Thursday, April 2, 2009

Simple irrefutable agreement established

Certified Copy Confirmed delivered 79 254
867 681
Karen Pederson current item Registered item RW 79 237
591010 CA
Barrhead, Alberta.,

February 13, 2009 A.D.

Asseveration of Truth and Notice of Demand for Re-Payment.
*2nd Notice *Confirmation of agreement

It is agreed with no dispute to the facts that Leon Papadopoulos, Jeannie
Papadopoulos of 13432-81 St., Edmonton Alberta T5C1N7 and Robert Masse of
11438 -93 St. of Edmonton, Alberta on or about 7 th day of Oct 2007 did
visit your property and approached both you and your wife about an extension
of two months to our agreement to purchase your property at Barrhead
Township road 582 and Range road 30:
W5 range 2 township 58 Sec.7 west NE quarter(69 acres approx)and W5
Range 2 township 58 Sec.7 NE quarter (49 acres approx.) in order to sell
our house in Edmonton.

It is agreed with no dispute to the facts that in front of us three
witnesses Robert Masse, Leon Papadopoulos and Jeannie A. Papadopoulos that
both you Ken Pederson and your wife Karen Pederson agreed to our verbal
contractual offer.

It is agreed with no dispute to the facts that Mr. Ken Pederson remarked
³It is no problem TO GIVE YOU A TWO MONTH EXTENSION. We have had no one else
even looking at the property and no serious offers so it is no
problemÅ .We¹re just happy to have you folks buying it. No Problem! ³
It is agreed with no dispute to the fact that Mrs. Karen Pederson also
verbally agreed to the extension with remarks about how delighted she was
that we were buying the property and that they were lucky we were serious
buyers because no one else had made an offer and that they wanted us to buy
the land and that if we needed extra time it was not any problem. This was
offered cordially and happily by both Mr. and Mrs. Pederson.

It is agreed with no dispute to the facts that upon receiving witnessed
confirmation of accepted offer, that we all shook hands.

It is further agreed upon with no dispute to the fact that your wife hugged
me, being Jeannie A. Papadopoulos, and indicated to me about how exciting it
was going to be to have us as neighbors and upon going out the door after
our coffee and eating a flat pumpkin cheesecake that had failed as a recipe,
Karen Pederson gave me a pumpkin from her garden for our daughter Christy!
She also spent time showing me her artwork on rocks and discussing how happy
she was that we were going to be purchasing their land.
It is agreed upon with no dispute to the fact that no contact was made by
Mr. and Mrs. Pederson by phone or personal visit to annul this verbal
contract or change it in any way.

It is also agreed by you with no dispute to the fact that on the date that
came for that extension to take place; that you did violate our witnessed
verbal agreement of allowing an extension and did not keep your agreement.
You refused to answer our calls and did take our deposit of $15,000!

It is agreed by you with no dispute to the fact that you did refuse to
answer our calls and did take advise from your real estate agent James
Hambling who deliberately interfered in our private contract.

It is agreed upon, with no dispute forthcoming from you, that you did in
awareness of what you were doing brake your verbal contract with us.

It is agreed with no dispute that you will return our depost of $15,000
that you kept in bad faith as you have violated our verbal agreement and you
will return the same $15,000 within 10 days from the day of receipt of this
demand notice.

This good faith asseveration of the truth and demand for repayment of our
$15,000 deposit is to indicate to you in irrefutable awareness that you have
no law or process that allows you to keep our money as you are in violation
of our contract. We have three good witnesses to your two and hope you will
in good faith submit to the above stated facts by tacitly accepting them as
true accurate and correct as far as the writer is capable of being aware.

We will wait ten days time for you to offer evidence that anything in this
asseveration of facts is in error or untrue by providing evidence to the
effect that would prove the above facts or a fact is not true.

If you fail to answer with proof that the facts, offered above, are untrue,
as honorably offered ,you severally and jointly wave the condition of
requirement of your signature and submit to a consent judgment in the amount
of $15,000.00.

. I am contacting you privately according to scripture which tells us to
approach our brothers and sisters privately and to get their agreement as
opposed to going thru the court process of argument.

Matthew 18:15-20 is that direction and advise we are following in obtaining
this contractual agreement and submission to the facts by you.

May Gods wisdom direct you!
On behalf of Bob Massey, Leo Papadopoulos and Jeannie Papadopoulos ( the
author of this letter)
It is hereby understood that you will return said funds and respond

Signed this day at Edmonton Alberta___________________________________..

From Jeannie A. Papadopoulos, 13432-81 St. Edmonton Alberta T5C1N7

You are hereby honorably noticed that we have confirmed our above agreement
and as in keeping with our Saviors advise, confirmed this covenant of terms
and facts to be true without error with witnesses. As of honor, we
ministering in Christs name, do herein offer three further days notice
that this agreement, herein witnessed and confirmed, will be posted under
³private agreement notice² in a multiple of media of good intent
officially performing the function of my calling . It is my duty to let
others be aware of your private submission to the established and
irrefutable facts.

You will get a registered notice and copy of the ad when it is posted to
further establish our good faith in accepting your compliant abundant
awareness and acceptance of the herein stated facts.

Blessings upon your forgiveness Lev.6:2-5 and look forward to the resolution
part of our agreement in the form of a consent judgment in the amount of
$15,000.00 being paid out by you to me with no argument as to your witnessed

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