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What Is Public Law 102-14??

What Is Public Law 102-14

Public Law 102-14 -
102d CONGRESS, 1st Session -
H. J. RES. 104 -

To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day , U.S.A. '.
Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;
Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;
Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;
Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;
Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;
Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;
Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;
Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe,' this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving,' the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and
Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A. '. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
Approved March 20, 1991. Signed by George Bush, President of the United States of America
April 7, 1998
Nissan 11, 5758
By the grace of G-d
America's strength lies in her human resources, and in the freedom and tolerance that enable these resources to blossom.
Education is the first and foremost vehicle of fostering these most basic and inexhaustible national resources.
Our challenge is to create an educational system that promotes warmth, love, joy, and disciplined freedom, spurring all to develop their G-d-given potential and dedicate themselves to a life of positive activity.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
Chabad Magazine, Tammuz 5755
It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge-- through education--that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
Lubavitch International, Summer 5750
No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
in a letter to President Ronald Reagan, 10 Iyar 5746/May 19, 1986
Education does not stop at the school gates. It is not a business, run on a time-clock. It is a vocation, a sacred calling, the molding of future generations. In practical terms, schools must arrange programs for their students after school hours. This does not necessarily mean extra hours of study. Rather, activities which are enjoyable, while simultaneously reinforcing the concepts learned at school. It does not really matter which activities are chosen, as long as they are wholesome, good for the soul as well as the body.
The goal is to ensure that every moment of a child's life is occupied with positive actions.
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
After School Hours
Student's Translation / adapted from a sicha 19 Kislev 5742
The Rebbe has been sending messengers from one lost person to another, telling each of these people who they are. "You are not animals. You are human beings."
"Look within yourself and you will see that you are far better than you imagined. Just look. Open your eyes."
The Rebbe said to everybody: "You can be better. You can be far better. You just have to let yourself."
This is the story and secret of your own being. It is not like climbing a big mountain. It is just allowing your soul to speak.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
At The George Washington University
June 1995
Educating Our Youth
Education is not merely the transfer of information and skills, but more importantly, the communication of values and character traits which parents and grandparents have learned through their studies and life experience.
Ideally, morality and ethics, learning right from wrong, are taught at home. Unfortunately, many parents today do not or cannot provide such an education, so the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the public school system.
American families share a core of beliefs. This country was born on the foundation of what we print on our dollar bills: "In G-d We Trust." As in the business world, where assets are given to another to be held in trust, we Americans are confident that every detail of our lives can be safely entrusted to G-d. The G-d in Whom we trust commanded us in the Bible to respect parents, and He warned us against robbery, murder, and even covetousness. The educational system of our great nation was founded on these principles.
Twenty Years
For twenty years (since 1978), Congress and each President have designated the day which is four days before the Jewish holiday of Passover as "Education Day, U.S.A." They have called upon us to renew our national commitment to education that embraces the moral and ethical values which are the cornerstone of civilized society.
Passover and Education
The holiday dinner on the night of Passover is organized around teaching Jewish children faith in G-d and answering their questions. The order of the night is to climb fifteen steps of awareness that lead to spiritual freedom.
The fourth cup of wine is poured after everyone has finished eating and said Grace. The time is generally after midnight, but two more steps remain. The front door is opened without fear as a demonstration that "In G-d We Trust." True, these actual words are not in the prayer book, but King David composed a similar phrase thousands of years ago -- "Ye who fear the L-rd, trust in the L-rd . . ." (Psalms 115:11).
A Moment of Silence
No true education can leave out the moral and spiritual dimensions of human life and human striving. It is abundantly clear to educators and law-enforcement agents that neither intimidation nor threat of punishment can foster a deep sense of moral obligation. This can only come through the knowledge -- through education -- that there is an "Eye that sees and an Ear that hears" to Whom we are all accountable and in Whom we all trust.
When schools establish a "Moment of Silence" at the start of the school day, children have the opportunity to think about the most important things in their lives as instructed by their parents. Each child is free to use this reflection time without teacher, supervisor, or government intervention.
Pronunciation Notes:
Nissan - NIH suhn
Lubavitcher - loo BAH vitch er
Lubavitch - loo BAH vitch
Rebbe - REH bee, REH beh
Chabad - khah BAHD

Con / tract....."with / paper and ink " .....binding??? Progress??? You decide.


by Edward W.Younkins

Progress is difference and change. If individuals were not free to try new things, then there would never be any improvements. In order to have progress, there must be freedom to try new advances. Freedom to act in their own self-interest is the mainspring for a diversity of ideas, innovation and experiments that lead to the discovery of new products, services, and means of production. Freedom is a practical necessity for progress in an unpredictable, uncertain, and risky world. Progress is stifled when individuals cannot voluntarily make enforceable and binding contracts. The mechanism of contract furthers progress by sanctioning and stimulating specialization and permitting an extended order to evolve. People will voluntarily join together in common ventures that lead them to anticipate mutual gain. Traditional common law rules of contract foster forms of innovation that required cooperative efforts.

A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties that usually results in some type of performance. Trade and commerce could not thrive if freely made agreements were not normally carried out. Contract can be viewed as a method in which men bargaining with one another can make sure that their promises will last longer than their changeable states of mind. The law of contract provides a mechanism through which private individuals can, to a certain degree, predict, control, and stabilize the future. Contracts allow people to incur reciprocal responsibilities and commitments, to make promises others can rely on, to remove some uncertainty from life, and to establish reasonable expectations for future actions.

The idea of contract makes capitalism possible. Although markets can exist without contracts, it is clear that if every trade or agreement had to be completed immediately there could not be much future planning of production and distribution and limited circuitedness in people's business relationship with one another. Freedom of contract is essential to a competitive and open exchange economy. The diversity embodied by this system maximizes individual choice and freedom.

Utilitarian or pragmatic conventions

Many view contracts as utilitarian or pragmatic conventions that act to secure people's expectations. Others consider contracts to be instruments by which rights to present and future alienable goods are ascribed, delineated, exchanged, or transferred.

A function of the state, operating mainly through the court system, is to enforce performance by requiring the promisor to fulfill his bargain on penalty of fine or imprisonment or by awarding judgment against him for money damages when, without legal reason, he fails to perform. State compulsion has replaced private force and customary and private law systems, which were common in earlier time periods. State enforcement in concerns of bargain and promise can be viewed as one of the state's most important functions behind only peacekeeping and property defense. In essence, a breach of contract is an indirect use of force.

With the advent of specialization of labor, human beings created an exchange mechanism through which a man, who can produce something more efficiently than another, can exchange it for another item that he would create less efficiently than the other person. A person gives in order to receive, and this giving and receiving arrangement is frequently protected by a formal contract.

Frequently, one or both sides to an agreement are carried out at a later date. In order for an exchange to be arranged at one point in time, with performance to take place later, the parties, rather than simply rely on one another's honor to secure performance, normally depend upon a legally enforceable obligation to comply with the agreement.

The contract is integral to a market economy. Think of the variety of commitments that must be honored for any firm to operate. Each of these arrangements is usually defined by contract. If most of these contracts were not carried out according to their terms, commercial transactions would be impossible. Any commercial organization consists of numerous separate activities bound into an effective whole through a collection of contracts.

In economic life the principle of contract requires the assent of all involved individuals. As embodiments of people's free will, contracts are the glue that holds a peaceful society together.

The idea that contracts are legally enforceable does not ensure performance, but does increase the probability of performance. When a party knows he may face legal action if he does not comply, he is more likely to complete his side of the bargain. In addition, if performance is not expected, the fact that a lawsuit may be brought may be sufficient to obtain an acceptable out-of-court settlement.

« Because of the idea of voluntary contract, patterns of social life are not dictated by a compelling central authority but rather by the independent decisions of individuals seeking their own happiness. »

Contract liability is promissory liability. In a business society, where wealth largely consists of promises, it is of paramount importance to protect the interests of the individual promisees. Promises, in the form of contracts, have become a convention whereby people are able to realize their aims by creating expectations about one another's conduct.

Key component of a free society

Contract law is a key component of a free society. Contracts involve a trade-off of flexibility for security and the voluntary assumption of mutual obligation and commitment. Through contract, a participant in civil society is differentiated from the atomistic individual.

Autonomous human beings have the rational ability and natural right to make their own life choices. A necessary condition of acting autonomously is the possibility of freely making mutually binding agreements. Autonomy thus requires freedom of contract. Better connections between persons can be made by contract, which works to mutual benefit, instead of through coercion, which does not.

Although a contract may appear to be the subordination of one man's will to another, the former gains more than he gives up, as does the latter. In a free society, the only transactions people engage in are positive-sum ones in which both parties believe they will benefit.

Historically, the rise of contract within Western civilization reflected the disintegration of a status-determined society. Contract became a tool of change and self-determination, an instrument of peace, and the only legitimate means of social integration in a free society. Progress depends on protected property rights and the confidence that contractual obligations will be honored.

Anglo-American contract law evolved as part of English common law. However, other legal systems such as the canon law of the Church and the customary law of merchants had influences on the common law.

The Greeks and Romans failed to develop any general law of contracts. However, Aristotle did emphasize that parties to a contract must have equal consideration under it and an equal wish to benefit from the exchange. The idea of reciprocal services underpinned the Aristotelian idea of fair contract.

The Church took a firm view of contracts due to its suspicions of the trader and concern for morality. For the medieval canonist, a man who does not keep his promise is guilty of falsehood. The Church therefore took steps to make sure that contracts were strictly enforced and properly constructed with due course for the rights of the parties. The Church taught that deceit is wrong and that a person should do what he says he will do, particularly when his word encourages another to take action or give a promise in reliance on that word. Ecclesiastical courts regarded the breaking of pledges as sins and enforced contract fulfillment with the penalty of excommunication.

Contract law has many similarities with the law of property and the law of torts (i.e., the law of private wrongs). The growth of trade and commerce and the associated lucrative court fees led the king's court system to begin handling matter that previously was within the exclusive jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts. Through incremental and slow modifications and extensions the judges of these courts developed a whole system of contractual principles based on analogies to property law and tort law. Legal sanctions used to enforce a promise were developed and included initially money damages against the defaulter and later specific performance of the promise.

According to Lon Fuller, the term "contract law" originally referred to the law that a contract itself brings into existence rather than to the law of or about contracts. If we think of contract law as the law that the involved parties themselves bring into existence by their agreement, the transition from customary law to contract law becomes an easy one to envision and understand.

Business custom and the state

The tendency has been for courts to enforce business custom and practice as law. When business people develop a new practice, it is probable that it receives the forces of government-backed law. The private sector develops as ever-expanding base of customary law. For instance, enforceable rights and duties arise from a contract as well as from the provisions of various statutes. It follows that contracts voluntarily entered into by private persons provide a form of privately created law. When a contract becomes standardized reflecting long-term traditions, it reveals customary commercial law. When a contract incorporates a new business practice in response to dynamically changing business environments, it is likely to add to customary law just as common law is expanded through new court precedents.

Doctrines developed by merchant courts to deal with contracts and other business matters were absorbed into the common law and official courts began attracting business away from merchant courts. The financial self-interest of the English judges who were paid out of litigation fees was thus an influential factor regarding the absorption of the Law Merchant into the common law.

Sir Henry Sumner Maine, the nineteenth-century legal historian, wrote that progressive societies exhibit a development from status-bound roles to those founded more and more on contractual freedom. Whereas a status system establishes obligations, conditions, and interrelations by birth, contract regards individuals as free and equal moral agents developing their own bonds with others. In a free society, there is high degree of social mobility and freedom to associate in response to current and expected future needs. Social arrangements are a result of the independent decisions of separate individuals pursuing their own interests, rather than by a central powerful authority such as the state or the Church.

In Western society, with the steady dissolution of castes, social classes, guilds, ethnic cultures, and so on, human resources have become more available to organizers in business and other associations. Organizers compete for the best managerial and nonmanagerial employees, and with the freedom of association present in the era of contracts, it is possible to create successful organizations despite some interference by the state.

By treating individuals as free and equal generic units, contract permits people to create arrangements far beyond the plans of any grand designers. Only by treating individuals in this manner can overarching rules allow people to use their own knowledge, express their individuality, and take advantage of their own ideas by joining them and their property in various unanticipated ways. When people cannot make binding, enforceable commitments, dynamic progress is severely hampered. The idea of contract fosters progress by encouraging specialization and allowing an extended order to develop. It is especially important to have well-functioning legal systems when strangers interact in commercial and other situations. The goal of contract law is not to inspire legal suits but to settle or avoid them. Well-known rules that eliminate ambiguity make it more likely that promises will be kept.

The mechanism of contract is simple, universal, and powerful. It involves giving up something that you value in exchange for some other item that you value more. As a result, both parties gain. Furthermore, the basic idea of gaining via trade is suitable for repetition ad infinitum as what we received in one transaction can be reprocessed and resold in a subsequent transaction. Because of the idea of voluntary contract, patterns of social life are not dictated by a compelling central authority but rather by the independent decisions of individuals seeking their own happiness. Voluntary contracts involve positive-sum exchanges for the involved parties as human pleasures are increased by pairing resources with the individuals who value them highest. This benevolent system facilitates productive interactions which expand over time and exchanges until they include all people who possess the capacity to engage in exchanges that are seen as mutually beneficial.

Pot Pumps perpetrators profits

At least one watcher of the underground economy says the price of B.C. marijuana has gone up in the United States, and that could mean plummeting demand from Americans in future.

Marc Emery, head of the B.C. Marijuana Party, said there are several factors behind the rising price of B.C.'s most infamous export, including tighter border security and the loonie's steady ascent over the past five years.

Pot selling for $2,200 a kilo in 2002 would have cost an American only $1,600 because of the differences in the dollar, he said.

"Now the marijuana is at $2,400 Cdn and now it costs $2,400 US to buy it," Emery said. "So for the Americans, Canadian marijuana has gone up by almost 50 per cent," he said.

The well-known marijuana activist is currently fighting an extradition order by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for allegedly selling millions of dollars worth of marijuana seeds to Americans through his mail order business.

But in the town of Nelson, an area some would describe as the heartland of the province's marijuana industry, RCMP Const. Annie Linteau disagreed that B.C.'s underground marijuana export industry may be facing a downturn.

Linteau predicted there is so much money to be made selling pot to the United States that the change in the loonie's value will have little effect.

Zoe Anderson, a clerk at a Nelson store that sells pot pipes, agreed. But she said local consumers in the Southern Interior community wouldn't stand for a big price hike.

"People here are able to access their entertainment and/or medicine of choice at a consistent price," she said, making the point clear as she enjoyed a mid-day puff on some of that local produce.

The value of B.C.'s underground marijuana industry has never been accurately measured, but one study by the Fraser Institute in 2004 put the estimated 17,500 grow operations in the $7 billion range.

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The US Eagle in full moult? Slavery anyone?

The Bankruptcy of The United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993
Vol. 33, page H-1303

Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

"Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.
It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: "The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?’

Gold and silver were such a powerful money during the founding of the united states of America, that the founding fathers declared that only gold or silver coins can be "money" in America. Since gold and silver coinage were heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check was issued as a money substitute. People traded their coupons as money, or "currency." Currency is not money, but a money substitute. Redeemable currency must promise to pay a dollar equivalent in gold or silver money. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) make no such promises, and are not "money." A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States government, not "money?’ The federal United States government and the U.S. Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the united states of America to issue currency of any kind, but only lawful money, -gold and silver coin.

It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitute. One cannot get rich by accumulating money substitutes, one can only get deeper into debt. We the People no longer have any "money." Most Americans have not been paid any "money" for a very long time, perhaps not in their entire life. Now do you comprehend why you feel broke? Now, do you understand why you are "bankrupt," along with the rest of the country?

Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are unsigned checks written on a closed account. FRNs are an inflatable paper system designed to create debt through inflation (devaluation of currency). when ever there is an increase of the supply of a money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing, inflation occurs.

Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that irresponsible governments inflict on their citizens. The Federal Reserve Bank who controls the supply and movement of FRNs has everybody fooled. They have access to an unlimited supply of FRNs, paying only for the printing costs of what they need. FRNs are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities (T-Bills) - a promise to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is a fundamental difference between "paying" and "discharging" a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value or substance (i.e. gold, silver, barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value or substance. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of "good & valuable consideration." Unpayable debt transfers power and control to the sovereign power structure that has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already.

Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations.

The Federal Reserve System is based on the Canon law and the principles of sovereignty protected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In fact, the international bankers used a "Canon Law Trust" as their model, adding stock and naming it a "Joint Stock Trust." The U.S. Congress had passed a law making it illegal for any legal "person" to duplicate a "Joint Stock Trust" in 1873. The Federal Reserve Act was legislated post-facto (to 1870), although post-facto laws are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. [1:9:3]

The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government. The Federal Reserve is a maritime lender, and/or maritime insurance underwriter to the federal United States operating exclusively under Admiralty/Maritime law. The lender or underwriter bears the risks, and the Maritime law compelling specific performance in paying the interest, or premiums are the same.

Assets of the debtor can also be hypothecated (to pledge something as a security without taking possession of it.) as security by the lender or underwriter. The Federal Reserve Act stipulated that the interest on the debt was to be paid in gold. There was no stipulation in the Federal Reserve Act for ever paying the principle.

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)

"Hypothecated" all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a "beneficiary" of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their "subjects," the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit "money substitute" it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their "economic slaves", the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.

Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the people have exchanged one master for another.

This has been going on for over eighty years without the "informed knowledge" of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt.

Why don’t more people own their properties outright?

Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it.

America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country."

Image: United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

To silence Traficant, certain members of Congress found a means to put him in prison on trumped-up charges. The hearings were like a kangaroo court; whereby, he was not allowed to bring in certain witnesses, documents, and testimony. Judge Lesley Wells of the U.S. District Court in Cleveland, Ohio, was prejudiced toward Traficant and refused to set bail for Traficant, ordering that service of his term should begin immediately. Denial of bail also sets aside all pending appeals to Traficant's conviction. Traficant is now serving an eight year prison sentence in federal prison for his April 11, 2002 conviction on trumped-up felony charges of bribery, corruption and tax evasion.

By a vote of 420-1, Traficant was also expelled from the House of Representatives. House Resolution No. 495 read simply, "Resolved, That, pursuant to article I, section 5, clause 2 of the United States Constitution, Representative James A. Traficant, Jr., be, and he hereby is expelled, from the House of Representatives." Traficant is the second member of the House to be expelled since the Civil War and the fifth in congressional history. Traficant, addressing the House, said "I'll go to jail before I resign and admit to something I didn't do.""

Traficant, A former county sheriff, had been elected to Congress nine times by the people of his Mahoning Valley, Ohio district. He plans to run for re-election as an independent candidate and intends to serve from jail if elected.

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Marijuana Ingredient May Prevent Mad Cow Disease

Marijuana Ingredient May Prevent Mad Cow Disease
Sunday, September 16 2007 @ 11:05 AM EDT
Edited by: Michael Hess

Cannabidiol May be Effective in Preventing Bovine Spongiforme Enzephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease)

BBSNews 2007-09-16 -- (IACM) According to basic research of scientists of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Valbonne, France, cannabidiol (CBD) may prevent the development of prion diseases, the most known being BSE (bovine spongiforme enzephalopathy), which is often called mad cow disease. It is believed that the BSE may be transmitted to human beings. In humans, it is known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Huge Dairy Cow under blue sky.
Image Credit: BBSNews 2002-03-18.

The infectious agent in prion diseases is believed to be a specific type of misfolded protein called prion. Misfolded prion proteins carry the disease between individuals and cause deterioration of the brain. The French researchers reported that the non- psychoactive cannabis constituent CBD inhibited the accumulation of prion proteins in both mouse and sheep prion- infected cells, whereas other cannabinoids were either weak or not effective. Moreover, after infection with mouse scrapie, a prion disease, CBD limited accumulation of the prion protein in the brain and significantly increased the survival time of infected mice. CBD inhibited the nerve damaging effects of prions in a concentration-dependent manner. Researchers noted that CBD may be a promising agent for the treatment of prion diseases.

(Source: Dirikoc S, Priola SA, Marella M, Zsuerger N, Chabry J. Nonpsychoactive cannabidiol prevents prion accumulation and protects neurons against prion toxicity. J Neurosci 2007;27(36):9537-44.)

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List of Quotes mostly American sources like Jack Smith...

I wish everyone to know that the quotes below are mixed with commercial terms like "affidavit" and "Private Administrative process" so although there is extremely valuable info below it has been tainted by commercially minded careful and ask questions ,,,,,Blessings

Kindly shared by courtesy of Pierino from Adelaide expressly for your learning. God’s speed.

No specific order Numbering has started recently. Note coloured content tabs on right hand margin.

1 QUOTES [001]

"The Public are told FAIRY STORIES. Every generation is told a MYTH and it's called "HISTORY". - Alan Watt

"Wars are very expensive. Wars take many many years of planning BEFORE they actually take place - NOTHING is ever spontaneous" - Alan Watt

This is, NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN and the real facts of the day is that NOTHING happens by chance!


This information is in relation to what we have been "indoctrinated" with and that is that we have been taught to "DEFEND" ourselves INSTEAD of "turning the other cheek".. Our "educators" understood VERY well why they taught us and wanted us to DEFEND ourselves, for the reasons stated below!

"It is the DEFENDING that CREATES the POWER. It's the "DEFENCE" which creates the FORCE. If you go in there (into court) with NO DEFENCE, there is NO FORCE. ACCEPTANCE IS THE "KEY". They're NOT used to "Acceptance" they're used to "Defence". The reason that they (the court) don't want anything to do with this is because then they DON'T HAVE THE POWER!" - Sam Davis


“There is NOTHING Judicial even if you think you’re in a judicial proceeding in the court, there is NO Judicial procedure. All they’re trying to do is WRITE A CONTRACT and if you don’t OFFER a PRIVATE CONTRACT (Your Administrative process) for “Public Acceptance” they’ll substitute a PUBLIC OFFERING (allegations/ assumptions & presumptions) for private acceptance, which is generally what gets everyone in prison (By Agreement) because 99.9% of people in prison are there of their own FREE WILL,, they volunteered, when they ACCEPTED the PUBLIC CONTRACT and didn’t offer a PRIVATE CONTRACT for PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE.” – Jack Smith.


“There is NO Law in their system and so EVERYTHING is a CONTRACT. The question is whether the public is going to make the OFFERING and you’re going to PRIVATELY ACCEPT it so that’s the contract before the Tribunal or whether you’re going to propose a PRIVATE CONTRACT and get the public to ACCEPT your PRIVATE CONTRACT because your private contract allows SETOFF and CLOSURE of the case. The public OFFERING that they give to you does NOT allow SETOFF, you’ve got to pay the penalty and that penalty is going to be extracted from you to do a discharge and so would you rather discharge it and be penalized by PUBLIC POLICY or would you rather use the PRE-PAID account by giving YOUR PRIVATE OFFERING and get the PUBLIC to accept it for SETOFF?” – Jack Smith.

John, P - Read this paragraph VERY carefully and then read it AGAIN and then read it AGAIN. What is contained herein could actually give you the ANSWER to your SETOFF solution. Your private paperwork, that includes EVERYTHING, can used as your "Private contract offering" for your SETOFF! - Think about it!



“PROPERTY RIGHTS many times are NOT affected solely by laws and statutes passed by legislature, that the MAJORITY of the times, property rights are AFFECTED BY CONTRACT rather than public statutes or legislation and I am trying to get the patriots, to see the possibility that PRIVATE CONTRACT is what is CREATING THE NEXUS between the IRS and the UNITED STATES (INC) and between these patriots that are claiming there is NO law.” – Jack Smith.

“So if you CONTRACTED you have got a FIDUCIARY DUTY, in fact SCRIPTURE says “Everything that you have set your hand to do” – sign on the dotted line and made a contract, “THAT YOU SHALL DO!” – Jack Smith.


“The point is that ALL OF YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS, and a property right includes ANY of your UNALIENABLE RIGHTS under a NATURAL (Creators) LAW are ALTERED and AMENDED by YOUR CONTRACTS that YOU make.” – Jack Smith.

"All rights MUST be reserved!" when signing ANY contract!"


“Now rather than show up at a hearing and TESTIFY, what he’s got to do is he has to bring EVIDENCE and a PETITION IN SUPPORT thereof to REBUT THE PRESUMPTION that there still is an outstanding obligation which has not been settled and closed. So what you need is EVIDENCE to REBUT the PRESUMPTION that there is a need for a DEBTORS EXAM and the way to do that is PRESENT THE EVIDENCE from the PRIVATE SECTOR that the matter is SETTLED AND CLOSED.” – Jack Smith.

Place your PRIVATE evidence (Not for public filing/disclosure) into the private evidence file of the court.


“Now rather than show up at a hearing and TESTIFY, what YOU have got to do is you have to bring EVIDENCE and a PETITION IN SUPPORT thereof to REBUT THE PRESUMPTION that there still is an outstanding obligation which has not been settled and closed. So what you need is EVIDENCE to REBUT the PRESUMPTION that there is a need for a DEBTORS EXAM and the way to do that is PRESENT THE EVIDENCE from the PRIVATE SECTOR that the matter is SETTLED AND CLOSED. So consequently YOU have got to get the evidence into an EVIDENCE FOLDER, under that case number, and NOT into the GENERAL COURT FOLDER as though it’s being submitted as a PUBLIC document that is brought with public pleadings and is ARGUED on the public side of the court case. The EVIDENCE FOLDER is the PRIVATE side of the case” – Jack Smith.


“The GUILTY theory is based on the LEGAL THEORY of CONTRACT LAW! You had/have a DUTY to REBUT the PRESUMPTION OF EVIDENCE. You FAILED to rebut it so obviously there is NO REBUTTAL so you are AGREEING you’re guilty. “We don’t need evidence as long as we have got your CONSENT, agreement or contract.” So you are found guilty BASED ON CONTRACT LAW. There is NO statute law, there was no evidence, you are found guilty based on CONTRACT LAW which in Admiralty/Maritime is good enough. It amounts to a CONFESSION in open court because YOU HAVE CONTRACTED THAT YOU’RE GUILTY. The reason you have contracted that you’re guilty is because everybody in criminal law 101 understands that in Admiralty you’re GUILTY unless YOU PROVE that your innocent and everybody further understands that ALLEGATIONS by the prosecution or plaintiff in Admiralty, DO NOT have to be supported by Affidavit or ANY evidence whatsoever.”- Jack Smith.


“One of the reasons why of course the Christian religion has been made fun of, intimidated and its’ power has been eroded in our schools and our churches is BECAUSE it speaks to UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. Well people who can basically LIE, for their “living”, living off the money of TAXPAYERS, knowing what they are participating in a global scam in order that they might [1] Get rid of the people who might go against them and [2] to continue their absolutely insane wealth which is based on THEFT, on TAX THEFT, its based on Federal Reserve theft, its based on CENTRAL BANKING THEFT.” – Nancy Levant


“What is PROFILING for especially when they (govt) are collecting DNA? PROFILING is really about CONTROL. It is about IDENTIFYING who they believe are the COMPLIANT Global citizens. And who are they concerned about as people who may RESIST. The other possibility of this and it is HIGHLY suspect when they are collecting DNA. I believe that the top PRIORITY and mission of the one world government movement is MASSIVE DEPOPULATION. It is the SCAM behind the environmentalist movement. It is the SCAM behind global warming. They want to reduce the population by massive, massive numbers.” – Nancy Levant


“When our DNA is now required to be Data Based, we realized that NOT ONLY are we PROFILED as “Social Creatures”, our educational levels, our health, our religions, our financial situations, our political affiliations, we are now also PROFILED and DATABASED and stored basically to the molecular level. Now what’s that all about? WHAT IS PROFILING? From Infancy to eldership, every single thing that we have done financially, politically, medically, socially and now our DNA now you have to make the assumption that all of this Data Collection and storing of this information that there is an END, a purpose. Why are they doing this? It’s not just because they can. There are missions; there are intentions BEHIND the profiling of the people of the world.” – Nancy Levant


'Your rights can NOT be claimed by your Lawyer or Solicitor. Your rights can ONLY be claimed by YOU, the belligerent claimant in person" - George Gordon


“If you want to know where your LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS have gone, they have gone to the “Insurance Industry”, called LIMITED LIABILITY.” – George Gordon

14 QUOTE [014] HONOUR "To Educate the mind without purifying the heart is but to place a sharp sword in the hands of a madman" - Anonymous


"The Messiah already paid the Full penalty for my sins and I have ACCEPTED his provisions. The Law is thus FULLY satisfied for my debts have been paid. Is this court here to collect something in order to balance the accounts to set my debts straight? My Brother the Messiah, came in and paid them. Do we have any further business here or may I now leave?"

So Toady the Sojourners and Strangers that are waxed rich are the "living Souls". How come they're waxed rich? All their debts have been paid since 1933 under HJR-192 by the Bankers. [ I am strong, strong enough to care! He's my Brother!] So we are rich, rich BEYOND BELIEF. He has NO CONCEPT that he (Man) has been given a BLESSING BEYOND anything that money could EVER buy. You DON'T need money!

To obtain Grace, the sinner must answer in such a way as this;

“Your Honour, I admit that I am a sinner. I am guilty as charged. I confess that you are just in all your ways and you may sentence me to death, however (Here comes the Defence – This is the acceptance of the facts and the additional information, Confess all the facts as true and then give them additional facts for avoidance which gets you from EXECUTION into GRACE.] So the confession is “Yep everything that you have charged me with is true”. Here’s the AVOIDANCE.

“The Messiah already paid the FULL PENALTY for my sins and I have accepted his provision. The law is thus full satisfied for my debts have been paid. Is this court here to collect something in order to balance the accounts in order to set my debts straight? My Brother came in and paid them. Do we have any further business here now or may I now leave.

The Judge will answer; Let the record show that this man’s sins have already been paid in full therefore this court EXTENDS grace to him and releases him. He is no longer under the law, but in Grace. Go and Sin no more! (Now that’s a very simple concept!) JACK SMITH


“In almost all criminal cases, the majority of criminal cases are SETTLED by a PLEA BARGAIN AGREEMENT. A Plea Bargain agreement is nothing more than a CONTRACT between the prosecution and the defence. The plea bargain agreement then becomes the CONTRACT which becomes usually at the majority of the times, the JUDGEMENT of the court by the AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES and then the execution is then based on that contract and it has NOTHING to do with “IN-LAW” whatsoever. It has NOTHING to do with REALITY or the FACTS other than the fact that the parties have gotten together and AGREED BY CONTRACT that will allow the magistrate of the court to recognize an AGREEMENT and then execute on it.” This pleas bargain can be proposed by the PRIVATE party or the PUBLIC i.e. the prosecution and the party that PROPOSES is the party that is in CONTROL.”– Jack Smith.


“Prior to 1933 when men and women were presumed under the protections of the NATURAL-LAW by PUBLIC LAW then in the courts, the SUBSTANCE and the FACTS were ALL relevant and TRUTH by way of Affidavits and other forms of evidence where the proper procedure were used in order to invoke a proper outcome from the courts.

Post 1933 we have NO PUBLIC LAW RECOGNIZING UNALIENABLE RIGHTS for men and women. In fact there are no unalienable rights for ANY participants in the court system, because the court system ONLY has as participants, TITLES OF NOBIILTY and FICTIONS. Titles of Nobility and FICTIONS do NOT have unalienable rights so the court system does NOT have to grant unalienable rights to anyone that’s a participant in the court system.” – Jack Smith.


“The courts are run on COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW and that is has NOTHING to do with any IN-LAW procedures whatsoever. So the nature of the game is to OBTAIN a CONTRACT with your OPPONENT (Adversary) so that the court can acknowledge and RATIFY the contract and SETTLE and CLOSE the case and move on and if you understand that EVERYTHING in there is happening by way of CONTRACTS instead of trying to get the truth out then MAYBE you’ll get the truth to prevail by following the CORRECT procedure to get them to acknowledge the truth by CONTRACTUAL CONSENT.” – Jack Smith.


“Now the New Testament said that YOU are to go to your brother to reach a SETTLEMENT and if he will NOT reach a settlement, then you GO WITH A WITNESS. Well when you go to your brother you’re doing your PRIVATE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS by way of LETTER ROGATORY and requests, Affidavits of NEGATIVE AVERMENT and other forms of THIRD PARTY EVIDENCE that is brought into the proceedings. Most likely “your brother” will NOT answer you and in this case “your brother’ is the administrative agency or whatever it is that you’re dealing with. If he does NOT answer you, you go to step 2, you take a WITNESS being the PUBLIC NOTARY. Why is he the witness? BECAUSE HE CAN BE SEEN BY BOTH JURISDICTIONAL VENUES! He has a SEAL which is recognized in THEIR system and he has also been authorized in his capacity as a Notary to take sworn testimony and other evidence UNDER SEAL as an EVIDENTIARY RECORD for the agency to review for acceptance and acknowledgement.” – Jack Smith.


“Now the way that you get your REMEDY then is YOU PROPOSE the CONTRACT to your opponent by these ADMINISTRATIVE PRIVATE PROCEDURES in which you are dealing with SUBSTANCE of a matter with ACTUAL evidence and you’re dealing with the FORM of the matter in Admiralty/Maritime and NOT the common law because Admiralty/Maritime is the proper administrative procedures for resolving these issues until you EXHAUST your administrative remedy, you have NO CAPACITY for any judicial review of any kind whatsoever. Now the ADMINSTRATIVE REMEDIES are actually CARRIED OUT IN PRIVATE, private letter negotiations back and forth between the parties.” Jack Smith


“So government agencies MOST of the time carry on PRIVATE NEGOTIATIONS in order to ILLICIT A CONTRACT from YOU PRIOR to going into any public proceedings. All you have to do is MIRROR-IMAGE THAT! If a govt agency writes your strawman a letter, that’s a PRIVATE LETTER OF NEGOTIATION for CONTRACT – SETTLEMENT, it’s NOT public. In fact their documents which are lodged in their public records system are immune from dissemination TO the public by the PRIVACY ACT and other statutes. If you DON’T PROPOSE YOUR private CONTRACT as a measure of last resort the public will PROPOSE a contract to YOU! And the Contract will be purviewed under public policy, which is ENTIRELY different to public Law or Unalienable rights and Natural-Law. THE PARTY PROPOSING THE CONTRACT CAN ACTUALLY SET THE JURISDICTION AND VENUE and the issues raised” – Jack Smith.


“The Statutes (In Florida) on the DUTIES OF CLERKS (of the court) CLEARLY stated that the clerk had to have BOTH a PUBLIC FOLDER or a FILE FOLDER and a EVIDENCE FILE or FOLDER for the case (Public Policy folder & Private Folder). You must ask a QUESTION to the clerk and NOT make a statement, for example you would ask the clerk which you ALWAYS DO if you are the creditor,

“Are you meaning to tell me/us that you are operating your office in violation of the State’s Statutes, which REQUIRE YOU to have an EVIDENCE FILE for each case ALSO? (As well as a Folder)

Now since this is a question,, the party asking this question is coming from a POSITION OF AUTHORITY, not from the position of DUTY. If you PROPOSE it you MUST PROVE IT if you question it, they MUST respond to you otherwise they are WAIVING certain defenses and rights.” – Jack Smith.

We would have to have some similiar "legislation" here in regards to a "Private folder" and/or Private folder"


“So EVERYTHING going on in the court is CONTRACT LAW and they have a fantastic ability to play these little games so that basically you will acknowledge their PUBLIC OFFERING by PRIVATE ACCEPTANCE through the games they play with you and you don’t know how to negotiate CONTRACTS and you don’t know any different.

THEIR offer in PUBLIC SESSION cannot look at the SUBSTANCE, the REALITY and the TRUTH of YOUR RECORD in that PUBLIC session .[Only in the private -"In-Chambers"]” – Jack Smith.


“Everything is done by CONTRACT. It DOESN’T matter whether it’s Civil or Criminal. There is NO LAW anymore because there is NO MONEY (Of substance) and since there is NO LAW and since there is NO MONEY everything is done by CONTRACT, it’s AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES. So remember, that theoretically anything that is done COMMERCIALLY in the CIVIL WORLD by any kind of “accounts”, its BASED ON A SIGNATURE.”– Jack Smith.


“The guy who THINKS he is an “EMPLOYEE” is NOT, it’s a CORPORATE FICTION, which is the “Employee”. NO living MAN OR WOMAN went to work in their system. The ALTER-EGO – THE SHADOW (Called the “Employee”) went to work in their system. So they DO NOT see living men or women and they are not employing living men and women they are employing CORPORATIONS called EMPLOYEES.” – Jack Smith.


“The INCOME TAX act is totally constitutional as it applies to Corporations; it’s totally UN-Constitutional as it applies to LIVING men and women because living men and women have UN-A-LIEN-ABLE rights to their Labour but corporations are operating under a government licence and the Income tax on the receipts of the corporation basically is NOT A direct tax like on property, it is a tax on the way of doing business through the PRIVILEGE of being an incorporated ENTITY.

In other words the government CREATED YOU as a LEGAL ENTITY and the government has a “RIGHT” to tax it’s creation in any way shape and form it wants. The government CANNOT tax people because the government did NOT create people, God created people but the government when it creates a corporation can tax its own corporate entities into oblivion. So therefore NO MAN or WOMAN EVER worked for any corporation in the modern times, all that WORKS for the corporations are ONE-MAN LEGAL ENTITIES, FICTION-STRAWMEN.” – Jack Smith.


“No matter what you do it’s important that you DON’T do a “General appearance” (in court) because once you do a “General Appearance” YOU and the DEFENDANT (fiction) are the SAME and you’re in the public area UNDER the PUBLIC OFFERING.

Remember THE CHARGE IS A PUBLIC OFFERING and once you APPEAR to answer that public offering in the public - YOU ARE IN PRIVATE ACCEPTANCE of a PUBLIC CONTRACT and I am TELLING YOU your ONLY REMEDY is to get a PRIVATE OFFER with PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE to get you your remedy.

A Public offer with private acceptance will get you BOAT LOADS of problems because you’re UNDER PUBLIC POLICY. Understand it this way, if you have a PRIVATE OFFERING with PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE you will get a PRIVATE EXECUTION. If you have a PUBLIC OFFERING with PRIVATE ACCEPTANCE you are STUCK with a PUBLIC EXECUTION, which you’re NOT going to appreciate.” – Jack Smith.


"If you DON'T want to serve on THE JURY you have to have a reason why. Now you walk in and they always swear you in. Now if you walk in there and say, " I am Hebrew and I practice the law of God and I cannot take the Oath so I cannot SWEAR that I will accept THE LAW from you Judge"

You see to SERVE on a Jury you have to VIOLATE the ten commandments. You can't serve on a Jury and practice the ten commandments. So once you AGREE to divorce yourself from the ten commandments and that you will ACCEPT THE LAW that the Judge gives you and that you'll follow the courts instructions ( Jury instructions). The Judge will INSTRUCT you as to how the verdict will come out, then you can serve on the Jury" - George Gordon.

"Can I be compelled to violate the HIGHER LAW of the creator in order to take an Oath, which I am NOT allowed to do as it is in violation of the HIGHER LAW"


“When it comes to INCOME TAX its not really an “income tax” so much that it’s a TRUSTEE FEE based on the fact that all these CORPORATIONS are “Subsets” of the government. The government is the FIDUCIARY and basically the “Income Tax” is the TRUSTEE FEE for the government regulating the corporations. Since INCOME TAX is NOT levied on living men and women, there is NO constitutional limitation liability or Tort Whatsoever. Taxes are ONLY levied on CORPORATE ENTITIES and to the extent that LIVING PEOPLE get “tied up” in this mess based on their IGNORANCE!” – Jack Smith.


“In 1933 by PUBLIC POLICY the government took away LAWFUL MONEY. By taking away Lawful money it took away the UNALIENABLIE RIGHTS of living men and women to POSSESS TITLE to any goods or property of any kind whatsoever.

Since it took away the unalienable right to have “Money” so that you can SECURE Titles, the government either created a MASSIVE TORT against all living men and women which is Treason and a violation of unalienable rights OR else the government gave them a REMEDY that would make them totally whole which would NOT prejudice them in anyway shape and form in dealing with property.

So the government said, “We’re going to take away your money so therefore you don’t need any money BUT you can go along with the ILLUSION that exists ,and we’ve got a PRE-PAID account when we make any kind of demands on you, just request through the PROPER parties that they APPLY a setoff, then you’re NOT damaged because if your SETOFF is the EQUIVALENT to lawful money so that you get TITLE and CONTROL then you have NO claim against us we have no Tort against you. So just realize that you are PRE-PAID on EVERYTHING that they might demand that you do as long as you go through the proper procedure for requesting the setoff. “ – Jack Smith.


“When we get to the SIGNATURE thing, what we’re going to end up doing is “LOOKING IN THE MIRROR” and the clad solution being corded administratively can be the best possible thing going – that may be their CONFESSION. It’s one of the BEST indicators we have got. In other words when we really are on top of the thing, on the issue or whatever the area may be and all of a sudden THINGS GO SILENT on THEIR SIDE then that can be the BEST CONFIRMATION going that we are intellectually and procedurally exactly where we NEEDTO BE. Their SILENCE can be the BEST ANSWER!” – Harmon Taylor

"Silence is their AGREEMENT!".


“The law only discriminates against those who are IGNORANT of the law” - Lawyer

"Education is expensive, but IGNORANCE is far more expensive"


“So what did it cost the living man to pay the taxes? SIGNATURE, AUTHORITY, PERMISSION and the taxes are SETOFF but the Internal Revenue Services (ATO) was going a “RETURN” was filed with a voucher (1099 form) for setoff so the TRUSTEE FEES are paid and because the returns are filed they are asking us to AUDIT THE SETOFF on the Mortgage. Can they observe the audit on the Mortgage and approve it. If they ACCEPT the taxes aren’t they verifying that the Mortgage was paid? So basically what you’re doing is getting a SECOND WITNESS to the commercial transaction and Scripture says if you haven’t got a second witness, YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING!” – Jack Smith


“Who here today VALUES property rights the most?

THE ONE WHO HAS CONTROL OVER IT must value the property MORE than anyone else because CONTROL is just about everything and who has control of everything? – THE STATE!

You people have ALL the unalienable rights to property BUT you gave them up to people who have MORE KNOWLEDGE to what’s going on by VOLUNTARY CONTRACT and so YOU AIN’T GOT THEM NO MORE! Because you can VOLUNTARILY RELINQUISH your rights BY CONTRACT.” – Jack Smith.


“The CONCEPT is though that you have to get an AGREEMENT BY CONTRACT and you KNOW that they are NOT going to respond. So the way that you are going to get your contract is THROUGH the public Notary through that process of showing an administrative procedure to the proper parties and their FAILURE to respond and then you are going to have to lodge the final result the evidence of that contract with the PROPER party With PETITION on the PRIVATE SIDE to get the acknowledgement.” – Jack Smith.

“How do you do these CONTRACTS and stay in CONTROL? You have to understand the PROTOCOLS because the protocols are SYMBOLIC of who you are willing to become in the relationship and if you don’t understand that the protocols are symbolic of the CONTRACT that you are negotiating and then you can say one thing and then do the opposite by your protocols. Your protocols are presumed to be YOUR ACTIONS, they speak LOUDER than your words and if you are contravening your own words and so your actions put you in a disadvantage from the contract and into the public and just like the Judge says, “All your unalienable rights are now CONTRACTED AWAY and they are now in the hands of those that VALUE them the most. Who values them the most? Those that UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE and how you maintain them. Evidently you didn’t learn how to maintain and negotiate and maintain those rights!” – Jack Smith.

“The problem is that you go to the PUBLIC FOOL SYSTEM and they’re NOT about training you on CONTRACTS on the PRIVATE SIDE, they’re about getting you to ACCEPT PUBLIC OFFERINGS so that the schools of the corporations are in CONTROL.” – Jack Smith.


“The term RESIDE technically “moves” you off the Land. A RESIDENT in INTERNATIONAL LAW is a PERSON in a country NOT his own and INHABITANTS are the same thing, it’s all deceptive.” L.B Bork.


“There is NO state citizenship right now. The only citizenship there is right now is DEFACTO. A CITIZENSHIP is a term that applies to POLITICAL RIGHTS because there are NO governments for us to participate in unless you want to be [1] An INSURGENT and you can be part of your state government or Federal, what ever the case may be or be a REBEL and vote for the Insurgent (Defacto Govt). There is NO state citizenship unless you want to participate (Vote) in an insurgent system” – L.B. Bork

Please note, that by "Participation" in "Voting", you are deemed to be in REBELLION to the original, lawful and dejure jurisdiction and therefore also an "Insurgent" by "force of law". So that you are compelled to violate the creators law in order to participate in an "ungodly system". I think it's time to tender your; "NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT" - to participate in a system that is in rebellion to the original and lawful, dejure government/jurisdiction. This is my official notice and DECREE as it is my right to exercise responsibility.


This Quote is in regards to the continued state of emergency that we have been under since early last century.

“What they did in their minds was an “act of emergency” or cause for emergency and really it wasn’t it was actually USURPATION to put this EXTENDED COMMERCIAL SYSTEM in place and pull people into the jurisdiction of the Federal government to have them CONTROLLED by legislation where the Federal government could NOT CONTROL them before and to give Corporations power.” – L.B Bork


“I won’t stand there ( in court) and argue, I let MY AFFIDAVITS speak for itself and if I try and ADD TO IT and START TALKING now all of a sudden I am Testifying and I am NOT interested in Testifying. MY AFFIDAVITS SPEAKS for itself, it is what it is, has ANYBODY COME FORWARD to REBUT my AFFIDAVIT? And THAT’S where I stay and I am a BROKEN RECORD and I DON’T go any further than the Defect (In the charging instrument – being the Plaintiff, who is it? And the Defendant? Who is it?) – Sam Davis.

Brian, W. - this one is especially for you! Please take note where Sam Davis says that he becomes a BROKEN RECORD! And does NOT STRAY. when you start "discussing' your case you are now "ADDING TO IT" and are testifying. - This one is a CRITICAL one to understand when proceeding with a private administrative process and your affidavit in a court or tribunal.


“In reality, and it may APPEAR to you that, they’re (the magistrate/judge) is moving forward and that they DON’T care what you say and they’re moving forward and by golly if you don’t come along and PARTICIPATE in this trial (hearing) then you’re going to be washed down the river so to speak. Well that is really NOT THE CASE, they can pretend like they’re going on, they can go on, in fact they can hold their entire trial (hearing) and if they look at me and want a response from me, I am merely going to ask,

“IS ANY OF THAT A RESPONSE OR REBUTTAL TO MY AFFIDAVIT?” Let them go wherever they want.” – Sam Davis

Just like Sam Davis says, you must be like a Broken Record and NOT TESTIFY and "add to it" (Your Affidavit).



“CITIZENSHIP is one of these terms we need to be EXTRAORDINARILY aware of. It’s part of the “GOTCHA” system and it’s part of the language that’s convoluted and it’s one that we need to be FULLY aware of. If we’re talking about a U.S Citizen, we’re NO LONGER talking about a LAW OF THE LAND based system but a very DIFFERENT thing. It is one more item on the area that we look back on and sit down and now say, “oh my God what happened? It’s a LOOK ALIKE but it’s VERY, VERY different” – Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney]

“I used to think that a U.S citizen was the right thing to be and have since OPTED OUT of participation IN THAT CHURCH, the CHURCH of the UNITED STATES (Inc), membership of the church of the United States is it’s UNITED STATES citizens and THAT’S NOT MY CHURCH!” – Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney]

“Citizenship is to be DISTINGUISHED from another concept called NATIONALITY. Nationality is determined as a matter of law. There are two theories, one is JUS SOLI which is a Nationality DERIVED from the location of the birth (BERTH), it’s the ASSOCIATION with a BODY POLITIC it determined by the location of that body politic at the time that the child was born and the child has a nationality according to that rule, it’s a British Rule and we adopted it. The other rule is JUS-SANGUANESS which basically, you’re a national of the BLOODLINE or in other words a national of the nationality of your parents.” – Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney]

“Citizenship is a CRITICAL understanding; I equate that with CHURCH MEMBERSHIP. Why? Because Citizenship is PURELY DISCRETIONARY unilateral voluntary decision. So I can change my RELIGION I can change my citizenship.” – Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney]


“For example in the LAND issue we have got to understand what are the details by which we choose the wrong law. There are things like TIME, PLACE, CAPACITY, MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE then PROPERTY DESCRIPTION all of which can indicate that we want all of these transactions and all of these PROPERTY INTERESTS to be recognized in the CONSTITUTION FREE MARTIME COMMERCIAL ZONE. If we DON’T understand the differences then that is the path we will be lead down (The Maritime Commercial Zone in which the constitution does NOT apply.) When we DO understand that TIME MATTERS and that TIME is evidence of CHOICE OF LAW. We need to make sure that that piece of paper [contract] says WHAT WE want it to say BEFORE we sign it.” – Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney


“The two fundamental choices right is the FUNNY MONEY SYSTEM which exists in the CONSTITUTION FREE MARITIME COMMERCIAL ZONE (Federal Reserve notes) under the law of the land that system is FRAUD on its face. When you choose to use Federal Reserve notes there must be another CHOICE OF LAW in which that funny money is fully legitimate. When we use these Federal Reserve Notes then if we say NOTHING MORE then it can be presumed, safely that (YOUR) CHOICE OF LAW is NOT the LAW OF THE LAND but the MARTIME law that goes along with this other “Place”. So if we want the “Law of the Land” to be presumed we need to use an HONEST system of weights and measures. The minute we ESTABLISH the “Choice of law” then everything else is different. So evidence of (Your) choice of law – you use SILVER and denominate it in terms of TROY OUNCES.” –Harmon Taylor [Former Bar Attorney]


Here is some very practical and worthwhile knowledge to keep in your notes! - Pierino.

“Well basically a NOTICE OF LIEN is NOT worth the paper that it is written on. It is a statement that you “owe this amount of money”. There is NO DUE PROCESS, you haven’t had your day in court, there’s NO JUDGMENT by a court of COMPETENT JURISDICTION and so basically it’s imbalanced. Now if the county recorder would take a moment and do their DUE DILIGENCE and I want to point this out that IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THE LAW and that’s where we are holding their FEET TO THE FIRE and because they have not done their DUE DILIGENCE and the document is STAMPED and turns it into a NEGOTIABLE SECURITY that’s where the FRAUD BEGINS and its NOT just to the RECORDING of the NOTICE OF LIEN or into the “tax Lien Index”, IT’S THE STAMPING, that’s what makes the NOTICE OF LIEN a NEGOTIABLE SECURITY.” With the county recorder now being the Fiduciary (for that instrument) she is making it something that ITS NOT.

If it was an ACTUAL lien you would have had your DUE PROCESS and you would have had your Judgement by a court of competent jurisdiction. It would be SPECIFIC and CONCISE. You would have had your say. You must stick to the DUE PROCESS ISSUE. And NOT allow them to pull the smoke and mirrors because this all boils down to DUE PROCESS.” You see when this NOTICE OF LIEN is presented to the recorders office it does NOT contain a SWORN AFFIDAVIT assessment and signed in FRONT of the recorder in front of the NOTARY as being TRUE, CORRECT and COMPLETE. THAT IS THE NECESSARY CERTIFICATION therefore it’s ONLY a NON-Negotiable, non-spendable piece of paper or instrument which means that it CANNOT be used in commerce as MONEY, after maturing unchallenged after 90 days to procure and sell property. You don’t have an actual place that you can go and REVIEW the ACTUAL lien and REFUTE it. So they are a FRAUDULENT SECURITY because they are COUNTERFEITED into an “Evidence of Debt”, they’re numbered, they’re recorded and they’re used in COMMERCE to levy.” Rae Copitka – Lighting the Fires of Liberty


“On a WAGES LEVY – The same applies, it’s a SECURITIES FRAUD. The EMPLOYER is committing a SECURITIES FRAUD if they LEVY that they received from the IRS/ATO is NOT PERFECTED. It’s has to have a HAND SIGNED AFFIDAVIT being True, correct and complete Signed in front of a NOTARY.” –Rae Copitka – Lighting the Fires of Liberty.

[This information is in addition to item [045] - NOTICE OF LIEN information. Worthwhile and practical knowledge to keep in your notes. This is when someone is having their wages GARNISHED. If you understand what they need to present up front under DUE PROCESS OF LAW it will help to empower you]



“Doesn’t the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER tie into the BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Ok so when the Bank SETS UP the account for the MORTGAGE LOAN, what’s FINANCING (Backing it) it? THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE VALUE! It’s NOT created out of NOTHING. They are using the Birth Certificate and why are they using the Birth Certificate. Well YOU authorized it and they HOLD it and you never did anything to get it back. So they’re using it on the public side with your PRIVATE AUTHORITY. So YOU created a pure PROMISE TO PAY and they then go, “Let’s check this guy out” and they find, “Oh yeah he’s part of the TONTINE SYSTEM and he’s got a Birth Certificate REGISTERED with us which has VALUE. So we will allow for the bank to give him the VALUE that he’s requesting BASED on the fact that we’re HOLDING THE VALUE that’s in his Birth Certificate to UNDERWRITE it. What’s the difference between the bank allowing you to ‘BORROW’ money on a promissory note versus us coming back and CONTROLLING the Birth Certificate, Bonding the Birth Certificate as a guarantee and then requesting they SHIFT accounting ledger balances into the public based on the VALUE of the Birth Certificate to SETOFF and CLOSE the PUBLIC account. The difference in the first scenario in the bank mortgage is that WE AUTHORIZE the government to be the LEGAL TRUSTEE with the authority to issue the “yah” or “nay” with respect to the Loan. Once we have ACCEPTED the Birth Certificate, RETURNED it, SETOFF and closed it, WE have the ‘LEGAL’ authority to give the authority for the SETOFF because now we have INVERTED the picture again” – Jack Smith.

Lorraines Question: Do we have to do CHARGEBACK THEN?

Claudes Answer: Yes indeed - but you can also do it in more than one way. eg. You can do it while in private administrative process in a case.


“The PURPOSE of the DATA INTEGRITY BOARD review meeting is NOT for the purpose of reviewing the INTEGRITY of the paperwork because that has already been decided, it is for the PURPOSE of determining the CHARACTER & STANDING of THE MAN/WOMAN who brought the perfect paperwork and was intending to use the perfect paperwork for COMMERCIAL settlement and closure. So they have to find out if the STATUS and CHARACTER of the party who is going to use the paperwork was going to be ALLOWED to use it.” – Jack Smith


“In raising your right hand and taking an OATH, what has just happened? You swore an oath and WHAT did that just do? The easiest way to put this is that you have just AUTHORIZED for them to be the creditors OVER the authority to do whatever they want to have done on that property. Remember that NO PUBLIC OFFICE does anything except by PERMISSION of the people. So HOW did RAISING MY HAND to swear an oath just end up GIVING the City, county, State, Federal Government authority over what was going to be approved or NOT approved on that property? I GAVE PERMISSION BY BEING THE DEBTOR or the TAIL instead of the HEAD. Now what is very interesting is that part of the procedure is that they will allow ANYONE that’s in the neighborhood or anyone to come in and object but they NEVER swear these people in. What are you “combating in terms of a LOGICAL ARGUMENT? Just HEARSAY but because you AGREED to be the debtor and LOSER, hearsay is sufficient in terms of a logical argument in terms of anything you do So let the games in DISNEYLAND begin and remember that is all PROCEDURE, with your permission of course!” – Jack Smith.


“You have signed as SURETY for the HYPOTHECATION to create the money through the Federal Reserve Bank. Now here’s how they get JURISDICTION. In the Federal courts it says that; “Jurisdiction EXTENDS to VESSELS of WHATEVER KIND recognized as instrumentalities of navigation in MARITIME COMMERCE. In ADMIRALTY the vessel has a JURIDICIAL PERSONALITY an ALMOST Corporate Capacity having not only RIGHTS but LIABILITIES, sometimes distinct from those of the owner which may be ENFORCED by process and DECREE against the vessel BINDING up all the interested in her and inclusive upon the world, for Admiralty in appropriate cases administers remedies IN REM, i.e. Against the Property as well as remedies IN-PERSONAM i.e. Against the party personally.

Where THEY GET YOU, is that you have DECLARED YOURSELF, unknowingly to be a VESSEL (of the United States/Australia) because it says a VESSEL of WHATEVER kind. “ – Bill the Freeholder


“The STATUTES AT LARGE is the instrument that they use to CREATE PUBLIC VESSELS out of ALL of us. A PUBLIC VESSEL can be better categorized as CHATTEL property.” – Bill the Freeholder


“You see the minute that you go out and HIRE a Lawyer; you have just waived your right to challenge (Jurisdiction) because the lawyer that you hired is an OFFICER of the court. So the minute that you hired him you ACQUIESCED to the jurisdiction because he’s PART of that jurisdiction. We’re all taught from a young age to “go out and hire a lawyer” and the minute you do that, you just WAIVED ALL your rights under the constitution/Common law and you have ACCEPTED the jurisdiction of that court and you CAN’T stand up and speak for yourself because you have ALSO become a WARD OF THE COURT and you have made a statement that you’re a “Person” of UNSOUND MIND and that’s how you become a ward of the court and the guy taking care of you , your lawyer becomes YOUR GUARDIAN. Remember that these guys are MAGIC at getting you to acquiesce to the jurisdiction unless you are EXTREMELY knowledgeable in what’s going on” – Bill the Freeholder

52.1 WARD OF THE COURT [052]

Cautionary Note To The Below Information In Previous Email [Ward Of The Court - 052]

The information described below does NOT mean that one does NOT require assistance of counsel - in the current admiralty/maritime system, one needs to be "buffered" by legal counsel OTHERWISE your remedy [private administrative paperwork] gets pushed into the "public" side of the matter and you are then deemed to be one and the same entity as the Strawman entity named in the presentments and you will lose your remedy as the Strawman entity has no unlienable rights, only benefits and priveleges.

The real issue [for clarification purposes] is that you do NOT get your legal counsel to ARGUE [which creates a dishonour] n your behalf and then makes the "law of the case" public policy instead of the "real law".

What one needs to do is acquire a legal counsel [preferably by way of your exemption/prepaid account - this can be done through legal services commission in Australia - in America one who is "accused" is AUTOMATICALLY given a lawyer]. Without the assistance of legal counsel one has NOT had what the Australian Constitution refers to "the right to a fair trial/hearing" [see Dietrich v The Queen 1992].

Legal Services Commission will TEST YOU on two issues - 1. Your financial position - an "Affidavit of Impercuniosity" [without money] will take care of that issue - here the legal services commission are luring you into "testifying" that you have "income" and "assets" and it is not advisable to proceed on that basis.

2. Legal Services Commission will then look at "the merits of the case" i.e.

whether or not you are arguing [which is a dishonour] or whether or not you are "going to peace" [settling and closing the matter honourably by exhausting your private administrative process.] If you are ARGUING , this then gives Legal Services Commission the "discretion" as to whether or not they provide you with legal counsel. If you are arguing of course the "law of the case" becomes "public policy" and this is what gives Legal Services Commission the "right" to deny you assistance of legal counsel.

There may be some toing and froing [drafting and redrafting] which needs to take place before Legal Services Commission finally give up and give you that legal counsel [which is a right under the Australian Constitution and a right according to the law because without that legal counsel, if you are "the accused", you cannot get a remedy as you cannot then get your evidence [stipulation/agreement obtained through private administrative process into the proceedings i.e. through private in Chambers review]


Once you have finally obtained legal counsel, then you must draft an

instruction letter outlining what it is that you want and do not

want that legal counsel to do for you eg do NOT argue any of the facts, represent the undersigned only on the private side of these matters, the undersigned does NOT wish to argue nor have any other party argue on behalf of the undersigned etc etc etc

Once you complete your private administrative process you then submit your paperwork to your legal counsel to have him/her submit that into the private evidence folder [private in chambers ministerial review] and you write up a one or two page list seeking the orders that you wish that legal counsel to draw up based upon the outcome of the review of your submitted evidence - be certain to give a copy of that evidence to all other parties concerned and to the judge/magistrate - this locks the legal counsel into a position whereby he/she cannot destroy your remedy.

By default a lawyer who is HIRED by way of toilet paper notes [FRNS and RESERVE BANK NOTES - Debt Liability Instruments] will AUTOMATICALLY go to the public side of the issues and place you immediately into dishonour if you do not quickly and clearly instruct them on the proper and honoruable manner in which you wish for them to proceed [that is not to argue of course but to merely submit your evidence and draw up the orders sought based upon the outcome of the review of your private administrative paperwork which of course takes place "in chambers" and not in the public!]


As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse so if you do not know who you are and do not know that you have to instruct your lawyer as your fiduciary to assist you to honourably settle and close the matter WITHOUT ARGUMENTS, then it is true that the legal system is not corrupt per se, but that "my people perish for a lack of knowledge". Regards, Claude Memma


“When you bring your own issues before the court, THAT is OUTSIDE of the issue being brought against you, as long as YOU DON’T TRAVERSE to that (THEIR) issue and you bring your own issues up, now YOU’RE the plaintiff and your issue has to be decided BEFORE the other issues are. They will try and get you to TRAVERSE ( to other issues) all the time. What you have to do is go in and create your own ISSUE. For example that they charge you for XYZ statutory provisions, but you’re NOT going to discuss XYZ statutory provisions. The issue must be kept with your RECORDS at all times So you MUST NOT TRAVERSE onto their issue Where THEIR MAGIC comes in is that they get you to come in before the court and then the judge starts asking you a BUNCH of questions and then the gets YOU to AGREE TO SOMETHING” Bill the Freeholder



“One of the COLOURS OF LAW is the COLOUR OF OFFICE and that refers to an act committed by a PUBLIC OFFICIAL under the APPEARANCE of authority but which EXCEEDS AUTHORITY. It’s an ‘act’ committed under ‘COLOUR OF OFFICE’ that is sometimes required to PROVE malfeasance in that office. We have LAW and then we have ‘Colour of Law’ which is counterfeit. That’s why we have people like PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS because they can “legally act” under Colour of law where an official or OFFICER OF THE COURT should NOT, because they do it all the time.” – Rae Copitka [Lighting the Fires of Liberty] Please note that this demonstrates that there is a difference when the Public officer operates under "Public policy" (colour of law) as opposed to an "In-chambers" determination made to uphold your private rights. This lady also can't "see" the two sides of the court so we head back to 'their all corrupt!". This has been posted to demonstrate what is a good explanation of "colour of law'. - Pierino.

COLOUR OF LAW is acting OUTSIDE of the LAW, using the law or legal authority as YOU CLOAK- Definition of Colour of Law – Rae Copitka [Lighting the Fires of Liberty]


“Every time we INTRODUCE ourselves, you know when they ask you at ALL public meetings, “Please state your name and Address” and we tell them:

‘WE DON’T HAVE A NAME a name depicts OWNERSHIP and were NOT owned by anyone. We are WHO WE ARE! And as far as an ADDRESS we don’t have one of those either we live in our bodies so that’s wherever we are”.

That IMMEDIATELY puts them ON NOTICE that we know our stature, we know our place in Society and it is ABOVE those who we are addressing and it is called POLITICAL jurisdiction because everything you deal with today in Society is the Corporation, you DO have a political status and you have to take on the PERSONAL jurisdiction in order to put yourself ABOVE the political because Political is what they GIVE YOU in the Corporation.

You have political, personal and subject matter jurisdiction and you HAVE TO take on the PERSONAL jurisdiction in order to put yourself ABOVE the political. The first thing that they ask you in the courts is to please state your name and address for the records. IF YOU DO, THEY’VE GOT YOU! You have ACQUIESCED. So a NAME only applies to PROPERTY and if you want to be PROPERTY, you want to be somebody’s property, somebody’s SLAVE then you can give them your name but otherwise you JUST ARE who you are.” – Rae Copitka [Lighting the Fires of Liberty]


Here's a NEW WORD for your Vocabulary and for your paperwork(Not to accuse of course!) folks!

“The point we want to make here is that WE DON’T want to sue them as a governmental entity. You don’t win when you sue against the government so we’re looking at HOLDING them PERSONALLY LIABLE and the way to do that is once you have made a government official AWARE of a crime and they FAIL to act then they are stripped of their governmental immunity and we’re giving them all the OPPORTUNITY and ALLTHE ROPE that they need to hang themselves. Once you NOTIFY them of the FRAUD and they CONTINUE to do it, it’s called FRAUD WITH SCIENTER” – Rae Copitka [Lighting the Fires of Liberty] Scienter

Previous knowledge of operative facts, frequently signifying guilty knowledge. As used in Pleadings, the term signifies that the alleged crime or Tort was done designedly or with guilty knowledge. The term is usually employed in relation to Fraud, and means a person's knowledge that he was making false representations, with intent to deceive.

The term scienter refers to a state of mind often required to hold a person legally accountable for her acts. The term often is used interchangeably with mens rea, which describes criminal intent, but scienter has a broader application because it also describes knowledge required to assign liability in many civil cases.


“The Messiah came to planet earth once. He did that to pay the debts of his people to SET THEM FREE, however even though he has PAID the DEBTS. It is interesting that they have not held an accounting hearing involving God’s people yet. In other words, all of God’s people that have lived in the past, in the present and in the future, the LAWFUL money of account to SETTLE the debts of SIN EXISTS by the BLOOD OF THE MESSIAH and that “money” is sufficient to SETTLE & CLOSE all accounts of debt, but there has not been an accounting that has been officially done.

In Revelation it says there was be a massive “ACCOUNTING” in front of the throne where everyone comes at the same time and everyone is going to go one by one in front of the accountant and they are going to PLEAD their account as to why is should be SETOFF, settled and closed or whether there has NOT been a setoff OFFERING to settle the account.

Our Body is still a body that is MORTAL because it STILL has the attributes of SIN attached with it giving it mortality because regardless whether or not we have ACCEPTED the OFFER by our brother to use his lawful money, his blood, as a setoff to setoff our account and CLOSE it, the accounting has NOT yet been held and Until the accounting is held and the account is officially closed we CANNOT have an immortal body or a “glorified” body as the Messiah had AFTER his resurrection from the dead.


“This is THEIR little trick! You are NOT obliged to REGISTER your children. If you do it is at that point that you are CREATING A LEGAL ENTITY or a PERSON(Fiction). You are ASSOCIATING that PERSON with your OFFSPRING, you are abandoning OWNERSHIP or TITLE to that PERSON and the government is SEIZING that under the laws of MARITIME SALVAGE. It becomes THEIR CHATTEL PROPERTY and they use it as THEIR collateral to FLOAT LOANS or to FLOAT BONDS for LOANS." - Robert-Arthur: Menard "Truth does not have to be believed for it to be true!"


Testimony = test – the – money Claude Memma


“I would like to point out the meaning of the word “MUST”. They will tell you that “you MUST apply, you MUST register”. They want you to think that you have an “OBLIGATION” to engage in a certain action. If you had an “obligation”, they would use the word “OBLIGE”. The word MUST is very tricky, it has two senses, one is an ACTIVE and one is a PASSIVE. If I tell you, “You MUST come to my party through the front door” Am I creating an “obligation” upon you to attend my party? Or am I defining that IF YOU CHOOSE to voluntarily take them, it will grant me AUTHORITY OVER YOU. –That’s THEIR word “MUST”. It creates NO OBLIGATION, it DEFINES the parameters that will GIVE THEM AUTHORITY and they’ve got everyone thinking it’s an obligation on OUR part and they then point to it and say “well you entered into it voluntarily.”

“The word MUST – It doesn’t create an “Obligation” it defines the path, which IF YOU VOLUNTARILY take it will TRANSFER AUTHORITY to another.” – Robert: Arthur- Menard


“So when a BIRTH is REGISTERED, it’s NOT the REGISTRATION of the FETUS, it’s the [REGISTRATION] of an EVENT and the name ENTERED ONTO the form is the NAME OF THE EVENT and it has NOTHING to do with the Fetus, contrary to what you are thinking in your mind.

So the name that is ENTERED onto the statement of BIRTH is actually given to the government and the name that I SPOKE to my child is the one that I gave to my child – NOT the name that is on paper to the government” Victor-Robert: Beck


This definition and understanding below is CRITICAL as this is what will apply in our everyday life as we fill out those dreaded "application" forms for whatever purpose. Keep this little GEM handy. - All the best, Pierino.

‘Now THINK about this because if you REALLY want to understand what a word means, DON’T just look up the definition, you have to look at the ASSUMPTIONS it rests upon and the IMPLICATIONS that is created. APPLICATION means TO BEG! He who begs knows EXACTLY what they are begging for, they know exactly what they’re giving up for it and they are either ACKNOWLEDGING that the AUTHORITY TO GRANT EXISTS or they are WILLING to create it BY TRANSFERENCE and finally it’s ALWAYS VOLUNTARY, you are never EVER OBLIGED TO BEG.” – Robert Arthur Menard


“These THREE words is how the government has been getting the authority OVER us, REGISTRATION, APPLICATION and SUBMISSION. All of the power that they have over YOU is because you have put YOUR signature on a document with one, two or three of these words. The word REGISTRATION, what does it mean? “Oh I thought I was just putting my name down? Uh, uh, No, historically it goes back hundreds and hundreds of years to an act of a ships Captain, signing OVER his ship and all Chattel contents to the harbour master for SAFE KEEPING. Chattel contents included the SLAVES, the condemned, those is DEBT and anything that could be a party to a contract.

“APPLICATION- means to BEG, to plead, petition, implore and requests. If you want to know what this word is going to have on your life, you need to have MORE than just the definition. You need to look at the ASSUMPTIONS that this definition rests upon and then you need to look at the implications created by The Assumptions CREATED by BEGGING. He who BEGS, knows exactly what he is begging for, they know exactly what they’re t willing to give up for it, they are ACKNOWLEDGING the authority to GRANT or if it doesn’t exist they’re willing to create it through transference.

We TRANSFER that AUTHORITY if that authority doesn’t ALREADY exist when we “APPLY” and finally BECAUSE you are a human being and no one is EVER obliged to beg, it is an ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY ACTION. You can NEVER claim, oh they made me “APPLY”. No-one has EVER made you apply for anything,”

“SUBMISSION is their OTHER tricky little definition. It means TO AGREE to BEND to another’s will or to lead to another’s discretion. If you are AGREEING to bend to someone’s will, you are IN CONTRACT with them and again in order for it to be voluntarily and lawful it HAS to be voluntary. If you are agreeing to LEAVE something at someone’s discretion and in order for you to LEGALLY leave something, you must have possession and OWNERSHIP of it. Again you are ABANDONING it and it is an ENTIRELY voluntary action.

They get ALL YOUR POWER when you PUT your SIGNATURE which is EVIDENCE of a NOTE on a document with the word REGISTRATION-APPLICATION-SUBMISSION.

They do it with every thing. You want to register your kids? What are you going to do? You’re SUBMITTING an APPLICATION for REGISTRATION. You want to register REAL property then you SUBMIT your APPLICATION for REGISTRATION, - EVERY TIME!” – Robert-Arthur: Menard. "Truth does not have to be believed for it to be true!"


“Do you have a right to YOUR labour? Yes, but the problem is under the EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, it is NOT the (living) man or woman that is being “employed”, it is a CORPORATION (Evidenced by the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME) that is being EMPLOYED. A one “PERSON” individual CORPORATION and the tax is on the PRIVILEGE of the CORPORATION basically receiving an Admiralty "chose in action" ACCOUNTING slip for PAYMENT RATHER THAN an exchange of LABOUR for SUBSTANCE (lawful money- silver or Gold coin) which the man or woman would have if they did it on a quid pro quo basis with a SUBSTANCE coin made of gold or silver which the public does not currently show exists under PUBLIC POLICY.” – Jack Smith


“What is the TRICK that they are doing here [Sending out charges/summons to the DEFENDANT, all capital letter name] that is a TEST upon YOU to see how YOU are going to respond to this? If you JOIN into an argument YOU are the DEFENDANT/DEBTOR. Here is how SUBTLE the TRICK is. Who did they send the NOTICE to? THE DEBTOR/DEFENDANT! That is what it says in the notice, the all capital letter names on the notices. They did NOT send the notice to the LIVING MAN/CREDITOR. His name WASN’T on it, but he got it.

What is their TRICK here? In other words they sent it to the DEFENDANT. You see the DEFENDANT is a CREATION, it’s a TRUST and as a TRUST, there are TWO SIDES to the Trust, there is the CONTROLLER and there is the OPERATOR to that Trust. The OPERATORS are the OWNER/USERS and they’re the debtors. The CONTROLLERS are the CREDITORS and they make the legal determination. Now the government THROWS the DEFENDANT out as the “CALLING CARD” as the attraction and they NEVER throw it out there and say, “We’re the government and we’re CONTROLLING this entity.” They just “throw” it out there to see what the other party is going to do. And if you start DEFENDING it, you’re the OWNER/OPERATOR of that entity, so you have CHOSEN UNWISELY to be the DEBTOR, which makes the government automatically, be default, the CREDITOR.

When you RETURN ALL THE DOCUMENTATION for SETTLEMENT and CLOSURE and then use your authority to SETTLE and CLOSE the CHARGES, you’re acting like the CONTROLLER, which makes the government the OWNER/OPERATOR and DEBTOR. They always take what it is that YOU don’t perform BY DEFAULT.” – Jack Smith.


“The ISSUE isn’t “did you create an account for that fiction or that illusion” – that’s NOT the issue! Because the FICTION is in THEIR SYSTEM, let them CREATE any accounts they want.

The POINT is HOW are you going to drag me into your ILLUSION and how are you going to BIND me into SERVITUDE when YOU DENIED ME THE SUBSTANCE of GOLD AND SILVER to SETTLE accounts so that I CAN BE FREE? You took away all of my remedy, which means you have DAMAGED me UNLESS you have given me something to REPLACE THAT. [That is your PRE-PAID, Social Security Trust account of course!]

What did they give? They GAVE you an insurance policy to PRE-PAY all of YOUR ACCOUNTS but DON’T REJECT THE ACCOUNT but ASK for SETTLEMENT based upon the accounting method.”- Jack Smith.


This one makes for a GREAT STIPULATION!

“Remember when there is ANY documentation which is used OUTSIDE OF YOUR JURISDICTION or domain it needs to have been WITNESSED in BOTH VENUES and BOTH JURISDICTIONS or domains. So when your signature APPEARS on your documentation, that “signature” is coming from the LIVING SOUL in the original jurisdiction and venue. You have tendered it to the OFFICIAL in the county which is a MILITARY OVER-RUN jurisdictional government and that county official as a FOREIGNER, when they CERTIFY the document they are basically ACKNOWLEDGING FOREIGN AMBASSADOR adversary’s paperwork.

If the OFFICIAL has NOT ISSUED PROTEST that they DON’T want you there, they have TACITLY ACCEPTED YOU as a FOREIGNER and when they have placed their signatures and SEALS on your paperwork that is a COMMERCIAL ACCEPTANCE and they have ACKNOWLEDGED YOU being there and if they have ACCEPTED YOU then they have responded to your presentation of paperwork in an HONOURABLE manner.

ONE ALWAYS ACCEPTS TENDER OFFERS unless you’re going to PROTEST or go into WARFARE. When you present your documents as an OFFER you are going into the FOREIGN GOVERNMENT acting in a HUMBLE CAPACITY asking “I am here as an ambassador, will you allow me to be present?” So what they are doing by the way they are doing this that THEIR ACTIONS ARE SPEAKING LOUDER than their words.- Jack Smith.


“The primary benefit of the PRIVATE ADMINSTRATIVE PROCESS to which I will refer to as the “Foreign Advisory” and the primary benefit of that initial Bond is that it serves as a VEHICLE to CONVERT THE LIABILITY. They came at YOU with a HOLLOW charge, that was not charged up so to speak, it had NO COMMERCIAL ENERGY and you CHARGED IT UP, by the way that is WHY you do the ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE and return it to them. You return it to TREASURY with your INDEMNITY BOND or your OFFSET BOND, saying that it is “ACCEPTED BY THE DRAWEE” and that you wish to make a DEPOSIT to the TREASURY with a CHARGE to be made to that vendors account. So now you have given it COMMERCIAL ENERGY and you also paid it with the indemnity bond. It is now also serving as a CONVERSION OF LIABILITY or a NOTICE of conversion of liability.” – Dr Sam Kennedy.



“So YOU could issue a bond, place it into the public record and of course NOTICE then has to be given to the party that is making the claim which is probably the CLERK OF COURT. So if that were me, I would issue an INDEMNITY BOND naming the Judge, the Clerk, the prosecutor of the case and the Statute as ACCOUNT HOLDERS and accounts on that Bond. Now I like to make the presentment privately to the parties in context of a “Foreign Advisory” which gives NOTICE of the existence of that Bond. It gives NOTICE of settlement and that all happens on the PRIVATE SIDE. That BOND is serving as my COUNTERCLAIM and that is ALL it should take.

It could be a one page scribbled letter saying, “Here’s a copy of a Bond. Please note that you have been named thereon and hence I am the UNDERWRITER or TITLE HOLDER or FIRST IN LINE LIEN HOLDER. I have the First right of Lien to this transaction (To this matter or to this issue or to this case) – Dr Sam Kennedy.


“Most people look at credit as a GIFT. Many people when they get a CREDIT CARD, approved from a credit card company will literally look at it as NEW FOUND MONEY, as if they have actually been given something and NOT look at it as having another PAIR OF SHACKLES stamped around their wrists or ankles. It is like a TIME MACHINE, credit is like a time machine. If you CAN’T afford to buy something right now with what you have right now and you buy it on installment payments in a sense you are bringing it FROM THE FUTURE that you can’t afford, and bringing it into the present so you can have it right now for the GRATIFICATION or DESIRE that you need right now and then you “pay” it off with today’s UNCERTAIN DOLLARS.

One of the INSANITIES of the 20th Century is that EVERYBODY lives in a separate Box and it is considered a badge of shame or failure to still be living with your family when you either 20, 30 or even 40 years old. One of the problems with our socialized DEBT based system is that it SCATTERS FAMILY to the wind. When you have CRADLE TO GRAVE “rainbow” welfare state that takes care of you 100% everything is subsidized to the point where you could fail virtually completely and there’s still this RAINBOW OF BENEFITS to take care of you but it also destroys the family because everyone is FREE to “break off” on their own, establish their own roots and buy “their own Box” and try to desperately pay for it and even go into debt just for the basics. This WHOLE system goes against the family to PULL together as a team as was 100 plus years ago.’


This comes from the Following website (click on Link) -

Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard Does hereby extend a CHALLENGE TO DEBATE

To: Any and All members of The Law Society of BC or Canadian Bar Association

Any and All Judges of the Provincial Court of British Columbia

Any and All Judges of the Supreme Court of British Columbia

Any and All Crown Prosecutors

Any and All Peace Officers and Police Officers

Any and All Canada Revenue Agents

Any and All Corrections or Sheriffs Officers

Any and All MP’s MLA’s or other elected officials


Do statutes enjoy the force of law without the consent of the governed?(Freeman Robert-Arthur says No)

Do courts require mutual consent of both parties to the adjudication prior to providing services? (Freeman Robert-Arthur says Yes)

Does a SIN mean we are working legally for the legal entity known as CANADA? (Freeman Robert-Arthur says Yes)

Can we abandon our SIN and avoid paying income taxes? (Freeman Robert-Arthur says Yes)

Can we fire the government and exist free of all statutory restraints and obligations? (Freeman Robert-Arthur says Yes)

Do the people of British Columbia have a right to justice and can they lawfully convene their own courts to bring charges against the existing courts? (Freeman Robert-Arthur says Yes)

If this challenge is not accepted then it shall be deemed that all of the above things Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard is willing to debate and defend are in fact truths and do in fact bind the government and those to whom this challenge has been extended. If this challenge is not accepted then a seminar explaining all these truths will be presented. Furthermore failure to accept this lawful challenge will be seen by most as evidence that the government has been knowingly and willfully employing negligence, deception and fraud. Go to for more details


“Someone is standing, in court, at a microphone, WHO does the JUDGE SEE? The Judge sees “THE DEFENDANT” because that is the ONLY PARTY that the Judge can SEE. And so when the judge looks at the guy and says, “You have to get an attorney”. Well excuse me! THE JUDGE IS BLIND! He ONLY ASSUMES that I am TOBY THE SLAVE, “The Defendant”. I don’t believe for one second that he has the CAPACITY to COMPEL me to be TOBY. If I KNOW that I am not TOBY and the Judge looks straight at me and says, “You need to get an attorney”, I’ll go home and write a LETTER ROGATORY and turn over the BIRTH CERTIFICATE into the court and tell them that they are now the OPERATOR and half at it, you can appoint anyone you want to REPRESENT TOBY! Hasn’t that solved the problem now?” – Jack Smith.

“Next time a court session is there and I show up again and the judge says, “Have you got an attorney?” WHO DOES HE THINK I AM? THE DEFENDANT, TOBY THE SLAVE! How am I going to respond to the judge? ASK A QUESTION! “Your Honour, hasn’t the court been notified that they are the OPERATOR of the ACCOUNT through the SURRENDER OF THE DEFENDANT? Has the court not seen fit to appoint counsel for the DEFENDANT? And then shut the heck up! What have you just done? The court is going to have to come up with some kind of story to fill the embarrassment.” Do you understand? If you want to volunteer and be TOBY, the Defendant, go ahead! And if you say nothing, you either are in CONTEMPT of court or you volunteer to be TOBY!- Jack Smith


“Most people look at credit as a GIFT. Many people when they get a CREDIT CARD, approved from a credit card company will literally look at it as NEW FOUND MONEY, as if they have actually been given something and NOT look at it as having another PAIR OF SHACKLES stamped around their wrists or ankles. It is like a TIME MACHINE, credit is like a time machine. If you CAN’T afford to buy something right now with what you have right now and you buy it on installment payments in a sense you are bringing it FROM THE FUTURE that you can’t afford, and bringing it into the present so you can have it right now for the GRATIFICATION or DESIRE that you need right now and then you “pay” it off with today’s UNCERTAIN DOLLARS.

One of the INSANITIES of the 20th Century is that EVERYBODY lives in a separate Box and it is considered a badge of shame or failure to still be living with your family when you either 20, 30 or even 40 years old. One of the problems with our socialized DEBT based system is that it SCATTERS FAMILY to the wind. When you have CRADLE TO GRAVE “rainbow” welfare state that takes care of you 100% everything is subsidized to the point where you could fail virtually completely and there’s still this RAINBOW OF BENEFITS to take care of you but it also destroys the family because everyone is FREE to “break off” on their own, establish their own roots and buy “their own Box” and try to desperately pay for it and even go into debt just for the basics. This WHOLE system goes against the family to PULL together as a team as was 100 plus years ago.’


“What’s TRUE and CORRECT? The ONLY thing that is EVER True and Correct are the WORDS put onto the paper – THAT’S IT! and ONLY AT THAT MOMENT! When something is CERTIFIED it is ONLY certified up until the MOMENT it is certified, afterwards it DOESN’T APPLY.

An affidavit is only good up until the moment it is certified, because after that you might change your mind again. SO it has NO force and effect after CERTIFICATION. The government CANNOT accept paperwork UNLESS it has been CERTIFIED.

They need to see someone put their signature on their forms THEN they will ACCEPT IT. So if someone puts a signature to something that says it’s true and correct on government forms, they WILL accept it BUT all they are accepting is INFORMATION, nothing more! – Victor Robert: Beck


“Now from the point of view of a Sovereign Individual what has happened is that there has been a BREACH OF CONTRACT with our government. Government has usurped the common law, that’s the 10 commandments and replaced it with a form of the Roman Civil law, that’s the TEN PLANKS to the communist manifesto and as a result government is constantly managing our affairs without our authority, but they certainly have our consent.” – George Gordon


“An ENTRY is regarded as a RECORD of FACTS – AT THE TIME (Or moment) of BIRTH – NOT after the Fact. A BIRTH CERTIFICATE accordingly constitutes revealing NOT current identity BUT HISTORICAL FACTS. A BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS NOT PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. So a BIRTH CERTIFICATE is NOT personal IDENTIFICATION however it is being treated as if it is personal identification.” – Victor-Robert: Beck


the government point out that the use of birth certificates for identification purposes is DISCOURAGED by the REGISTRAR GENERAL [discouraged does not mean encouraged] and birth certificates are NOT evidence of the IDENTITY of the person PRESENTING IT. Do you understand what that means?

However it is a matter for the individuals whether to follow this recommendation or not. When you POINT OUT to the government that you didn’t DISCLOSE what this is, you DIDN’T WARN me what this is, either you DID this to DECEIVE ME or you’re going to fix the problem very, very quickly” – Victor-Robert: Beck


Trinity is representative of three of four components. Every Heart from where love comes has four chambers.

If one pays with debt money, the stuff everyone wants, the contract lives and thus there is no true closure. In other words, if one pays with debt money, although the account will reflect the payment, in fact no payment was made, thus the contract lives as does the obligation because the account could not close, although unseen and unknown to you but is why you are stuck in the legal BS.
The missing component is the spirit of love..........Unconditional giving to receive without asking anything in return. I give plus to you, you give plus back and I give plus to Brent and Brent gives plus back to Me, and on we can all go forever and ever amen. There is no accounting here if the giving is done happily and ungrudgingly, serving out of love. It is the missing of the giving of a plus (lack of love) that the trouble begins and in come the doctors/lawyers to act against you because the only reason they are, is because you did not release the legal title son. Here there is an accounting because of all the contracts that are still alive. Not closed although in the public they are but internally with the trustee they are not.
For the legal guy the son is the legal title to the product/Value birthed from the contract as that’s what gives life, is growth, and expansion, in the business world just as it is in God's world, and why it is what it is as it created itself as God created the uni-verse, one song, one way home, one word, vibration…..........The love frequency. Giving and receiving freely without, hesitation or resistance.
And then there was the word..........LOVE....................the beginning and the end of all that is, but view from a business/legal world perspective after having seen who you are from an “I am made by the God of all gods perspective”. Ta Daaaa....


“The prosecutor does NOT have FIRST HAND PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, nor does he have the Capability to CERTIFY that the CHARGE is

[1] Accurate because he wasn’t there! And number

[2] that the Statute that they’re ACTING UNDER is BONDED and INSURED! What you’re dealing with is PRIVATE CORPORATE LAW. You’re NOT dealing with PUBLIC LAW” – Sam Davis

FIDUCIARIES & TRUSTEES- appointed govt officials FIDUCARIES

“People who have been appointed to serve as Fiduciaries and Trustees of the Public wheel are under an Inescapable obligation to serve the people with the highest Fidelity. In discharging the duties of their office they are required to display such intelligence and skill as they are capable of and be diligent and conscientious to exercise their Discretion, not arbitrarily but reasonably and above all to display good faith, honesty, integrity and honour in order to protect and maintain the Private Rights of each and every living soul that each man or woman holding office have obligated themselves to uphold."


EQUALITY is Equity and the concept of EQUALITY we are referring to for purposes of this information is based upon an unconditional desire to serve others first and foremost. God set us all out EQUAL and if any transaction of any kind, legal or not, leaves any party better or worse off than the other(s), that is not the equality and not equity. The concept of Equity/Love is equality. You do not and cannot have a claim in equity if all parties that are or will be affected by a transaction do not walk away equal; that is to say, no party can claim any other party was unjustly enriched = balanced scales.......EQUALITY of the non payment kind.
There are three parties to be concerned about here on this earth.
The public the government and you. Each cannot have claim against any other for there to be equality......Now there is what you see, the tangible property, and what you do not see, the form, to be taken into consideration that fits with this information............See if you see it............
2000 years but I think we know the meaning of the Crucifixion of Christ. A Father Son thing, from a solar and legal system perspective.

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thou shalt be done on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thyne is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever......... In other words, however Heaven is, so to is it the same here on earth, except judgement gets in the way.
God in Heaven = Property/Growth/Multiply = god on earth/Government

When the Son/Promise is Homes-Car's-Furniture When the Son (Value)
returned after death, the is released, death of the
account is Closed Contract/Promise/Obligation There shall be a death occur, and the account is closed.

There must be a death for a life/contract to be holy/whole/finished.


“Everyone out there right now believes that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and other “GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION” is PERSONAL identification but IT’S NOT. That is the mistake that has got us all BOUND UP, that’s the focus point right here. The birth certificate is NOT personal identification, if you cure that problem then all of the EFFECTS change too. So if you GO BACK to the CAUSE of the problem and CORRECT IT the effect changes subsequently automatically” – Victor-Robert: Beck

[Just a note here! If you have not picked up on this yet the key word above is PERSONAL identification. It is evidence of a historical event because the govt can ONLY register an event.- it CANNOT EVER identify you or anyone else for that matter- Pierino]

“All the companies you are doing business with believe you ARE the BIRTH CERTIFICATE/STRAWMAN – that’s the PROBLEM, nothing else, It SITS right there”- Victor Robert: Beck


"So in effect what's happening is that the FIDUCIARIES are RUNNING the world instead of the PRINICIPALS. The PRINICIPALS HAVE NOT shown up yet- And that's YOU PEOPLE!"- Victor-Robert: Beck


"Liberty lives in you HEART, it does NOT live in ANY founding document/s" -Lighting the Fires of Liberty!


“Well Look at South Australia. I exist as a man in South Australia. I DO NOT exist as a PERSON in the “STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA” and that’s part of their deception and they DON’T want you to realize that it’s NOT a geographical area, it’s a LEGAL ENTITY, therefore what you call “laws” are really JUST the rules for the “PERSONS” existing within this LEGAL ENTITY.


Hello One and All,

I just want to caution everyone against going down the path of placing liens against officials, or liquidating any person and/or thinking about conversion of dishonours into monetary gains, especially if you are proceeding in any matter whereby YOU are the party seeking a remedy [i.e. from a defensive position].

This type of thinking really does stem from the assumption and presumption that the public officials are corrupt and do not operate within the law. All public officials have a duty and obligation to protect one's rights and from my own experience they do in fact protect them, but more so when one seeking a remedy has gone about it in the correct manner - which is really what the problem is - a lack of knowledge as to how to do this. The public officials do in fact deliberately go into a dishonour in order to give you your remedy which usually manifests itself in silence or argument in order to AGREE with you. Once one has that AGREEMENT through the silence of one or more of the public officials one must be focused upon using that dishonour as evidence of their agreement rather than on placing liens, liquidation or any conversion of that dishonour into public liability instruments which in and of itself is going against the grain, if you are expecting the public officials to recognize that you are the living breathing sentient man who knows there is no money.

Once you have a public official in a dishonour and therefore their agreement by that dishonour [silence or argument], then one's honourable duty and obligation is to present their record of that dishonour [agreement/stipulation] to the appropriate data integrity review board for review in order to have the records corrected - one should not be doing any form of charging or attacking at that time. Other than proceeding on the very counterproductive assumption and presumption that the public officials are deliberately corrupt I cannot see how conversion of a dishonour into funds or placing any liens on any public officials or liquidating any public official can still be proceeding in an honourable manner. From my relatively medium term but very intensive experience and focus, this type of thinking arises out of both a lack of practical experience and adequate understanding of the procedures that one must follow and apply to obtain their remedy in an honourable manner.

Scripture does NOT say, "go first to your brother and get an agreement [stipulation through his silence and/or arguments which both constitute a dishonour] and then either liquidate him or convert that dishonour into funny money or place a lien on him"

It is far better for the so-called experts to admit that they do not fully understand a certain process, or cannot fully understand why a remedy was not given in a certain matter and/or admit that they have not had the level of success that they would like to claim rather than teaching people to bypass the honourable way of settling and closing a matter. It is RARE for a public official not to grant a remedy whereby a party has executed such remedy in the correct manner, this usually only happens by way of sincere and genuine error of law, and it is far more scripturally sound and morally ethical to admit that one has not yet mastered an entire process.

If one has to resort to liquidation or placing of liens or conversion of dishonours into funny money when there is clearly a remedy without having to resort to such tactics, then one should perhaps consider embarking on that journey to find the rest of the pieces of the puzzle which they have not yet discovered ather than attempting to charge their brother. The majority of people appear to end up going down the incorrect road rather than admitting that they are "not there yet". Regards Claude


In context of COMMERCE what that means is that we take their DISHONOUR, the CONVERSION OF LIABILITY and we use that as the MONETARY EXPANSION to fund an instrument to Treasury to have Treasury SECURE or SEIZE the Fugitive or STOLEN funds from the presenters bond.

How can a DISHONOUR be funds? Well a dishonour is NOTHING MORE than a LIABILITY and it is CERTIFIED as a liability. It is CLEAR that in the system of COMMERCE, the system of BANKRUPTCY in which we NOW exist in, a commercial system based upon an ABSENCE of tangible assets ( SUBSTANCE MONEY) AND uses as its monetary curriculum LIABILITY!

LIABILITY IS THE CURRICULUM OF PAYMENT! A FICTIONAL ASSET IN THE SYSTEM. The liability of a DISHONOUR is in theory the same as payment of the instrument of which the dishonour is DULY NOTED.

If you pay Federal Reserve notes to someone, $100 dollars and they send it back to you and say “I’m sorry we only accept cheques” they have CONVERTED THE LIABILITY into FUNDS that they have to then apply against the account. I paid YOU the $100, you REJECTED IT, YOU are now HOLDING THE LIABILITY – ergo you’re holding the funds to SETTLE THAT ACCOUNT, It is now a DONE DEAL! That is why the funds can be used to FUND a payment instrument to the Secretary of the Treasury!” Dr Sam Kennedy


“A JUDICIAL DETERMINATION is a FINDING, a finding of fact. If the judge says, “I am entering a plea FOR YOU of “Not guilty” he is doing one of TWO THINGS, he is either REPRESENTING YOU because you’re incompetent and you can’t represent yourself OR he is making a judicial determination.

Now a Judicial determination is a finding of fact. So my question is “Your honour! Are you making a JUDICIAL DETERMINATION or are you alleging that you somehow REPRESENT me?” Sam Davis


I-Robot: "My responses are limited... You must ask the right question"! The responses are limited... they are in the Holy Bible. We just need to ask the right question!



Many COURT cases begin very simply, for example a traffic case a foreclosure case that can suddenly turn into a CONTEMPT situation. It could be a very serious (Expensive) charge at least from the perspective of FICTIONS.

It is VERY COMMON that an attorney/lawyer simply goes to the court and ENTERS some form of piece of paper, nothing more than that. That paper CHARGES a particular LEGAL ENTITY (FICTION) with some sort of Statutory Violation.

[Term – CONVERSION OF LIABILITY] How you handle the LIABILITY is a KEY FACTOR in this entire (Commercial) game. In fact LIABILITY IS THE KEY INGREDIENT in the ENTIRE PROCESS both from the perspective of the PUBLIC LAWYERS and from the perspective of the PRIVATE MAN trying to “send off” the FICTIONAL “actor”.

When a lawyer makes a PRESENTMENT to the court he is really ENTERING a LIBEL in the Admiralty Venue. He is entering a piece of paper that CHARGES a particular LEGAL ENTITY for some form of FICTIONAL WRONG DOING and yet he (Lawyer) has NO SURETY to back it up other than his RISK MANAGEMENT carrier (Insurance/Bond).

What he is intending to do is IMPLY that a SURETY exists by way of whatever “invisible contracts” are being presumed, Driver’s license, Social Insurance Contract, whatever it is. They are operating with the BELIEF that a LIABILITY EXISTS by virtue of YOUR BIRTH to a particular Statute.

Technically and commercially and in Admiralty, the lawyer is on a “FISHING EXPEDITION”, he is doing nothing more than “rolling the Dice”. He is putting out a call basically looking for the FUNDS for someone (Sucker) to step forward and FUND THIS PROCESS and for someone to step forward and ASSUME a SURETY POSITION ON BEHALF OF THE CHARGED ENTITY – THE STRAWMAN!

Typically in Admiralty that party would be an OWNER of the VESSEL or an INTERESTED CREDITOR who wishes to protect his claim for some third party with an interest who steps up and says, “I will accept responsibility.” The way in which the lawyer emphasizes, legally speaking, that ACCEPTANCE or responsibility is he ISSUES A BOND, on the public side or in modern times what is also called “A Statement of Interest” which is considered to be the equivalent to a bond. A BOND in the PUBLIC is NOTHING MORE than a FICTIONAL piece of paper, it stands for NOTHING except a LIEN against TITLE.

And this is what this is all about – SECURITY INTERESTS & TITLES.

So the lawyer walks in (to court) he rolls the dice and he is going to put the charges out there because “we’re such a big bad wolf” that people are going to SHIVER and they will be HAPPY to step forward (To argue) and hire another Lawyer (Hired Mercenary) to step forward so that the can say, “This is my CLIENT – My defendant and we waive a formal reading of the charges” and THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO BECOME A SURETY when they are playing against someone who DOESN’T KNOW how the (Commercial) Game is played.

You DO NOT have to step forward and become that surety. However you have a choice, you CAN become the surety or NOT BECOME the surety. However when you decide NOT to become the SURETY that is when things become VERY HOT.

The reason they get hot is OBVIOUSLY the lawyer IS HOLDING THE BAG and he is COMPLETELY LIABLE, technically and on paper because there’s ONLY one piece of paper the so called CHARGING INSTRUMENT filed into that case at that time and in fact IT’S NOT TRULY a case but there is ONLY one piece of paper, that NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT and the LAWYER IS LIABLE for making that so called claim ( Until someone comes in and ARGUES, which is the equivalent to “refusing to pay” the negotiable instrument and then the liability ATTACHES TO YOU!) ]

But at this point until someone does ARGUE, the charges are HOLLOW. You have heard that expression to CHARGE UP A BILL, well that’s what it’s referring to. The thing HAS NO SUBSTANCE behind it. It is STRICTLY waiting for you to STEP FORWARD; it’s waiting for a SUCKER! And you are stepping forward and saying, “Yes I will accept responsibility”

IF-YOU-DON’T, the lawyer who leveled that charge and presents that to the court is COMPLETELY LIABLE COMMERCIALLY and CORPOREALLY for that charge. Someone HAS TO FUND that charge and up until that point – IT’S HIM. That’s why they go crazy when you DISCLAIM responsibility for that LEGAL FICTION ACTOR – DEAD CORPORATE FICTION which is the STRAWMAN.

They intimidate, they threaten to cite you for CONTEMPT. They try every trick in the book and all kinds of foolishness to try to COERCE you into ACCEPTING the position of SURETY.


“I am going in there (In Court) asking questions because if you go in there MAKING STATEMENTS. You’re CREATING CONTROVERSY. A question IS NOT controversial it’s a question.” – Sam Davis


“The (Commercial) system is like a tyrannosaurus Rex; it turns on a DOLLAR and gives 10 cents change. The ONLY thing it eats is men who STAND up against it BY FIRE. So how do you beat it? Well it’s pretty simple! Turn yourself into a single celled organism, CRAWL up it’s tail pipe and ATTACH yourself between it’s HEART and it’s digestive system because it PUMPS MONEY and CRAPS MONEY and when you turn yourself into TERMINAL anemic dysentery it’s going to POISON itself.”


“Now if the defendant, DOES NOT REBUT the ASSUMPTIONS and PRESUMPTIONS then according to the rules of procedure in an Equity Court, their FAILURE to rebut them must mean what? THEY MUST BE TRUE! Because you didn’t rebut them which in CONTRACT law you have now ACCEPTED THE PROPOSITION. IF YOU DIDN’T REBUT THEM, THIS NOW IS ACCEPTANCE. So if you have OFFER and ACCEPTANCE isn’t that a CONTRACT? – ABSOLUTELY BECAUSE NOW THE PARTIES ARE IN AGREEMENT! - Jack Smith.

“This is VERY, VERY CRITICAL for EVERYBODY to understand because this is HOW the courts are SCHNOOKERING you. The whole thing going on here is that the PLAINTIFF DOESN’T PROVE ANYTHING, unless he has to and the only time he has to is if the defendant comes back and REBUTS the charges and presumptions. Now if the plaintiff has put on NO VIABLE evidence, which they’re not going to in the first part of the trial anyway to make this thing WORK BY CONTRACT which they are doing the majority of the time. All they want is an AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES that your guilty, that’s all they have to do. If the prosecution can get an AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES that you’re guilty of the facts and the charges then the court will find you guilty every time. If they CAN’T prove it they can get your AGREEMENT and that is JUST AS GOOD or maybe even better because that’s like a CONFESSION in court. So what they do in order to SCHNOOKER you is that it looks like they are putting on evidence in the case, but anybody who understands the rules of evidence So if the defence through the defence attorneys don’t REBUT the presumptions, the plaintiff DOESN’T have to bring evidence to the case. So in LOGIC what this means then is WHY wouldn’t the defendant REBUT the presumption of the charges? There are only TWO reasons why, number;


1] is because they don’t understand that they HAVE to do that in order to save the case- IGNORANCE!


2] They’re GUILTY as hell and if they tried to get rebuttals on the stand it would be a lie and a forgery and they would be exposed in what they’re attempting to do and it could lead to even more criminal charges.

“The ONLY intellectual reason that the judge can accept that the defendant didn’t rebut the charges is because he’s admitting guilt. Isn’t an ADMISSION OF THE CHARGES, “ACCEPTANCE AND AGREEMENT” with the prosecution? ABSOLUTELY! So the defendant has now just entered into a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT with the court, TO BE FOUND GUILTY. IT’S ALL CONTRACT LAW! THE WAY YOU REBUT PRESUMPTIONS IN LAW IS BY NEGATIVE AVERMENT.

Jack Smith information from Pierino

“Because they didn’t REBUT the charges, I as the Judge must weight, “well then are the charges true As far as this case is concerned? Or are the charges WRONG as far as this case is concerned and it has NOTHING to do with evidence. It has to do with what’s in front of the PARTIES here, if there is not evidence we can’t rule on it, so its NOT a LAW CASE, it’s a CASE IN EQUITY. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE INTENT OF THE PARTIES ARE?

Well that’s what is going on in the court, there’s NO FACTS in the court, there’s NO EVIDENCE in the court, we just want to know HOW EVERYBODY “FEELS” ABOUT IT. Do they want to be found guilty or not? If they want to be found guilty then we will go ahead (Because you didn’t rebut the presumptions/charges) because that’s THE AGREEMENT and we will find them guilty.” – Jack smith.

This below is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL information to understand, keep this in your files! - Pierino.

“Remember that the PRESUMPTION, this whole case in EQUITY goes on that when the party is CHARGED, the ONLY thing that they have to do is REBUT THE PRESUMPTIONS of the charges and the charges will only ever be proved BY PRESUMPTIONS and NEVER by evidence. But the only time the prosecutor has to really do a job and do it UNDER the law is if the defendant HAS REBUTTED the presumptions and not evidence because there’s not ever been any evidence.”

“Now if the defendant, DOES NOT REBUT the ASSUMPTIONS and PRESUMPTIONS then according to the rules of procedure in an Equity Court, their FAILURE to rebut them must mean what? THEY MUST BE TRUE! Because you didn’t rebut them which in CONTRACT law you have now ACCEPTED THE PROPOSITION. IF YOU DIDN’T REBUT THEM, THIS NOW IS ACCEPTANCE. So if you have OFFER and ACCEPTANCE isn’t that a CONTRACT? – ABSOLUTELY BECAUSE NOW THE PARTIES ARE IN AGREEMENT! [STIPULATED TO THE ASSUMPTIONS & PRESUMPTIONS]

Keep this little "baby" definition handy! Folks! This is under the "Civil rules of Procedure!"

“Basically a NEGATIVE AVERMENT is an ABSOLUTE NECESSARY and IMPERATIVE PLEADING to REBUT any presumptions in any pleadings brought by the plaintiff or the PROSECUTION.”- Jack Smith


“Well the only reason for paperwork most of the time is IDENTIFICATION and identification is CRITICAL because we all know under the law FORM either

[A] you’re entitled to the pre-paid (Exemption) account or (CREDITOR CAPACITY)

[B] you’re a COMMERCIAL and POLITICAL SLAVE and you have NO RIGHT to an exemption.(DEBTOR CAPACITY).

And what the government officials have to DETERMINE as QUICKLY as possible is which one of these two categories doyou fit into.

The first thing that these people want to know is WHO they are dealing with and the RULES OF PROCEDURE are DIFFERENT between one who is in the class of being able to use an exemption versus one who is a COMMERCIAL or POLITICAL SLAVE and there is NO exemption permitted.” – Jack Smith.


“How are they (Government) going to EXPOSE to you that they created an ARTIFICIAL PERSON to do business with and they have attached YOU and YOUR BODY to that artificial PERSON and is that not what they’re documents would actually show? Of course it would! They STOLE your labour and PAID you in the name of another.”

“There are ONLY TWO assets on the planet, RAW MATERIALS which came from the Creator and the LABOUR which takes it from one form to another. Now please explain to me how ANY man thinks he can OWN what the creator GIFTED to the WHOLE planet?

“If they’re (Employer/Master) TAKING your labour, the MAN/WOMAN is the only one that can labour. The ARTIFICIAL PERSON cannot it’s a piece of paper and they're paying YOU in the name of another, an artificial person, and they’re paying you in DEBT instruments as opposed to something of VALUE.”


“God gave YOU the ability to get YOUR ACCOUNT closed. What did he give to you so that you’re account would be closed? God said, “I’ll make the payment. Just acknowledge that you have ACCEPTED the payment and that I have paid you’re account.

You didn’t have to “generate” the money by good works, all you had to do COMMERCIALLY is say, “Thank you for doing that for me, I ACCEPT your OFFER, now put it on my account.: all you had to do was go THROUGH THE PROCEDURE of ACKNOWLEDGING that there was a TENDER offer and by YOUR ACCEPTANCE of your TENDER OFFER, he PAID your account by SUBSTANCE.” – Jack Smith.

WOW TAKE A READ OF THIS! Modern "Commercial Law" is based on Ancient Babylonian Codes CONTRACTS/OATHS

The work from Johns Hopkins University by Mr Lee clearly recognizes that Babylon's Religious Priesthood is commonly recognizable as the source of all of the modern so called "Laws of Commerce". These "Laws of Commerce" are shown to be a specific body of Codes which authorize the Administration of the Compelling Force of the State in the En-Force-ment of Contracts, mostly for Payments of Debts. The ancient Babylonian Priests were involved because Contracts were deemed to be a form of "Oath" entered into by the contracting parties; and the approval of their Gods were invoked so as to more effectively legitimize/bamboozle the entire process in the minds and the consciences of the contracting parties and all public witnesses.

These Babylonian Religious Codes recognized the ability to buy and sell contracts between merchants in "Commerce". They sold and "bought . . . slaves and the souls of men" in the time of Christ, and before and after, just precisely as is recognized in Revelation 18: 11-13. Under this system of Babylonian Codes, contracted-debtor-people were Forcibly Compelled to perform the contract regardless of Conscionability, or who was the original contract-creditor. This Babylonian Religious Commercial-Code depended in large part on a deeper set of Slave-Trading Codes. And these all are still recognizable and very frequently enforced under what modern legal text-books refer to as: "Master-Servant Relationships".

Under the ancient Babylonian Religious Codes, "Slavery" is clearly facilitated. People were not recognized as People there-under, but were items in Commerce. The Slave could be arrested and assaulted by government officers for not showing up for work on time. The text-book says that "The slave is not regarded or spoken of as a man, but as a thing,[PERSON] and is reckoned in the same way as cattle". Not too long ago, in our American History, "Slavery" was a very Common Practice, both against the Black Race, and also against all other races, including Orientals and the economically disenfranchised Caucasian/White Race. The Problem of "Oppression" is Not a Race Problem, it is a Economic-Class and Religious Problem.


"The Minds of men do NOT have a Firewall when it comes to Information" - Anonymous


“If you want to know where your LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS have gone, they have gone to the “Insurance Industry”, called LIMITED LIABILITY.” – George Gordon

MUST - The Word – MUST DEFINITION “The word MUST – It doesn’t create an “Obligation” it defines the path, which IF YOU VOLUNTARILY take it will TRANSFER AUTHORITY to another.”

“I would like to point out the meaning of the word “MUST”. They will tell you that “you MUST apply, you MUST register”. They want you to think that you have an “OBLIGATION” to engage in a certain action. If you had an “obligation”, they would use the word “OBLIGE”. The word MUST is very tricky, it has two senses, one is an ACTIVE and one is a PASSIVE. If I tell you, “You MUST come to my party through the front door” Am I creating an “obligation” upon you to attend my party? Or am I defining that IF YOU CHOOSE to voluntarily take them, it will grant me AUTHORITY OVER YOU. –That’s THEIR word “MUST”. It creates NO OBLIGATION, it DEFINES the parameters that will GIVE THEM AUTHORITY and they’ve got everyone thinking it’s an obligation on OUR part and they then point to it and say “well you entered into it voluntarily.” Robert: Arthur- Menard


There are TWO Statutes in the Holy Bible that PROHIBIT YOU from taking an oath.

Matthew 5: Statues 33- 37.

James 5: Statute 12

There are FOUR covenant Statutes in the Holy Bible that Strictly PROHIBIT YOU from "having other Gods" and and also prohibiting you from signing contracts with the "Civil law State".


Exodus 34: Statutes 10 - 17

Exodus 23: Statutes 32 - 33

Judges 2: Statutes 1 - 23

Deut 7: Statutes 1 - 6.

Maxim: Your failure to object timely is fatal. This is called the "Doctrine of Laches" and it is the failure to assert a right timely. You can claim your right to be "exempt from Involuntary servitude".


What did Christ Say? "All AUTHORITY and POWER was GIVEN UNTO YOU!"

“ all authority and POWER is given unto "we the people" - EACH INDIVIDUAL, not toward over another.



Jack Smith Higher Ground Audio Transcript

“Now if the defendant, DOES NOT REBUT the ASSUMPTIONS and PRESUMPTIONS then according to the rules of procedure in an Equity Court, their FAILURE to rebut them must mean what? THEY MUST BE TRUE! Because you didn’t rebut them which in CONTRACT law you have now ACCEPTED THE PROPOSITION. IF YOU DIDN’T REBUT THEM, THIS NOW IS ACCEPTANCE. So if you have OFFER and ACCEPTANCE isn’t that a CONTRACT? – ABSOLUTELY - BECAUSE NOW THE PARTIES ARE IN AGREEMENT! -

“This is VERY, VERY CRITICAL for EVERYBODY to understand because this is HOW the courts are SCHNOOKERING you. The whole thing going on here is that the PLAINTIFF DOESN’T PROVE ANYTHING, unless he has to and the only time he has to is if the defendant comes back and REBUTS the charges and presumptions. Now if the plaintiff has put on NO VIABLE evidence, which they’re not going to in the first part of the trial anyway to make this thing WORK BY CONTRACT which they are doing the majority of the time. All they want is an AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES that your guilty, that’s all they have to do. If the prosecution can get an AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES that you’re guilty of the facts and the charges then the court will find you guilty every time.

If they CAN’T prove it they can get your AGREEMENT and that is JUST AS GOOD or maybe even better because that’s like a CONFESSION in court. So what they do in order to SCHNOOKER you is that it looks like they are putting on evidence in the case, but anybody who understands the rules of evidence So if the defence through the defence attorneys don’t REBUT the presumptions, the plaintiff DOESN’T have to bring evidence to the case. So in LOGIC what this means then is WHY wouldn’t the defendant REBUT the presumption of the charges? There are only TWO reasons why, number;


1] is because they don’t understand that they HAVE to do that in order to save the case- IGNORANCE!


2] They’re GUILTY as hell and if they tried to get rebuttals on the stand it would be a lie and a forgery and they would be exposed in what they’re attempting to do and it could lead to even more criminal charges.

“The ONLY intellectual reason that the judge can accept that the defendant didn’t rebut the charges is because he’s admitting guilt. Isn’t an ADMISSION OF THE CHARGES, “ACCEPTANCE AND AGREEMENT” with the prosecution? ABSOLUTELY! So the defendant has now just entered into a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT with the court, TO BE FOUND GUILTY. IT’S ALL CONTRACT LAW! THE WAY YOU REBUT PRESUMPTIONS IN LAW IS BY NEGATIVE AVERMENT.


"In MY WORLD, the TRUTH is that, which EXPOSES the Lie" - Victor Robert Beck.


“Compulsory education comes from God children! God REQUIRES that you educate your children from generation to generation, BUT not in public school. Now we send our children to public school so that we can teach and TRAIN them to be COMMUNISTS, that is the objective and that is the purpose – collectivization. The public schools teach us the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Ten Commandments. They teach us things like MORTGAGES instead of land held in FEE SIMPLE. We go to school so that we can learn about SOCIAL SECURITY and the “Security Blanket” instead of LABOUR and PROPERTY. We go to school so that we can learn about Federal Reserve notes and Fiat paper currencies INSTEAD of practicing SUBSTANCE through GOLD and SILVER.

We learn about Government GRANTED PRIVILEGES instead of UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. We go to school so that we can learn about EQUITABLE interests instead of OWNING property. We go to school so that we can learn about BANKS and CORPORATE CREDIT in place of Gold and silver. Our public schools teach us about STOCKS and Negotiable instruments instead of PRIVATE ownership.

Our public schools teach us about Bonds instead of PRIVATE PROPERTY. Our public schools teach us about PUBLIC business LICENCES that we can be doctors and Dentists and Lawyers [Liars] INSTEAD of PRIVATE BUSINESS MEN and they teach us in public schools about PERMITS instead of PRIVATE RIGHTS. Our public schools teach us about PUBLIC interest professions like doctors and dentists instead of COMMON LAW OCCUPATIONS. We learn about INTEREST ACCOUNTS but we DON’T learn about SUBSTANCE and CHATTELS.

We learn about Cheques but not Warehouse receipts. We learn about insurance and Limited Liability but we learn very precious little about individual responsibility, then we complain that our liberties and freedoms are being taken away from us. We learn about Marriage licenses but we don’t learn about PATRIACHAL families. We learn about Marriage, not from the Bible but from the State.” – George Gordon


“Remember I talked about EVIDENCE and PROOF before? Yes court cases can be decided on EVIDENCE and if you haven’t provided anything that shows that you didn’t do it then you are deemed guilty, that’s EVIDENCE! Evidence does NOT MEAN SHIT!” Can PROOF be argued? Well it can but what fool would ARGUE proof? EVIDENCE WE DISCUSS – PROOF IS DONE! It’s testimony it’s finished there’s nothing to discuss so you really can’t argue proof BUT to ARGUE proof TAINTS it. If you’re going to argue the TRUTH or argue PROOF then maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about.” – Victor Robert Beck


“There’s a BIG difference between the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE. They are 2 SEPARATE VENUES, and in the Public that is the OFFICIAL ARM of the de-facto government and the reason that we use the term de-facto because it does exist in fact, it is legal, it is NOT illegal but on the other hand it’s NOT LAWFUL.” – Jack Smith.


“We have an Anglo-Saxon administration, fundamentals of JUSTICE, the justice system comes from the Mosaic Law but in the past 100 years we have CHANGED that justice system to the ADVERSARIAL system. Now when we go into court we’re ADVERSARIES rather than SEEKERS OF JUSTICE and we now PRACTICE the ten planks to the communist manifesto in our society rather than the ten commandments and people seem to love it that way.” – George Gordon



72.2.1 Two entities that are indebted to each other may have a right of 'set-off', leaving a residual obligation from one entity to the other. This entitlement to set-off may arise under general law-for example, equitable or legal set-off, or statute. Generally, this power to set-off is available to all types of entities including the Commonwealth, unless specifically prohibited by (Strawman) legislation or terms of a contract.(Based on any dishonour of course or if you do not know who you are) This Legislation above is word for word taken from the "ATO Receivables Policy".Except for the words in Green. THEY ARE TELLING YOU STRAIGHT OUT FOLKS!



[This is When you are required to show "PERSONAL" id at your bank to open up a TRUST account or where ever else they may ask for a birth certificate? You get them by the BALLs when you INTRODUCE the TRUTH! Why, who would want to commit Fraud?

“You could ask “Mr. Banker, do you believe that (Birth Certificate) to be my personal identification?

If he/she says yes, you could respond

“What if it’s not sir? Would you not be committing fraud if you identify me by something that does NOT identify me? Perhaps you may want to get some legal advice before you say that again!

You basically put the TRUTH On the table and then the ball is in their court!” Victor-Robert: Beck


This TRICK is used a lot, and it is called “SLIDERS”

In A Govt Agency, ANY TIME they put a document on a counter and IT MAKES A LITTLE SLIDING SOUND and they want you to PICK that document up, - that’s a SLIDER.

They are giving you an OPPORTUNITY and it is a VOLUNTARY action. NO-ONE is taking this document and enforcing it upon you. YOU are ACTING VOLUNTARILY to pick that up and that’s why they SLIDE it like that.

You go ahead and touch it if you want. You have the right to pick it up, turn it around and SLIDE it back right to them. EVERYTIME they SLIDE you something there trying to get rid of something, you know like the ‘QUEEN OF SPADES”. Flip it over and slide it right back because there is NOTHING that they can do.!

[Bottom line] EVERYTIME they are SLIDING you something it is going to CAUSE you to GIVE THEM AUTHORITY – OVER YOU! - Robert-Arthur: Menard


“What is the INTENT of the government and the BANKERS? To keep you a slave! How do they enslave you? By your IGNORANCE? What ignorance do you have and what do they do to MOTIVATE that ignorance to enslave you? They ENTICE you to PLAY THE PART of the DEBTOR. Now in REALITY the people are NOT the DEBTORs, they are the CREDITORs. So they HAVE TO CONFUSE the people enough so that they won’t understand that THE PEOPLE are the CREDITORS and that they will START TO BELIEVE that they are the DEBTORS.” – Jack Smith.

“So what is the PURPOSE of the government and the Bankers in SETTING THIS SCAM up? TO CONFUSE YOU! That is what BABYLON is, that is EXACTLY what they do, they get you in a STATE OF CONFUSION so that you will PLAY YOUR ROLE (AS DEBTOR) and NOT understand what is really happening.” – Jack Smith.


"In order for a man to be complete he needs a woman and for a woman to be complete she needs a man and when that completion begins to be born a WHOLE NEW ENTITY is created and THAT is the TRUE POWER of the human race, is when the BALANCE between the male and the female is there, there is NOTHING that can stop us in this UNIVERSE. The DESIGN for CONTROL was that SEPARATION and JOINDER between the male and the


“A Human being and a PERSON is NOT the same thing. We have been lead to believe they are but THEY ARE NOT. Not all human beings are PERSONS. You are NOT a PERSON, you HAVE a PERSON.

If you NEVER know that this “PERSON” exists and the government is acting UPON it and you are UNAWARE of it’s existence, you are a SLAVE to YOUR own ignorance. Once you become AWARE of it’s existence you can TAKE IT OFF at WILL because that is the ONLY thing that they can ACT UPON.

You HAVE right there the SEED FOR YOUR FREEDOM! The purpose of this PERSON wasn’t to DECEIVE you and ENSLAVE you, it was to PROVIDE you with a very strong level of protection [BUFFER] against government tyranny.

If they NEVER act against YOU as a human being and they’re ONLY acting AGAINST your PERSON, you ALWAYS have the option to REJECT their government and to escape tyranny totally and absolutely and PEACEFULLY. - Robert-Arthur: Menard.

"Truth does not have to be believed to be true!"


With a SYSTEM, there is FEAR! It’s just the nature of it. A SYSTEM is a FICTION and a SYSTEM has NO HOPE other than what it provided by the people that need it, but if the people that need it are more interested in “MAINTAINING” the SECURITY of the SYSTEM then they are going to be paranoid which means they are going to OPERATE out of fear.” – Jack Smith

“Where is the TRADE-OFF between SECURITY and LIBERTY? Well LIBERTY is a TRAIT that follows PEOPLE. Now SECURITY could follow EITHER the people or CORPORATE INTERESTS. So the question is when a system is dealing with SECURITY, Is the security decision based on securitizing the people or is it that the security that the SYSTEM is talking about maintaining the INTEGRITY of the system and to heck with the people?” – Jack Smith.


“In order for you to get what’s called money, from the bank a living soul has to go in REPRESENTING ITSELF to be a FIDUCIARY or TRUSTEE for a LEGAL PERSON and it has to sign a CONTRACT with a LEGAL PERSON whereby the LEGAL PERSON promises to repay a sum of money to the bank which is called a NOTE.

No bank will loan ANY PERSON any thing without someone coming in and leaving a COMMERCIAL DOCUMENT with the bank which is basically going to be a FINANCE STATEMENT. So the “MONEY” is CREATED by the TRUSTEE FIDUCIARY (YOU) for the PERSON (Legal Fiction) by way of a signature on a NOTE whereby the PERSON (Fiction Strawman) promises to repay it. That is the FOUNDATION for the “Money” of a Bank Loan.” – Jack Smith.

“The people have NEVER borrowed any liabilities from these banks at all because banks CANNOT LOAN, WILL NOT LOAN and take GREAT PAINS to PREVENT their contracts from being issued to people. The ONLY PARTIES that banks can CONTRACTUALLY DEAL WITH is LEGAL PERSONS, which are DEAD and NOT LIVING SOULS.” Banks DON’T LOAN ANYTHING! WHAT BANKS DO is THEY SHUFFLE PAPER! They are an accounting firm. And if you give them one from column A, they will give you one from column B and that’s not a loan that’s an EXCHANGE!– Jack Smith.



In context of COMMERCE what that means is that we take their DISHONOUR, the CONVERSION OF LIABILITY and we use that as the MONETARY EXPANSION to fund an instrument to Treasury to have Treasury SECURE or SEIZE the Fugitive or STOLEN funds from the presenters bond.

How can a DISHONOUR be funds? Well a dishonour is NOTHING MORE than a LIABILITY and it is CERTIFIED as a liability. It is CLEAR that in the system of COMMERCE, the system of BANKRUPTCY in which we NOW exist in, a commercial system based upon an ABSENCE of tangible assets ( SUBSTANCE MONEY) AND uses as its monetary curriculum LIABILITY!

LIABILITY IS THE CURRICULUM OF PAYMENT! A FICTIONAL ASSET IN THE SYSTEM. The liability of a DISHONOUR is in theory the same as payment of the instrument of which the dishonour is DULY NOTED.

If you pay Federal Reserve notes to someone, $100 dollars and they send it back to you and say “I’m sorry we only accept cheques” they have CONVERTED THE LIABILITY into FUNDS that they have to then apply against the account. I paid YOU the $100, you REJECTED IT, YOU are now HOLDING THE LIABILITY – ergo you’re holding the funds to SETTLE THAT ACCOUNT, It is now a DONE DEAL! That is why the funds can be used to FUND a payment instrument to the Secretary of the Treasury!” Dr Sam Kennedy


“The KEY to it is that they TOOK MY VALUE, whether it was legal, political, commercial or physical and once they did that, they were TRUSTEES OVER IT and they OWE IT BACK, It’s that simple and if THEY CAN’T SHOW YOU WHERE THEY DIDN’T TAKE IT, THEY HAVE NO DEFENCE.”


“What’s the NAME OF THE GAME? The name of the game is that the Corporations have to pay their debts. Can the Corporations pay their debts, NO, there is NO MONEY.

Corporations CANNOT pay their debts. So what do the Corporations do? The Corporations GET THE PEOPLE to ACCEPT the Corporate liabilities to PAY THE DEBTS FOR THE CORPORATIONS!

How do they get YOU to do that? TRICKING you into replacing the Corporation with YOU. You take the part of the Corporation BY YOUR SIGNATURE (Always comes back to that damn Siganture doesn't it?) and you ACT like THE DEBTOR , and if you become the debtor, you have then REPLACED the Corporation and now the debts of the Corporation FALL onto the individual who is NOW LIABLE for the debts of the Corporation – THAT’S HOW THEY GET YOU TO PLAY THE GAME!”- Jack Smith


“You have to understand that the STATE is a STRAWMAN. It’s the STRAWMAN ENTITY that supposedly the people are MOVING through AGAINST your strawman entity to YOU.

When you UNDERSTAND what’s going on you can do things a little bit differently. In all of these things you have CHOICES.

You can CHOOSE TO “DEFEND” yourself and TELL the judge what the law is, BUT I don’t find ANY OF THAT in the Scriptures.” – Sam Davis

'Pick a PATH, that's what I tell everybody and STAY on the PATH. Have a BELIEF SYSTEM and LIVE your belief system. - Sam Davis

GOING TO PEACE is the ONLY way to get your remedy, because what SOLUTION does an argument or even "DEFENDING" yourself bring?


Here is a small transcript of Jack Smith in his Monday Night Class, this is critical to understand, it also gives YOU the remedy. Remembering that it is the strawman who has "PERSONAL INFORMATION"- only. The living soul/man or woman has what is called CONFIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE INFORMATION. You are NOT required to disclose Sensitive information as it WILL do you a commercial injury. Anyway have a good read it is short but hits it right on the head, so to speak. This is about when you as a parent go and DISCLOSE your child's "name" to the government at the "birth" registration and what you are actually doing when you do this. KEY WORD- "DISCLOSE"

JACK Why does it belong to them? Who got the name? Who originally acquired the name?

PARTICIPANT the Government!

JACK The baby at birth, the parents gave him a name right?


JACK And then the parents went out and DISCLOSED (confidentially Sensitive Information) that name to the government and put it on a contract for an offering and they’re the HOLDER of the name now! Once they’re the HOLDER of the name they have got rights in the name. So how did they get the name?

PARTICIPANT The parents gave it away!

JACK So now they’re the HOLDER of the name. Ok had the parents NEVER given the name to them they would have no acquired interest.

Remember in the Old Testament there was a big discussion in the land of Israel about what happened when the King decided to go out and number his people, then he would go out in the census and enroll his people. What happened when the King enrolled the people?

PARTICIPANT He taxed them!

JACK Why did he do that?


JACK Because giving OVER the name gave a RIGHT to the King as a Corporate government and for people to reacquire their freedom, what did they have to go ahead and do?

BUY IT BACK and give something to the “King” to get the RELEASE!


“When we PRODUCE this IDENTIFICATION [BIRTH CERTIFICATE] what you SHOULD be saying is “I AM THE BEARER OF THIS INSTRUMENT.” Same with the Birth Certificate you ARE ONLY the BEARER of it [because it is the PROPERTY of and ISSUED by the State and it is NOT PERSONAL identification].

So by using the word “BEARER” it now CHANGES things. So in future you would say, “I am the BEARER of this instrument and it’s NOT personal identification.

If you are not prepared to take this STAND then you should not be learning this. If you have FEAR issues then YOU had better deal with it. If you are AFRAID of introducing the TRUTH, get over it. Fear is a HUGE element but if you have FEAR of INJECTING THE TRUTH then you know what – FACE YOUR FEARS FIRST!” Victor-Robert: Beck "Truth Does not have to be believed for it to be true"


“This is one of their biggest tricks! A new statute has been passed and published in the paper and they all have us thinking that these STATUTES ARE LAWS. STATUTES ARE NOT LAWS. If you look it up you will find that the definition of a statutes is “A legislative rule of SOCIETY given the FORCE of law.” A society if you have a look at the definition of that is a number of people joined by MUTUAL CONSENT to deliberate and determine and act for a common goal. Your CONSENT is REQUIRED for ANY statute to HAVE the FORCE OF LAW and you can spot these because they will have the word “ACT” right in the Title.

Point out the word “ACT” to ANY government agent asking or CLAIMING AUTHORITY over you and say, “What does that word right there mean?” And you will be TWO STEPS away FROM CONSENT. Consent is NOT assent. You DON’T have to make a positive AFFIRMATION in order for them to achieve consent. Your SILENCE and INACTION will RAISE the APPEARANCE of consent.

[For Example] EVERY TIME there is an ELECTION within 30 days, your MP will SEND OUT to every ADDRESS and residential address[a pamphlet] saying, “Hi, I am your new representative!” If you DON’T call or write back within 30 days and say, “Ah, you’re NOT! Sorry you’re FIRED!” He or she has ACHIEVED the CONSENT he/she needs to ACT as YOUR representative.” Robert-Arthur: Menard. "Truth Does not have to be believed for it to be true"


Howard Griswold claims that a "dwelling" is a commercial place of business and therefore we have been duped into registering our private property in their system as commercial, which is fraud on their part because there is no category in their system for registering private property, such as our private house, our private personal motorised transport etc. Trev A.

dwell /dwɛl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[dwel] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, dwelt or dwelled, dwell·ing, noun

–verb (used without object) 1.

to live or stay as a permanent resident; reside.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME dwellen to lead astray, stun, abide, OE dwellan to lead or go astray, hinder; c. ON dvelja

Therefore IS Dwelling on the land known to the state commercial? NEEDS TO BE CLARIFIED!


Looks to me as if both UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA are corporations sharing the same Corporate "QUEEN" [i.e. not the living flesh and blood Queen Elizabeth the second].

The above corporations are both what you call sovereign Nation States but are an entirely different venue and jurisdiction and moreover, only a mirror-image only to the below original venue and jurisdiction:

Original Commonwealth of Australia and the English/British Imperial Parliament.

The former are what you call DOMESTIC sovereignty and the latter are what you call INTERNATIONAL sovereignty. "Whale Oil Beef Hooked."

The duality runs right through the International system!! Regards Claude


This is a very interesting letter aimed at "Agents of the Crown".


We the People are getting mighty educated these days. We tracked down the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution - you know, the one you started the War of 1812 over so you could burn the copies – and it says you Esquires are not allowed to have a title of nobility AND
hold public office in America. Up until now, you have been getting away with it.

We learned that the BAR originates in the Crown Temple in London, England. Therefore, your oath to the BAR means you are not Americans anymore but agents for a foreign power. You have no citizenship. You claim to have licenses to practice law. As a matter of fact there is no such thing as a license to practice law. We searched in the statutes, codes, rules and regulations for every state and also their respective secretaries of state and supreme courts. No authorization for the "license to practice law" exists anywhere. That means every one of you is unauthorized and illegal in the Republic. JOHN HENRY DOE, ESQUIRE is a fiction that exists only on paper.

What you do have is a BAR card that simply authorizes you to use the statutes, codes, rules and regulations, which are all copyrighted. We can't help but notice that all of the law you use is copyrighted, so the People can't use it without using you. People, how well are you doing with these laws? It wasn't easy since you have us hanging upside down looking in the mirror trying to read the newspaper, but we figured out that statutes, codes, rules and regulations are not
law but abrogation’s of the law. Abrogate means "to abolish by authoritative action: ANNUL". Applying the force of deadly violence, you annulled the real Law and replaced it with colour of law. Colour of law is a false flag, a pirate flag. You're all a bunch of actors. No license and no law, either.

We counted the number of statutes, codes, rules and regulations that you created, with the intelligence endowed by your Creator, to use against us. There are many more than 60 million statutes, codes, rules and regulations, certainly more than all of you BAR attorneys put together can keep track of without plenty of software, quarterly updates, and teams of legal researchers - and, voila! You have billing!

You write statutes, codes, rules and regulations at the behest of the putrefying corrupt Chosen Masters, the ancient hate-driven cult within a hate-driven racist sect that are the tiresome
take-over-the-world crowd and the blueprint for criminality. The beasts of this world have more honour than you. You herd the People you have defrauded into the system of the Matrix like so many cattle, to be processed, robbed of their freedom, families and property, experimented upon with drug sorcery, and all too often killed.

You do this because the BAR Association is a hate-driven money cult. Your masters reward you with obscene hourly rates for the building of your personal empires. You are so far gone from the sight of God that you think you have the authority to write rules to justify torturing your fellow beings. You have much blood on your hands.

And your "noble cause" is what? Why, the U.S. bankruptcy is your noble cause, your reason for destroying millions of lives minute by minute. The U.S. bankruptcy is George W. Bush's noble cause, Cindy. Claiming the authority to enact and enforce new "bankruptcy laws" (statutes) that create debtor's prisons for the People, who since 1933 have had no money to pay a debt with, the U.S. corporation is itself bankrupt and has made us into the surety for the debt.

In fact all so-called governing bodies in the U.S. are bankrupt corporations telescoping from one to the other, back and forth between federal-state-county-municipal, due to the Federal Project of Credit. The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a bankrupt corporation and does not exist. Your law firm is bankrupt. There is no money. We have no law because we have no money. Whether or whether not you BAR attorneys swore a secret oath to administer the U.S. bankruptcy, the bankruptcy is in each and every letter you send, every form you submit, every court pleading you file, every plea bargain you negotiate. It is a fact of your every professional thought, besides billing. "Law" has nothing to do with it.

At this point you attorneys have made your true function patently obvious. "Attorning" means to take all of the property of the People and give it to the Chosen Masters. Well, your masters' day is over. Oh, it may seem that they are consolidating their control of all the Earth, therefore assuring your positions as their agents for profit and mayhem; but always profit; but we continue to expose the Chosen Masters in this forum and many others, and we are getting quite ready to jam their signals, crash their programs and round them up. Guess where we are going to put the Chosen Masters!

You are being destroyed by leaks from within. From the 13 European families of banking perversion to the Everytown, USA municipal traffic court judge (who would not be caught dead retiring with less than $30 million of the People's money) and the entire Satanist racketeering extortionist blackmailing paedophile warmongering purveyors of human flesh in between, the Chosen Masters are finished.

Some of you attorneys may be hearing the jungle drums and growing uneasy, but most of you are 100% in your ego at all times and proud of being arrogant. Your arrogance may interfere with your understanding of this message, but check it out, because now it is your turn to "understand" something. The jig is up. The truth herein is ugly, but we believe Americans are very angry about the truth to date and that they are ready to hear more. Many will even act on it according to their conscience.

Just when we thought your deeds could not possibly get more hideous, we discovered that you create commercial paper for each inmate in prison and put a price on him and hypothecate that price many times. Correctional Corporation of America (Nashville, Tennessee) creates the bonds, and Lehman Brothers underwrites those bonds for being bought and sold on the world financial markets. The Chosen Masters cut you in on the deals and you all take profits from this. We are enraged to know that U.S. corporations are being funded by our brothers and sisters who were busted for pot or for not having a current driver's license. You BAR attorneys created crimes out of nothing and wrote the rules for this heinous and sickening theft of the People's energy, all for administering the U.S. bankruptcy and your own unjust enrichment. We the People, the ones in whom the power is truly vested, are putting an end to your trafficking in human flesh and spirit.

We used to have common law courts in this country. In common law, unless a living being has been injured or property loss has occurred there has been no crime. We also found out that you BAR attorneys raised the level of the Sea on paper so that it "covers" the land, thereby fraudulently subjecting us to admiralty/maritime law, to the Law of the Sea, to piracy. A cop pulling us over is an act of piracy. It is a kidnapping. That's a pirate flag he's flying, so cops reading this take heed, for the Chosen Masters put you where the rubber meets the road. Get this through your heads now: codes do not apply to the People, only to the corporation for which they were written, and that means you, and it means you are nothing more than corporate thugs. Some of you became cops in order to get respect. But we have been giving you not respect but fear, and people can overcome their fears. We have a God-given right to defend our property and ourselves. Just keep it up, and the survivors of you cops will yourselves become defendants.

The Chosen Masters have decreed that there are too many of us, so you BAR attorneys make it "legal" on paper for vile toadies of the Chosen Masters to poison us and the entire Earth through the food, air, water, and land, and when we sicken, to force dangerous drugs upon us, and when we die, our former employers receive death benefits$$$$$$ on secret, illegal life insurance policies on us,
unjustly enriching a variety of corporations so that the Chosen Masters may take profits. You (and the cops) will answer to the People in the lawful courts we establish and you must answer to your families, friends, neighbours and all whom you sold out and sold. Just about everyone - except Freemasons of course - has been to traffic court nowadays. What did you think was going to happen?

You BAR attorneys are the original back-door men, the ones in the back room, failing to adjust the accounts. You never pay your bills. Once you take a case you are the holder of the account for the case. This means, under Public Law 73-10 wherein all crimes are commercial crimes, and under Public Policy, that you must adjust the account to offset the liability for closure and settlement. You always fail to make the ledger entry - there is NO money and the People are exempt from levy - so you attorneys never pay your bills. You impose the charges upon us and put us in prison instead.

You get paid whether you "win" your case or not, and the judicial system enforces the payment of your fees. This is conclusive proof of the criminality inherent in the U.S. judicial system. What else is a criminal but someone in possession of a valuable commodity – human energy - that was acquired without exchanging something else of value for it?

Well, it is painfully obvious to the People that those are not our courts and we will never get justice in them. We are going to do away with them and you. Don't look now, but persons in positions of authority are going to seize the reins. Even now we are turning the tide for a permanent return to a constitutional form of government. The People will no longer tolerate the lies, the corruption and death that are your daily bread.

You BAR attorneys are all drunkards drunk on debt, chasing Federal Reserve Notes which are debt notes and debt (death). You have made it illegal for the People to get out of debt! You put every man, woman and child under the probate statutes and made us into corporate fictions so you could create life-destroying industries such as taxation and the judicial system. You attorneys are harming the
entire world, and you cannot make it clearer that you are anti-Life. Through trickery and the deceitful use of language, you would reduce our lives to nothing more than a series of commercial transactions. We who now must pursue such life-diminishing goals as "getting out of debt" or "making the rent" or "paying the bills" - we demand that the BAR stand down and stand aside, now, and make way for the true Law. For starters, the People are exempt from levy. In common law there is only two laws: do not harm another living being, and honour all of your contracts. But then there is really only one Law: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Speaking of "personal debt", we learned from our research that the People, the living men and women of this land and all the lands, are the source of all pretend money; i.e., "credit"; i.e., "commercial credit". So-called credit does not exist until We create it. We living Beings of Light are the source of all the energy that is expressed as "credit". Thus, the People can never be debtors, and you attorneys have slandered our names in your collection letters. We will make claims against you for the slander of your deceit, so EXPERIAN, TRANS UNION, EQUIFAX, take note. Your BAR attorneys will not be able to save you. EXPERIAN, TRANS UNION and EQUIFAX are
bankrupt corporations. Yes, People? in this the Bizarre world the credit reporting agencies are insolvent.

We recently heard that the authorities will start to confiscate our gold fillings and gold teeth. (This is for paying interest on the U.S. bankruptcy, folks.) Attention municipal, county, state, and federal, United Nations Chosen Masters/Powers in Charge: We will not tolerate it. We denounce your obscenely unjust and unlawful codes and refuse to obey them. We hereby declare your illegal statutes, codes, rules and regulations to be null and void and of no further effect. You can take my drivers license and shove it!

You are parasites. You create no value. You bring nothing to the table. All of the invisible so-called contracts by which you think you have us in a chokehold are null and void for lack of consideration, lack of full disclosure, for threats, duress and coercion in the formation of the contracts, and for being unconscionable. You ain't got nothing'!

We the People demand forgiveness of all the debt. We demand the restoration of money of substance, backed by gold and silver. We demand our money back for all the illegal income tax on our labour that you converted (stole and gave to a foreign corporation; i.e., the Federal Reserve's collection agency INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE - also a bankrupt corporation). We demand the return of all the money you defrauded us out of for your cash cow Social Security Ponzi

We demand our money back for all of those bull##### illegal parking tickets and illegal court cases. Inasmuch as those funds are collected by corporate thugs and therefore illegal, the funds cannot be added to municipal budget so therefore the People's property goes straight into the judge's retirement fund. We demand that you makereparations to us for having defrauded and enslaved us.

We demand the immediate stand-down of INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Further, once INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has returned to us every penny plus interest, we demand the permanent abolishment of INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Then we shall sue our corporate employers for theft (Form W-4 and wage levies).

We learned that our real government is in the county. In the Republic, where all of our rights are intact, our highest elected official is the county sheriff. We will restore lawful government first at home, in our counties. Generals and Provost Marshals, duty calls like never before, and we are taking names. Do your duty and put the county sheriffs under arrest, or we will!

We will open the prison doors and send home everyone busted for pot and every other innocent victim of your unlawful codes. They will go home with all of their property restored to them plus reparations and public apologies. A goodly portion of those reparations will come from your pocket, Mr. BAR Attorney. We will return back to the prisons all of the real criminals routinely set loose into our communities by the paedophilic treasonous "authorities", and many, many of you BAR attorneys will join them for your crimes.

Judges merit a special note. Municipal traffic court, bankruptcy court, probate court, federal court, makes no difference, you are the most venal and rapacious type of creature imaginable. We have
awakened to the real state of affairs: that we live in the Bizarre world. Thus it should come as no surprise that the man in the black dress, supposedly learned in the "law", is in reality an extortionist, a career criminal, the most unlawful creature on Earth. The judge's bench ("bank") is a moveable feast, his black robes highly appropriate for a bird of carrion.

You are all in breach of the Covenant, in breach of the Trust, in breach of the Contract. In your souls and in commerce, you are in dishonour. Your rights are forfeit and your property is forfeit -
trust or no trust.

We the People who are Beings of Light are taking responsibility and taking over. We are creating a world without parasites. Even as you read this we are ... phasing you out. You cannot turn back this tide. Members of the BAR, here are your choices: Come into the Light, or go into the Light. You very dark ones face un-creation or the Hell planet. You will not be missed.

By: We Oppose Deception

P.S. for the People: BAR Attorneys passed a very sneaky law in 1980 that says they represent both sides in a case! But it is a felony for an attorney to take money from someone he does not represent. So if an attorney bothers you, tell him he's fired! Enjoy!

-------------------THE END IS NEAR -----------------

Real criminal invesitgation and professionalism regarding the Medpharmfraud of 2019