Evan R. Neilson, D.C.

Unknown said...

hi there

my father intake Eliguis Apixaban as a blood thinner. he has arthritis pain on his left hip and leg. he is planning to start in taking MaxGXL. can it be done?

Sincerely yours

Marco Vega

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I hope to receive an answer to my question about MaxGXL and Eliquis Apixaban.