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Ecclesiastical notice regarding Treason part 1

NEWS UPDATE 20th July 2010: Julia Gillard Treason Charge
by Logan R. Anderson
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been charged with Acts of Treason before the Courts of Australia. This is being concealed by the Governor General Quentin Bryce, the Judiciary and the Press ... who are also implicated in the treason. Brian Shaw, who has laid these charges, provides the following update.
The following Statement was released by Brian Shaw on 20th July 2010:

Documents from the Australian Electoral Commission state that the disqualification of the Commonwealth of Australia renders a person incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a member of either House. The disqualifications operate from the time the process of election starts, that process includes Nomination of Candidates.

On 1st January 2004, the Government of Western Australia, without referendum process, removed the State of Western Australia from the Crown of the United Kingdom and as such committed treason against the Constitution. After 1st January 2004, all Senators and House of Representatives from Western Australia did conceal this material fact from the people of Western Australia, and the Commonwealth of Australia.

By so doing Senators and House of Representatives from Western Australia already ‘Attainted of Treason’, did sit in the Senate and House of Representatives in the Howard / Costello reign in Constitutional Breach of Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act.

In the period 15th December 2006 – 29th January 2007, 40 individuals were charged by Private Prosecution Right at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in Melbourne Victoria, inclusive of Julia Gillard

The Chief Magistrate Ian Gray stated in the Court on 15th December 2006:-
“You will not be relying on the Constitution in my court”.

Chief Magistrate Ian Gray was charged for this statement and concealment, but remains as Chief Magistrate today.

All defendants inclusive of Julia Gillard, John Howard, Kim Beasley, Ian Gray, Damian Bugg, Michael Jeffery and others remain criminally charged, pending Grand Jury hearings, which are currently blocked by President Chris Maxwell and Chief Justice Marilyn Warren of the Supreme Court of Victoria in an endeavour to protect all named defendants from Grand Jury process.

In the Rudd / Gillard Government and Parliament, both houses, Senate and House of Representatives, have sat unlawfully during the entire term, because of the unlawful removal of the Crown of the United Kingdom from Western Australia.

In the current unlawful and illegal condition of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, any political party or person who selects a candidate, inclusive of the candidate to seek a seat in either House of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia will be ‘Attainted of Treason’ and automatically disqualified, in addition to the criminal process and penalty involving Treason, found at Section 80 of the Criminal Code Act Commonwealth 1995.
The following key facts have been uncovered:

1. The oath / affirmation that Julia Gillard affirmed, is not the oath / affirmation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. A different oath / affirmation was substituted without referendum consent.
2. The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia under Rudd and Gillard for the last number of years has sat unlawfully, because the Crown of the United Kingdom was removed and substituted from Western Australia without referendum consent on 1st January 2004.
3. The criminal offence of Treason was committed when the Crown of the United Kingdom was removed from the State of Western Australia without the required State and Commonwealth Referendums on 1st January 2004.
4. Julia Gillard, John Howard, Kim Beasley, Michael Jeffrey, Damian Bugg and others in the period 15th December 2006 and 29th January 2007, were criminally charged by Private Prosecution Right at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in this period. In addition Grand Jury applications were lodged at the Full Court of the Supreme Court Melbourne Victoria on each defendant.
5. Julia Gillard has not revealed that these criminal charges exist. Julia Gillard was charged with concealing treason, and as such is disqualified from sitting in either House of Parliament because of Section 44 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.
6. The Australian Election Paper relating to nominations states:-

“The disqualification in Section 44 renders a person incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a member of either house. The disqualifications therefore operate from the time the process of election starts that process, including Nomination of Candidates”

For more specific information relating to these criminal offences and the concealment of the existence of these offences, please refer to

Earlier Article - published June 2010 - At the time Julia Gillard was illegally sworn in as PM
Julia Gillard knifes Kevin Rudd in the back to take his job as Prime Minister. What has been concealed is that Ms Gillard has been charged before the courts of Australia for the crime of 'Treason' ... an indictable offence which must be trialled before a Grand Jury. This has been suppressed by the Judiciary and the Press, who are therefore also liable for 'Treason'.
How could this be? What is the background to this amazing situation?
The following indepth article is based on the case prepared by the plaintiff in this charge, a Mr Brian Shaw of Werrribee, Victoria, Australia.
This article was in the process of being prepared for publication in Omegatimes when the extraordinary events that have taken place in Australia today began to unfold.

Before I go into the background regarding the charge and summons of the Act of Treason that has been brought against Julia Gillard, and others in the political and judicial fraternity in Australia, I want to provide an illustration that places what has happened into a Biblical context.

There is an abject and urgent need for The People ... namely God's People to come down from the hills, and emerge from the caves and exchange "TRUCE" for "TRUTH"!

In Scripture (1 Kings 1:5-) there is one who seeks to claim the throne (Adonijah) without mandate (David's endorsement)

Adonijah is supported in this illegitimate initiative by Joab (Authorities) and Abiathar (The Church) ... who were also guilty of Treason - by association.

It required the rising up of the upholders of Truth and Law to overthrow the imposter and establish the legitimate successor to the Throne, (Solomon) endorsed by David, initiated by Bathsheba.

These true believers - Zadok, Benaiah, Nathan, Shimei, Rei and the 'Mighty Men' represent those authorities and The Church who are loyal and true, and who are not prepared to take a luke-warm compromised position of indifference.

Julia Gillard is charged with TREASON. This is not about her betrayal of Kevin Rudd, or her gender, or even her personal political ideology. She is, indeed, a very gifted and skillful politician, amiable, articulate and outwardly gracious.

This is about her BETRAYAL to the CROWN, The CONSTITUTION, and the PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, and its also about the betrayal by those who endorse her, and the BETRAYAL OF THOSE WHO REMAIN SILENT.
The emperor is wearing no clothes,
and nobody has the guts to say so.
The church that remains silent at this time

The NWO and One World Government is behind what is happening ... and this places these events into an 'End Times' context. The following is the basis of Brian Shaw's charges against Ms Julia Gillard et al, with supporting information and documentation.
Key Points:

1. What is the offence of 'Treason' and how and when does it occur
2. Julia Gillard was charged for 'Treason' on 29th January 2007, but this criminal charge was suppressed by the Supreme Court of Victoria, and remains suppressed.
3. Julia should have stood down when the criminal charge was filed and served, and declared the fact to the public. The concealment remains today.
4. The central issue is a constitutional and criminal infraction of Section 44(I) and 44(II) of the Commonwealth Constitution. Such section states that the person would be disqualified from sitting in either House:

Section 44 of the Constitution sets out restrictions on who can be a candidate for Federal parliament. In full it reads:

‘44. Any person who -

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power: or

(ii.) Is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer: or

(iii.) Is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent: or

(iv.) Holds any office of profit under the Crown, or any pension payable during the pleasure of the Crown out of any f the revenues of the Commonwealth: or

(v.) Has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons:

A copy of the 'Charge and Summons' document is set out below
Why has Julia Gillard and others been charged for committing Treason

1. They breached their oath of allegiance concerning the people of Australia
2. Julia Gillard and others have broken the existing law to enable them to substitute another law.
3. There was no permission or referendum sought to alter or substitute another law.

How can this happen?

If you think this cannot happen, that will be the biggest error you will make ... because it has already happened!

After the referendum decision of November 1999, the people working to bring Australia and all Australians into 'Their law' began to change law in Parliaments, Courts, Judgements and structure, to capture Australians in a situation that they could not alter.

The law that is being substituted is coming out of the United Nations and is being silently placed into position using every Masonic position within Australia assisted by the Trade Unions.

If Julia Gillard - Prime Minister appointee from today - and others are allowed to continue to substitute the established Law with another Law, without the knowledge or consent of Australians, then the nation will awaken to another Law that is out of their control ... A new, illigitemate Constitution spawned in the recesses of the United Nations
Five principal substitutions will be:

1. The total abolution of the right to own land (Section 3.49-52, page 29)
2. The abolution of existing states (Section 5.1, page 39, Section 19.58-62, page103 and Section 19.74, page 104)
3. For religious instruction - three religions must be present at time of instruction (Section 3.34-38, page 27)
4. The legal right for cross-examination in a court room will be removed. (Section 17.60-63, page 86)
5. The whole banking system and money structure will be altered (Section 19.21-26, page 98)

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