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Galactic Re-Alignment Affects Human Physical and Mental State New Scientific Study Shows Solar Activity Affects Humans Physical and Mental State A r

Galactic Re-Alignment Affects Human Physical and Mental State

New Scientific Study Shows Solar Activity Affects Humans Physical and Mental State

A recent study published today in the NewScientist, indicates a direct connection between the Sun's solar storms and human biological effect. The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance -- is the very same conduit which steers Earth's weather ----- The Magnetic Field. Yes, animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them -- in the very same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as a protector.

Earth Vortices, Ley Lines and Tectonic Plates (Updated 2004)

Vortices are high energy spots on the Earth. Earth energy is due to its electromagnetic field. NASA research has proved that the human energy field is tuned in to certain ‘Earth Waves’. (See section Energies) The joining on the surface of the Earth are ‘hot spots’ of energy focus which we know as the vortices of the Earth, these are linked by ley lines. A Ley line is an energy line, some being of more importance than others.

Earth vortices are analogous to the chakras in the human body. There are 9 major chakras in the body, counting two above the head within the etheric field, which are not normally referred to. There are several minor chakras throughout the body. (See section Chakras) The arteries in the human body are analogous to the rivers and waterways of Planet Earth. Ley Lines are analogous to the nervous/energy system in the human body.

Major Vortices

* Avebury, England
* Ayers Rock, Australia
* Bimini- off Florida coast
* Calgary- Canada, including the area surrounding Lake Louise and Banff National Park.
* Easter Island- Chile
* Nepal
* Machu Pichu - The Andes, Sth America
* Philippines
* Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* Sedona, Arizona .US
* Tibet, Lhasa
* Mexico, Rosarito – location of Natural Health facility - Sanoviv Medical Center as well as at the locations of several pyramid ruins

Photo by UCLA Shutterbug

Vortex or Power spots (see Vortices on Earth)
Vortices are high energy spots on the Earth. Earth energy is due to the electromagnetic field of our planet earth. NASA research has proved that our own energy field is tuned in to certain ‘Earth Waves’. This oscillates at between 7-8 cycles per second. In a meditative state, the human brain alters and will also oscillate at the same rate in tune with the Earth energy. To experience this to its optimum one has to practise for some time before becoming ‘attuned’. Some individuals will never achieve this. Spiritual awareness, like Wisdom, is not something that can be taught easily, it has to be reached through living. This ability was once known by all mankind, but has been lost for a long time. It is believed by many, that we entered a more spiritually aware period during the 1960’s, with many individuals becoming more attuned with Earth’s energies and needs and therefore their own energies.
The Earth Energy Field:

The earth’s natural electromagnetic field has a frequency measured as about 7.8 HZ or Hertz. This is the well known and documented Schumann Resonance measured daily in seismology laboratories.

There is much concern now among scientists about the damage caused by civilization’s pollution of the earth. There is also monitoring of the normally occurring changes in the universe.

When people meditate and calm their brain chatter, their brains emit alpha frequencies of 7 to 9 Hz. The human brain in a relaxed state then has the same frequency of vibration as the energy field of the earth.

When humans live close to nature, their energy fields are in synchrony with the energy field of the earth, so they experience more balance and better health.

Before the invention of electricity, people lived in harmony with the earth and her daily and seasonal cycles. Technology advances have added tremendous levels of electromagnetic energy millions of times higher than before … microwaves, x-rays, cell phones, television, radio frequencies, high tension wires, etc.

Dr. Robert Becker is a world renowned expert on electromagnetic fields (EMF). He said, “At the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of EMF’s.”

In addition the energy field of the earth interacts with the energy fields of other planets and constellations. Those changes then reflect on the energy fields of living bodies including humans.

The energy fields then as the interface connect all living matter … humans, plant, animal, and the earth.
The Universal Energy Field:

Today, quantum physicists lead the way in bringing back together the fields of science and religion. This is an outgrowth of their work with identifying the “God particle”. New theories and paradigms in science like the “string theory” sound more like the thoughts of philosophers and poets of old.

The universe is now recognized as a living entity of immeasurable intelligence, size, and power. Recent reports in November 2006 (article to be published in Feb 10 edition of Astrophysical Journal) from the Hubble telescope verify one of Einstein’s discarded theories of “dark energy” that continually pushes the blossoming of the evolving universal energy field.

We can call this vast energy field God, or more generically … the Universal Energy Field. The Universal Field is a vast, cosmic sea of endless possibilities and infinite wisdom … the Source of All … extending infinitely … beyond human measure. This Universal Field, Source of All, or God is the ultimate living being bringing forth and staying connected to every other living thing.

At the highest frequency of vibration each form of living matter is interconnected as our particles dance and spin apart. At the lowest frequencies we appear separate in the mass of our physical bodies.

The energy fields of humans, plants, animals, the earth, and the universe provide the interface that connects us all.
The Power of Vibrations
In the laboratory scientists can use the SQUID or Superconducting Quantum Interface Device to detect the ultra-sensitive magnetic field surrounding the hands of a healer intent on sending healing energy to a recipient. Dr. John Zimmerman at the University of Colorado School of Medicine proved the magnetic nature of healing energy. Experiments have been conducted in skeptical laboratories to demonstrate the measurable effects of healing energy on living plants. Bernard Grad added energy to one batch of water with magnets. Energy was added to another batch of water by a healer. Both batches of water were used to feed separate plants. Both showed a measurable acceleration of growth in the target plants.
Imbalance and Disease
Through these meridians flows the life force or chi … an invisible nutritious energy. From outside the physical body, this chi (also known as qi, ki, or prana) enters the acupuncture points and flows deep within the physical body to provide life giving energy of a subtle nature. There are twelve pairs of meridians that are connected to specific organ systems deep within the physical body.

It is essential that the flow of this subtle energy be free and of full force. When this energy is blocked imbalanced, or diminished dysfunction within the organ systems innervated will result.

Thus, balance and harmony on the etheric level result in balance, harmony, and optimal health on the physical level. Imbalance and dis-harmony on the etheric level results in various states of dis-ease on the physical.
Thus, balance and harmony are essential on the etheric level … on the higher frequency levels of energy in order to maintain optimal functioning and optimal health on the denser physical level.
Balance at the level of the chakras and the acupuncture meridians of the energy body and the etheric body translates into optimal health in the physical body.
Imbalance at the etheric or energy level translates into various states of disease in the human body.

Co-Create Your Own Reality: Dr.Cleve Backster

The Power of Thoughts, Words, Actions The Power of Attraction

We are energetic beings. Similarly our thoughts, words, and actions are energetic expressions. Our thoughts are powerful expressions of energy. Our thoughts and the thoughts of others affect us and other life forms.

Dr.Cleve Backster conducted his famous experiments using plants and simple animals like shrimp. Backster showed scientifically that the house plants in his laboratory were influenced by the thoughts of people. When Backster thought about cutting or killing a plant, that plant plus all the other plants in the room reacted with fear. He recorded and measured this reaction of the power of thoughts with the equivalent of a lie detector.

Daily the scientist left the room to go to lunch. After eating, when he just thought about returning to the laboratory, the equipment recorded a spike in the fear of the plants at the same time. Thoughts projected by Backster were instantly communicated to his plants even though they were miles apart.

Later in 1995, based on the effects of human intention on plants, Backster was asked to design an experiment for the U.S. Army to conduct on human DNA. These experiments showed that DNA taken from the donor’s mouth and nurtured in a Petri plate in the next room exhibited the same reactions to emotions stimulated in the subject’s body a few hundred feet away. Again the result was instantaneous.

After the Army stopped their experiments, Dr. Backster continued to increase the distance between the donor and his DNA in the Petri dish. Even when 350 miles apart, the separated DNA and the DNA in the donor reacted the same way instantly as measured by an atomic clock in Colorado. The energy of the thoughts, and the emotions, or feelings transmitted instantaneously.

Remember that every living creature, including humankind, is an energetic being, as is the Universal Field, Consciousness, The Source of All, the Divine Matrix, or God. We are all one … all part of that cosmic sea of possibilities waiting to be brought into reality. There is no true separation at the level of the subtle energy now measurable by modern scientific technology. There is no true separation according to the ancient philosophy of the ages.
Our Link to the Outer LimitsJames Gilliland
James Gilliland - around 8:30min into the video I can see connections to Lynne McTaggart
Lynne McTaggart in the sense of consciousness changing.
Both acknowledge increased solar flares - James states this is part of Grand Cycle (the procession that relates to the Mayan Calender)
The Intention Experiment
"Lynne McTaggart is the award-winning author of five books, including the international bestselling sensations 'Living The Field' and 'The Intention Experiment'. She is an internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality."
Lynne makes statement linking sun spot activity with consciousness -
it hit a "0" activity in March 2008 - and peaks in 2012
high activity can enhance intentionality...
others predict peak for 2010-11

Rupert Sheldrake invites you to participate in his ongoing research. - Online Tests
The Online Staring Experiment - Results
Index of Scientific Papers

Exponentially rising solar flares can cause our consciousness float out of our bodies by 2012 – an amazing phenomenon
India Daily Technology Team
Sep. 18, 2005

The polar reversal in the Sun and a million year cycle are creating huge solar flares. Earth’s magnetosphere is resisting as much as possible. The solar wind in the form of electromagnetic storm is harmful in many ways. But scientists are wondering if it can cause an amazing effect around 2012 when the solar wind will peak. There is a possibility that we will experience out of body experience by 2012. It will depend on the intensity of the solar storms experienced by the earth and how much earth’s magnetosphere can protect us. If the solar storm is excessive, then our consciousness will float out of our bodies by 2012.

An electromagnetic storm is an intense phenomenon where a region of the universe experiences a very strong electromagnetic field. This is most analogous to a rainstorm. Normal rain poses no threat, but can be incredibly dangerous in heavy amounts. The same applies to electromagnetic fields. In small amounts, electromagnetic fields will not cause noticeable disruption to electronic systems. However, in large amounts, they can cause charged particles (for example, in wires) to feel a significant force, moving them. Since wires aren''t usually free to move, the flow of electrons can become extremely disrupted. This can also be extremely hazardous for delicate systems, such as those found on sensitive electronic equipments sensitive to these disruptions.

The Earth's magnetic field is in 10s of microteslas, which doesn''t cause significant problems to existing systems. Electromagnetic storms are rated in the magnitude of milliteslas or whole teslas. With wires, such intense fields can only be felt within extreme proximity to the wire with an incredible amount of current. Such close proximity could allow electrons to "jump" from the wire to whatever was nearby (as they do in spark plugs), and the amount of current would be fatal to humans.

It is possible, intense solar wind will cause us to feel out body experiences. The life forms in the universe are Zero Point Energy Modules (ZPEM) and are electromagnetic in nature with specific vibration sequences. The extreme solar storms from the Sun can cause the ZPEMs in the earth to lose its natural bonding to the body as their natural frequency of vibration will be disturbed.

In that case we will experience for a year or so something amazing – out of body experiences. Hopefully, nothing of that will happen. The solar wind may not go that intense and the magnetosphere of the earth will be able to protect us.

If our consciousness float out of our bodies by 2012 for a temporary period of a few years, all living beings will be less concerned with the material world and focus more on the spiritual needs. The world may actually become a very peaceful place.

Magnetism Affects the Human Brain
Electromagnetic fields are an inescapable fact of life. From birth to death, we are bathed in the Earth's all-encompassing field, and our technology adds to this with ubiquitous electrical appliances and power lines. Yet the question remains as to whether human beings can actually sense magnetic fields and, if so, what effect they might have. Now an international group of researchers has measured a distinct physiological response in human brains exposed to a magnetic field.

The research group, which includes neurosurgeon Hans Wieser of Zurich, Jon Paul Dobson of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Michael Fuller of the University of California (Santa Barbara), came together when Fuller's sabbatical took him to Zurich as part of his continuing studies of Earth's changing magnetic field. There he met Wieser, a specialist in the treatment of epileptics who do not respond to drug treatment. In such patients, the only way to stop the electrical storms responsible for their seizures is to surgically remove small portions of the brain which generate the seizures. To localize this region precisely, electrodes were implanted directly into the patient's brain. Then the researchers waited for seizures to occur spontaneously so that they could pinpoint the culprit area, and thus remove the smallest amount of tissue possible.

The effects of external magnetic fields on the human brain are normally so small they are lost in the much larger ambient electromagnetic fluctuations. They are virtually impossible to detect outside the cranium. But in this case, magnetic fields could be applied to the brain and measured from within. Consequently the chances of detecting an effect were much larger and more immediate. This procedure thus worked to benefit both patients and scientific research. The research group enclosed each patient's head in a coil which could generate a magnetic field of 1 to 2 milliteslas, about 100 times stronger than Earth's and nearly the strength of fields around ordinary household appliances. The patients responded with multiple bursts of epileptiform activity recorded from the implanted electrodes, thus demonstrating that magnetic fields are capable of directly affecting the human brain.

Although the unusual population and small sample size do not permit generalizations, the recent revelation that the human brain contains millions of tiny magnetic particles (see Noetic Sciences Review, "Science Notes", Autumn 1992) makes this observation on human magnetoreception all the more intriguing.
Source: Science, Vol. 260:1590, June 11, 1993.

cience 4 April 2008:
Vol. 320. no. 5872, pp. 82 - 86
DOI: 10.1126/science.1154415

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The miniaturization of magnetic devices toward the limit of single atoms calls for appropriate tools to study their magnetic properties. We demonstrate the ability to measure magnetization curves of individual magnetic atoms adsorbed on a nonmagnetic metallic substrate with use of a scanning tunneling microscope with a spin-polarized tip. We can map out low-energy magnetic interactions on the atomic scale as evidenced by the oscillating indirect exchange between a Co adatom and a nanowire on Pt(111). These results are important for the understanding of variations that are found in the magnetic properties of apparently identical adatoms because of different local environments.

Institute of Applied Physics and Microstructure Research Center, University of Hamburg, Jungiusstrasse 11, D-20355 Hamburg, Germany.

* Present address: Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics,Department of Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA.

{dagger} To whom correspondence should be addressed.

The Human Energy Field:

We are essentially electromagnetic beings composed of tiny particles of energy and information pulsating and spinning at a high rate of speed. At their highest frequency of vibration these particles are farthest apart. At their lower frequencies they come closer together manifesting in the density of the physical body.

Albert Einstein proved scientifically that energy becomes matter, and matter becomes energy according to the change in the frequency of vibration. Although this model is well accepted in science and physics, the Eiensteinian viewpoint has been slowly introduced into the western medical model to replace the Newtonian paradigm.

The human energy field or HEF is seen and recorded by Kirlian photography as varying layers of colored light around the physical body. These layers forming the aura pulsate according to the condition of the physical body.

For example, when a speaker is passionately explaining his topic, pale yellow light may be seen extending farther out from the body. Then as he calms his delivery, the yellow color may be seen closer to his body.

When a person is enjoying optimal health, her aura will be stronger and more constant. When a person is weak and dying, her aura … her energy body diminishes.

The human energy field forms the interface reacting with the physical cellular systems of the human physical body. When the energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body experiences optimal health.

As the particles of one energy field pulsate and dance farther apart at a higher frequency, they intermingle with the particles of other people and other living matter including the earth itself. Thus, you may sense or feel a familiar presence in a crowded room even before you actually see your friend.

Interstellar Communications, Infinite Mind, Bidirectional Near-field Longitudinal Gravity Waves, Bioenergetics, Consciousness Techniques, Earth Resonance, Wave Theory of Gravity.
You are a vibrant, living, dancing hologram of light. Not just the light which your eyes detect--that is also a part of you--but the light vibration of all the presently known and measurable electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures which you call a body. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form; dissapate to reform anew the delicate holographic instructions.

The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars and solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth's umbrella-like energy belts, altering the intensity, selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Slower and ever more powerful rhythms of planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The holographic body reverberates with the wind of electromagnetic light; every cell listens to the drum-beats, attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition, and sings its own unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughout the cellular molecules.

These radiations of electrical and magnetic waves of information move through space and our atmospheric environment. Some of our body structures exhibit a resonance matching the Earth's natural magnetic field, allowing certain rhythmic behavior as seen in human and other life-forms. All life on Earth has developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties by its pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the solar system and cosmos and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.

Our home solar system forms a complex, harmonically interrelating, multi-octave musical instrument composed of great number of octaves of vibrational interplay. Your brain and body structures resonate to those continually fluctuating field patterns as they beat against the Earth', Moon's, and Sun's natural rhythms.

How does the Universe communicate with Itself, and its life-forms, unhampered by time dependency? The bi-directional harmonic waves of gravity supply intergalactic information coupling via instantaneous longitudinal transmissions into and out of the Solar system. With the plotting of solar system resonances, interplanetary coupling, magnetospheric and Schumann resonances, and free oscillations of the Earth, this cosmic information becomes available to human bioenergies.

The vertically-arrayed human body nervous system senses and functions within the Earth's ever-changing local atmospheric electrical potential and the longitudinal gravity waves which the Earth intercepts. A multiplicity of Solar system vibrational signals occur within the same spectrum-octaves as the brain/body detected signals. The extremely low frequency, long wavelength near field signals associated with interstellar and intergalactic gravity coupling are detected by our brain/body sensing mechanism. These naturally-occurring information signals bring about changes within the human body energy pathways, restructure body water resonances, modulate the DNA processes and stimulate other circadian rhythm entrainments. Thus supplying an intimate instantaneous interconnection of our very own brain/body/mind to the immensity of the Universe.

LISTEN TO THE DRUMBEAT The holographic body reverberates with the wind of light; every cell listens to the drumbeat of Earth, attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition, and sings its unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughtout the cellular molecules.

GEOMETRY OF INFINITE MIND How does the Universe communicate with itself, and hence to its life forms, unhampered by time dependency? The wave theory of gravity will demonstrate intergalactic information wave coupling via instantaneous longitudinal transmissions into and out of the solar system. With solar-system resonances, interplanetary coupling, magnetospheric and Schumann resonances, and free geomagnetic oscillations of the Earth, we may begin to understand how this cosmic information becomes available to human bioenergies. These naturally-occurring information signals bring about changes within the human body energy pathways, restructure body water resonances, modulate the DNA processes and stimulate other circadian rhythm entrainments.

CEREBRAL BREATHING Our whole body structure is in rhythmical breath motion. Each breath stimulates an electromagnetic field across the upper body, which modulates the transfer of signals that continually communicate up and down the intricate spinal column and directing the brain/mind processes.

How does the Universe communicate with Itself, and hence to its life forms, unhampered by time dependency? The electromagnetic wave theory of gravity will be used to demonstrate intergalactic information wave coupling via instantaneous longitudinal transmissions into and out of the Solar system. With the plotting of Solar system resonance's, interplanetary coupling, magnetospheric and Schumann resonances, and free geomagnetic oscillations of the Earth, we will begin to understand how this cosmic information becomes available to human bioenergies. The vertically-arrayed human body senses and functions within the Earth's ever-changing local atmospheric electrical potential and the longitudinal gravity waves which the Earth intercepts are sensed by the human body nervous system. A multiplicity of solar system vibration signals occur within the same spectrum-octaves as the detected brain/body signals. The extremely low frequency, long wavelength near field signals associated with interstellar and intergalactic gravity coupling will be shown to be detected in a similar manner by our brain/body sensing mechanism. These naturally-occurring information signals bring about changes within the human body energy pathways, restructure body water resonances, modulate the DNA processes and stimulate other circadian rhythm entrainments.


As we move about the planetary surface in our daily activities, we are generally unaware of the vast information exchange occurring within our human body structure and of how our individual minds continually communicate with the planetary, stellar, galactic and cosmic Mind. Does that last sentence surprise you? Please join me as I try to describe for you this apparent intimate instantaneous interconnection of our very own brain/body/mind to the immensity of the Universe.

When simultaneous electromagnetic measurements are performed for the detection of brainwave signals and for the detection of the Earth and atmospheric activity, it is found that there are many synchronous frequencies detected.

...Notice as we take a long slow inhalation, hold, and then a long slow exhalation; observe that our whole body structure is in rhythmical motion. Let's watch this breathing motion once again and place our attention on its process. Each breath stimulates a bipolar, electromagnetic field across the upper body by causing stress within the crystalline rib-cage. An electromagnetic field is generated by the piezoelectric pressure of the bone and muscle crystal and water liquid-crystal structures. This breath-rate electromagnetic field modulates the transfer of signals that continually communicate up and down the intricate spinal cord. These bundles of spinal and cranial nerve cells listen and vibrate to the soft, gentle cadence of your breath moving in and moving out.

This pulsing central nervous system, consisting of bundles of sensory and motor axons radiating from the brain and spinal cord segments, is constructed from a great number of interconnected, multi-polar neurons which are composed of vast numbers of cells. These cell membranes display very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular activities cooperate to bring about high amplification of these weak signal frequencies.

Electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum can change the characteristics of hormone, antibody and neurotransmitters at the cell site. These modulating actions of electromagnetic fields show highly cooperative processes within the biologic systems. Each breath-beat creates whispers of motion across and throughout your bodily cellular field, modulating the existent complexity of intracellular information flow. Within your cells, the organizing DNA double helix structure and its RNA message carriers dance to the beat of ever higher and higher frequencies. There, information is sent, received, stored and transferred by the resonance and polarity shifts of the amino acid protein building blocks, bringing about shifts within the proteins. Changes of external sound and electromagnetic frequency have a measureable effect upon the amino acid protein response, mutation rate, cell lifetimes, primary processes and relaxation rate of the cells. Amplitude and frequency changes throughout the electromagnetic spectrum of the ELF/VLF, radio, microwave, visible, ultraviolet and beyond have shown detectable cellular change. See figure (5) Biological Events Time Scale.

... My studies continue in showing a correlation between solar and celestial activity i.e. solar flares, coronal mass ejections and gamma ray burst, and a distinct fluctuation in human and animal behavior.


Are signs of 2012 galactic alignment evident now?

10-ft tall Tablet of Mayan Calendar

Michael Eure - Activist Post

As the media focuses on the failing economy, there isn’t much mainstream discussion about the climatic and geological changes Earth is now experiencing. Although it may be a stretch for most people’s imaginations, it appears that the rapid decline of our economy and the increased geological activity are connected.

In the recent past we have experienced a spike in the number of earthquakes, floods, droughts, sink holes, and other natural disasters. The tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people in the Indian Ocean; the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile that were record breaking; and the many floods in the U.S. that have been caused by sudden extreme rainstorms, are increasing in frequency and effect. These are just a few examples. We are fast approaching the date agreed upon by both Eastern and Western religions -- and now science -- that will come about with great changes for our world: December 21, 2012.

How can economic events and natural disasters be connected you ask? The answer is very simple if you contemplate the effects of the astrological event that is approaching: our Sun and our planet are lining up with the center of the Galaxy, and the entire Solar System is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This passing is causing an extraordinary flare up of the Sun's normal activity that occurs every 11 years, which throughout history has had devastating consequences. Some experts have charted even greater galactic cycles such as the Mayan 26,000 Great Year Cycle, and other cycles lasting hundreds of thousands of years.

Along with this unusual alignment comes Planet X, as NASA calls it. In mythology it is known as“Nibiru," a planet that has an extreme elliptical orbit that passes between the Earth and Mars about every 3,600 years. As we enter this mysterious galactic cycle, it seems the changing electromagnetic forces may be affecting both the Sun and our planet in more profound ways than we can imagine. And indeed, these energetic forces seem to be affecting human consciousness, as our entire central nervous system is an electromagnetic structure.

I find it very interesting that its path nearest to our planet correlates with the Mayan calendar that ends in December, 2012. Everyone has read some about 2012, but very few understand the astrological significance of this date. Some researchers are concerned because our planet is moving into alignment with our Sun and the center of our galaxy, which is considered by most astronomers to be an extremely powerful black hole about one million miles across.

The effects of this alignment cannot be underestimated. How this affects our climate, our geology, and our culture is a little harder to grasp because we live in such small conscious boxes. Like the vibrational changes occurring in the universe now, most people are simply too distracted to familiarize themselves with these events. I know this because my wife is a professional astrologer and people are very skeptical until she does a chart for them. When she begins to tell them about their life, their most common response is, "well there must be something to this stuff."

We are at a major turning point both from the point of view of Earth’s climate and its culture. We have gotten so out of balance with nature and our connection to nature that things must change. For those that take a scientific view that, “for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction," then surely, a galactic event of this magnitude will have an untold equal reaction.

For those of a more spiritual nature, Einstein himself said:

The most beautiful and the most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sewer of all true science. Those of us who can no longer stand rapt in awe and wonder are as good as dead. To know what is impenetrable to us actually exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty that our dull faculties can comprehend, this knowledge, this feeling, is at the heart of all true religiousness.

As these geological, climate, environmental and social changes become more severe, a mass awakening is likely to take place. Hopefully humanity can handle it. You can be assured that the Elite are already prepared for the coming events as they are very much in tune to this secret scientific, astrological, and vibrational knowledge. Perhaps it is time that we all prepare as well.

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