Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pepsi has gone Godless

Don't buy Pepsi in the new can. Pepsi has a new 'patriotic' can
Coming out with pictures of the Empire State Building , and the
Pledge of Allegiance on them.
However, Pepsi left out two little words on the pledge,
'Under God.'
Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone.
In that case, we don't
Want to offend anyone at the Pepsi corporate office, either!
So if we don't buy any Pepsi product, they will not be offended
When they don't receive our money that has the words
'In God We Trust' on it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Your Government Knows About Cannabis And Cancer -- And Isn't Telling You

What Your Government Knows About Cannabis And Cancer -- And Isn't Telling You

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Posted June 24, 2008 | 04:20 PM (EST)

Senator Ted Kennedy is putting forward a brave face following his recent surgery but the sad reality remains. Even with successful surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy treatment, gliomas -- a highly aggressive form of brain cancer that strikes approximately 10,000 Americans annually -- tragically claim the lives of 75 percent of its victims within two years and virtually all within five years.

But what if there was an alternative treatment for gliomas that could selectively target the cancer while leaving healthy cells intact? And what if federal bureaucrats were aware of this treatment, but deliberately withheld this information from the public?

Sadly, the questions posed above are not entirely hypothetical. Let me explain.

In 2007, I reviewed over 150 published preclinical and clinical studies assessing the therapeutic potential of marijuana and several of its active compounds, known as cannabinoids. I summarized these numerous studies in a book, now in its third edition, entitled Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids: A Review of the Scientific Literature. (NORML Foundation, 2008) One chapter in this book, which summarized the findings of more than 30 separate trials and literature reviews, was dedicated to the use of cannabinoids as potential anti-cancer agents, particularly in the treatment of gliomas.

Not familiar with this scientific research? Your government is.

In fact, the first experiment documenting pot's potent anti-cancer effects took place in 1974 at the Medical College of Virginia at the behest federal bureaucrats. The results of that study, reported in an Aug. 18, 1974, Washington Post newspaper feature, were that marijuana's primary psychoactive component, THC, "slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent."

Despite these favorable preliminary findings (eventually published the following year in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute), U.S. government officials refused to authorize any follow-up research until conducting a similar -- though secret -- preclinical trial in the mid-1990s. That study, conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program to the tune of $2 million, concluded that mice and rats administered high doses of THC over long periods had greater protection against malignant tumors than untreated controls.

However, rather than publicize their findings, the U.S. government shelved the results, which only became public after a draft copy of its findings were leaked to the medical journal AIDS Treatment News, which in turn forwarded the story to the national media.

In the years since the completion of the National Toxicology trial, the U.S. government has yet to authorize a single additional study examining the drug's potential anti-cancer properties. (Federal permission is necessary in order to conduct clinical research on marijuana because of its illegal status as a schedule I controlled substance.)

Fortunately, in the past 10 years scientists overseas have generously picked up where U.S. researchers so abruptly left off, reporting that cannabinoids can halt the spread of numerous cancer cells -- including prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and brain cancer. (An excellent paper summarizing much of this research, "Cannabinoids for Cancer Treatment: Progress and Promise," appears in the January 2008 edition of the journal Cancer Research.) A 2006 patient trial published in the British Journal of Cancer even reported that the intracranial administration of THC was associated with reduced tumor cell proliferation in humans with advanced glioblastoma.

Writing earlier this year in the scientific journal Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, Italian researchers reiterated, "(C)annabinoids have displayed a great potency in reducing glioma tumor growth. (They) appear to be selective antitumoral agents as they kill glioma cells without affecting the viability of nontransformed counterparts." Not one mainstream media outlet reported their findings. Perhaps now they'll pay better attention.

What possible advancements in the treatment of cancer may have been achieved over the past 34 years had U.S. government officials chosen to advance -- rather than suppress -- clinical research into the anti-cancer effects of cannabis? It's a shame we have to speculate; it's even more tragic that the families of Senator Kennedy and thousands of others must suffer while we do.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old law proves taxes are unlawful except for regulating commerce

Colonial Tax Repeal Act (1778)

An act for removing all doubts and apprehensions concerning taxation by the parliament of Great Britain in any of the colonies, provinces, and plantations in North America and the West Indies.... Whereas taxation by the parliament of Great Britain for the purpose of raising a revenue in his majesty's colonies, provinces, and plantations in North America has been found by experience to occasion great uneasinesses and disorders among his majesty's faithful subjects, who may nevertheless be disposed to acknowledge the justice of contributing to the common defence of the empire, provided such contribution should be raised under the authority of the general court or general assembly of each respective colony ...: it is hereby declared and enacted ... that, from and after the passing of this act, the king and parliament of Great Britain will not impose any duty, tax, or assessment
whatever, payable in any of his majesty's colonies ... in North America or the West Indies, except only such duties as it may be expedient to impose for the regulation of commerce;
the net produce of such duties to be always paid and applied to and for the use of the colony ... in which the same shall be ... levied.

And be it further enacted ... that ... so much of an act made in the seventh year of his present majesty's reign ...[7] as imposes a duty on tea imported from Great Britain into any colony ... in America ... is hereby repealed....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Oath killing Oath???

Oath to tell a lie

3 / Volume I, Number 7 The Higher Truth
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The Oath That Nullifies “The truth and nothing but the truth...” ???

In America’s court system we rely on the assumption, that all parties under oath are telling the truth. Without the truth, justice would be impossible to obtain. Imagine that someone taking an oath to, “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.” had previously taken another oath nullifying all of his oaths. Bizarre concept? Read on. Should you ever be involved in a court action, to “insure” justice, there may be some additional questions you might want to add to your discovery, or disposition for the judge, attorney, parties to the action, or the members of your potential jury. This article is not intended to be prejudicial to either the Masons or the Jewish people, the vast majority of whom are God-fearing people. It is merely a comment on those of any race or religion who could be duped into taking such a ridiculous, un-American and dangerous oath. The following is based upon information from: Robert Walker, P.O. Box 301, East Berlin, Pennsylvania, an authority on the subject, who has used this information to obtain the resignation of seven judges and public officials, who did NOT want this made a matter of “Public Record.”

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the American Language, “the Kol Nidre, is the opening prayer recited on the eve of Yom Kippur, containing a declaration of annulment for all personal vows and oaths.” It is based on the following declaration from the Talmud (The most wicked document on the face of the entire earth.):

“He who wishes that his vows and oaths shall have no value, shall stand up at the beginning of the year and say: ‘all vows which I shall make during the year shall be of no value.”

The prayer of “KOL NIDRE” is found in Vol. 8 pg. 539 of the Jewish Encyclopedia. It states:

“All vows, obligations, oaths, anthems, whether called konan, konas, or by any other name, by which we may be bound, from this day of atonement, unto the next...we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, thus made of no effect. They shall not bind us nor have any power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths be oaths.”

This same prayer may also be found almost word for word in the volume of, “Revised Festival Prayers,” published in 1919 by the Hebrew Publishing Company, New York.

The Freemason’s have a similar absurd dishonor for oaths. Page 183 of the Masonic “Hand-book” states:

“Whenever you see any of our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the ‘Grand Hailing Sign’ of distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at risk of your life. If you’re on a jury, and the defendant is a ‘Mason’ and makes the ‘Grand Hailing Sign,’ you must disagree with your brother jurors; if necessary, you must be sure NOT to bring the Mason ‘guilty,’ for that would bring disgrace upon your order. You must ‘conceal’ all ‘crimes’ of your brother Masons; except murder and treason, and these at your own ‘option,’ and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason, be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate, don’t tell the truth in this case, keep his secrets, forget the important points. It may be ‘perjury’ to do this, but you are keeping your ‘pure-obligations.” (The maxim for following such a ‘deceitful’ practice must be: “Custom is NOT drawn into consequence.” Black’s Law Dict. 2nd, 25, 1910.)

In October of 1983, Roger Rush of Portland, Maine was sued by Zane’s Department Store through its assignee, the G.E. Credit Corp. Rush, who had been researching the oaths that Masons take, knew the judge and attorney were Masons and utilized the information in his defense. In the Depositions for the Equity Discovery Proceeding, Rush presented a copy of the previously cited page of the Mason’s Handbook and presented the following questions to be answered under oath:
1. Are you, Robert A. Cohen, a Mason?
2. Is the judge hearing this matter a Mason?
3. Is/are the owner, or owners of G. E. Credit Corp. Masons?
4. Has anyone involved in this matter taken an oath of “Kol Nidre?”

Within a few days, Rush received a terse, two-sentence letter from attorney Cohen stating, “We have decided not to enter the complaint brought against you in regard to Zane’s Department Store. There will be no court record.”

In the very words of Albert Pike, a Leading Mason: “We intend to destroy all of Christanity” & “We wage all revolutions.

Real criminal invesitgation and professionalism regarding the Medpharmfraud of 2019