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Health Canada to approve cancer drug in foods

Update: It appears our sources for this news article of Health Canada adding chemotherapy drugs to foods like french fries and baked goods have disappeared. This is a result of censoring the media including the internet.

However the Canadian Broadcast Corporation has a report and we have the link if you want more information. A petition should be started or just write into your Canadian government department of Health which is called Health Canada.

Health Canada typically approves all drugs and chemicals added to food as if an approval by the American FDA or Food and Drug Administration means anything today regarding food safety. Not.

Here is the CBC story: Cancer Fighting Additive Weighted For Junk Food

Firstly the information that the ingredient asparaginase does not cure cancer and adding it to unsuspecting consumers is a violation of health and safety practices in food.

Junk food is harmful this is true, but adding a chemotherapy drug for some insane reasoning (other than to sell more drugs for pharmaceuticals) is not a brilliant idea. Firstly people without cancer or health problems will be consuming a drug that they do not need and chemotherapy drugs harm your immune system. Health Canada is becoming a division of the FDA by not doing their own studies and continuing the practice of chemicalization of the food supply for Canadians.

The evidence of the lack of safety for Canadian foods is exhibited by the enormous amount of food that Canada imports from the United States including pork products from the Smithfield Farms that was the location of the H1N1 virus outbreak in Mexico. Canada has to stop buying foods from factory farms with added chemicals.


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Would you Like A Little Chemo with that?

The Canadian Health authority namely “Health Canada” the counterpart of the US FDA has proposed adding a chemotherapy drug to fast foods that are deep fried claiming these foods cause cancer. The drug is called “asparaginase” and will be added to potato chips, french fries and any other baked goods or fried foods.

The premise involves the research behind this chemo drug which is now classified as an enzyme which supposedly reduces the acrylamide -produced by cooking starchy foods at high temperatures. The problem is Health Canada is following drug company recommendations and have not considered the safety of giving chemo drugs to people who do not have cancer.

What is even more insane is the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and the lack of proof that chemo drugs cure any cancers. Consumers are not aware of what foods are genetically modified in Canada nor are they informed of the ingredients of foods that enter Canada from foreign countries like China through their distribution system which is Wal-Mart Canada.

Chemo Drugs in Your French Fries - What are the Adverse Reactions?

The foods that Health Canada would like to include this chemo additive are common foods such as : cereal, breads, cookies, coffee, potato chips, cocoa products and other starchy foods that are fried at high temperatures.

Health Canada claims that acrylamide causes cancer in mice and this proves that adding a chemotherapy drug will reduce the amount of asparaginase and therefore it would be “healthier for people” who crave fatty foods.

Health Canada has its priorities wrong since it is allowing this proposal to help food makers not Canadians since instead of regulating the food makers to reduce their acrylamide in foods the food corporations are dictating to Health Canada that they would rather just add the chemo drug to make life easy for them.

Health Canada is obviously working for the large corporate sponsors of the conservative government and not for the betterment of the health of Canadians. Unless of course you consider the nausea associated with chemo drugs and how that will turn off Canadian consumers completely.

Who every designed this franken science theory and which ever government allows chemo drugs to be included in human food -there must be more corruption to this story than meets the eye. Further this agreement between food makers and Health Canada is influenced by large corporate special interests groups

This drug Asparaginase is used under prescription for injecting it into Leukemia patients and will be included in your food if Health Canada gets its way.

Write to Health Canada and make your comments known before it is too late for Canadians who will be guinea pigs for this franken science experiment that will give chemo therapy drugs to people who do not have cancer.

This shows you the evidence that drug company lobbyists have more and more influence on politicians and corruption at Health Canada and how anyone can back this kind of stupidity in food safety. Health Canada fails to mention the side effects of this chemotherapy drug and how it will affect healthy individuals and children or pregnant mothers. Health Canada has failed to perform trials or proven scientifically that adding this drug the Canadian food supply will add any benefit.

There are several pieces of the puzzle missing such as:

1) Firstly the drug is given to people who already have Leukemia and now it will be given to people who do not have leukemia which is a dangerous precedent.

2) The drug has in no way been proven to prevent cancer of any type and is being considered to be added to the food supply on an experimental basis -not based on scientific testing or facts.

3) This policy favors and reduces the burden on food manufacturers to clean up their cancer causing foods which will still be produced and sold that are harmful to human health but with the added bonus of a chemo drug that people do not need. These foods should be banned and laws need to protect Canadians not drug them for diseases they do not have and it outright illegal.

4) This proposal favors food makers not Canadians and further endangers health which will increase health care costs and increase the chemicals in foods which cause cancer. Manufacturers of foods which are large corporations favor this idea but people will not approve of this botched idea of saving us from cancer when chemo drugs do not cure cancer -they cause cancer.

A harvard medical professor Lorelei Mucci has stated that studies do not show that cancer rates are increased by acrylamide it only applies to rats. Mucci questioned the attention this chemo drug has received and whether it is worth pursuing as a cancer prevention method. She further stated that the ” long term” effects of adding chemo drugs to the food supply must be studied carefully while, Health Canada wishes to implement this process within eight months.

Side Effects of Asparaginase have not been fully studied when applied to foods.

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“Health Canada plays in a huge role in what we need in our lives, I think they are using the people as guinea pigs. They have no right to choose what is in our foods. Why does Health Canada have so much to say with the things we eat and to make so many rules on how we live? Who has given them so much power? Somebody needs to stop them. This is a FREE COUNTRY last time I checked.”

” I am unclear about what happens to this chemical. Does it only act at the level of the food, breaking down asparagine (which prevents cancer cells), but after you eat the asparaginase, is it still active?”

“Asparaginase, given to cancer patients intravenously, has certain side effects including allergic reaction, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), etc. “

” I think the Government meddles in our lives enough without our permission “for our own good”. If they want to experiment with what we eat put it in some products and label it as such so that if it causes illness or death they will be open to millions of dollars in lawsuits. Just like the CT scan that is now proven to cause cancer. How much of our tax dollars will be going into research for this new money wasting scheme? “

” If it was an actual natural enzyme and not a drug/chemical then maybe. But additives from the lab are never a good idea. “

” please count me as one more vote AGAINST adding asparaginase to my food! Thank you.”

” What next? The GPS chip to track your movements, Chemicals to slow down reproduction, Chemicals to keep you from gaining weight. Our food is messed up enough already with not following proper farming techniques such as crop rotation, summerfallowing. Stop messing more with our food.”

“ Instead of putting the anti cancer agent in food to to prevent cancer from acrylamide, just remove the acrylamide from the food and there won’t be any threat from cancer.

Doesn’t that make more sense. Didn’t the same thing happen with trans fats. Just remove it from the food. Government should be more responsible with the food industry. How can we get healthy from eating food when government don’t care what the food industry puts in it. The only way to get clean food is to grow it and produce it yourself. Not everyone can do this so we have no choice but to eat whatever the big industry puts out. If industry is not going to remove acrylamide, then yes we should put in the anti cancer agent in food but i prefer they remove it.”

Editors Note and Updated on Feb. 1, 2o1o

Vaccine Company’s Hire Posters on Forums and Sites

We received many comments on this particular article from Canadians and American subscribers much in disgust with the Canadian government allowing a chemo drug to be added to the food supply. The drug company’s also hire people to post negative comments on our site, which of course we moderate due to the fact that these people are paid to post here and are not worthy of further mention. We are not here to promote drugs or vaccines but to expose the truth so that a person can make a decision based on facts that are being hidden from the public.

We will continue to post stories of the infiltration of corporate drug company’s in our government and the lengths they will go to sell untested and dangerous drugs to people.

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This does not surprise me - fluoride in water is pushed by these clowns. Personally I think Health Canada is responsible for a large percentage of all illness in Canada - same as FDA in USA. Anyway they are joined at the hip and owned by big pharma.