Friday, November 5, 2010

Alberta probation officer Intimidates and encourages submission to fraud!

The beginning of our exchange
On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Fran Salidas wrote:
Good afternoon Mr. Belanger
Your next app at this office is November 5th at 2:30pm
Thank you
Fran Salidas
Probation Officer
Edmonton Central Intake Office
#300-10130 103 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3N9
780-415-4714 direct

fran.salidas On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 2:52 PM, minister Belanger wrote: Thankyou Fran for your offer.....

Here is mine offered under protest of threat duress an intimidation....That is a statement of fact not intended to invoke accusations or provoke assumptions as it is meant as it sounds and is true.

Would it be possible that you can examine this document as I sent it to many so they are aware of the fraud conspiracy to commit treason and religious intimidation I am being subjected to...

I hope you are aware that no law in Canada exist to intimidate me to correspond with a fraud or to submit to impostors orders when they clearly have an invalid oath on the record that even Judges prosecutors and lawyers have agreed exists....That means I am being intimidated to correspond to a fraud and am constantly under threat duress and intimidation to do so...even you are involved in that conspiracy to intimidate me by your assumption those orders are valid...I am positive that once you see the oaths in front of you that you too will see the glaring ommission and invalid nature of that oath..I am even including a judgment from the Texas supreme Court to show you precedent...BTW Courts do recognise US law ""
If you think for yourself you can examine the false oaths and ask your superiors if it is appropriate to engage in intimidation of one claiming Christian faith and God's laws as prime when he simply asks for confirmation that the orders you have been told to enforse are indeed lawful orders written by a lawfully sworn Judge.. I cannot see that request as being agressive rude or resistant to lawful authority so please do not try to read into my words here...They are plain and to the point...I believe the orders are bogus and undertaking a fraud ..All I want you to do as a public servant is to treat me with respect and honor my faith in providing proof they are lawful orders...

That is what I want from you if you can see fit to honor my request in consideration that discrimination is not supported by government statutes and to ignore my request results in discrimination being applied then it is my hope you will not use a superiors opinion to overshadow well established law as applicable to government employee's...

If you can validate those so called orders that appear to be fraudulent then your doing an honorable service to me as I have proof they are unlawful and bogus...I will send you my proof so you are inextricably aware of the law that has been transgressed and the penalties for such transgression/....Judges sitting at the top of the laws power structure are more prone to corruption than those who have no power so uit is well observed that they abuse that power regularily and are caught helpless with the fact their oath is false..They are impostors..Here is the bogus oath...

These are the words are in Alberta from the Oath of office Act, Indicating prima fascia an unlawful, unsanctioned, deficient form by the omission of the word “do” in the Alberta oath of Allegiance thus effectively invalidating the oath by making the oath grammatically incoherent.

I, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law. notice no word is visible

These are the words from the federal Oath of allegiance Act for Canada ,..... it is very clear as to how the oath is to be worded in Canada, it is

(1) Every person who, either of his own accord or in compliance with any lawful requirement made of the person, or in obedience to the directions of any Act or law in force in Canada, except the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Citizenship Act, desires to take an oath of allegiance shall have administered and take the oath in the following form, and no other: ( Wow thats clear)

I, ...................., swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God.

Section 126 of the criminal code applies to violating an Act of parliament.....The Act is the Oaths of Allegiance Act. Remember I am claiming a fraud has transpired have presented propof of it and would like you to confirm those so called judges who made those orders are indeed with bthe valid in law sanction to be able to do what they are doing.....That oath is sacred and they have forged it!

Section 423 of the criminal code as well as 180 and 176 also come into play here so please do your research carefully....

I speak for honor integrity and stand for defense of the Christian faith as he Majesty so proudly bears the title of...."Defender of the Faith" My faith is under attack by impostors who have repeatedly intimidated me openmly to violate the commandments of god YHVH.........will you help me the Christian minister or them the evident impostors who do not even deny it.??

Blessings upon your well thought out and honorable reply as my communication to you is in good faith and if you fail to reply I will assume you agree with me....

Blessings Fran and I hope you know it is not my intent to frustrate you but to bring yuou into inextricable awareness it is my faith that is being intimidated by the fraudulent actions of others....

minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger of no relation top BELANGER Robin Jay a dead in law legal fiction used as a pledge for a security traded on the stock exchange...Typing THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA into's search engine then click alberta then canada then click search by company...You will see every courthouse in Alberta listed as a trading entity...What do you suppose a court is trading??? Corporate contracts of value and securitised with the provinces CUSIP number and traded as bonds and securitee's with the all caplital name as the debtor pledge for the bond...My and your birth certificates are listed as securitee items and are printed in Banknote paper as they are valuable securitees..
trading flesh without their knowledge is fraud and Slavery Fran..I hope your not in favour of that..Will you be my witness in these proceedings so the court knows you were brought to a point of awareness or should I file an affidavit to that effect?? I will not be calling upon you in your official capacity as it appears it is founded upon a fraud but rather will call upon you in your private capacity to give evidense..

Blessings and I do apologise if this information has overwhelmed you as the intimidation and bogus nature of the courts certainly has overwhelmed me!
Subject: Re: Appointment
To: Fran Salidas

Greetings ,Fran, I just wanted you to know that others from my church will be contacting you to confirm our agreement that I have indeed shown you my lawful excuse to not appear in your office and for you to act as eternal witness to the potential intimidation to do a thing I have a right and freedom in Christ not to submit to...

You have not refuted my offer of my lawful excuse to not appear that was done in honor.....I know you believe that men acting as judges are incapable of error but I did show you they have invalid oaths proving they are impostors... I know you do not wish to jeopardise your fidelity bond and join in on the conspiracy those faking true allegiance to a Christian monarch are engaged in....Treason is a very serious allegation and I am prepared to support it with all the facts that make it impossible for the
impostors to prove wrong..

.I thankyou sincerely for not refuting my notice to you and thankyou for your acceptance of the facts and notifying your superior..Blessings upon knowing it is lawful for me not to appear as long as I have given you my lawful excuse....I can think of no better reason for not submitting to impostors other than they have sworn false oaths as I provide you with and have added to and removed from YHVH's law in violoation of Deuteronomy 4:2 and I know it will not be your attempt to intimidate me to correspond with the fraud extortion and treason which as allowed them to take the value of my name by conversion and trade it on the stock exchange...You may have never had a man of faith exposing fraud before to you like this but it is my sincere hope I will not be the last in exposing you to the fraud misprison of treason breach of trust and obstruction of a minister engaged in the official functions of his calling immune from intimidation and nuisance by not so public officials as since the system is based upon fale oaths they are but private men and women that are privately liable to me for any damages to the ability to practice my faith and beleifs in the laws of YHVH as prime and and damages that result in the limitation of my liberty inChrist..

If you have any information that can prove those impostors have some kind of authority to be on the bench with false oaths or that they have authority to suprecede the laws of YHVH please forward them to me as if you do not I will assume you have conceded you have no authority to intimidate me to correspond to bogus orders and submit to treasonous activitees....

Please do not as is commonly suggested by superiors attempt to ignore my notices offered in good faith as I have been collecting witnesses who will let you know they are watching to see if you act in honor or not..incidently my coaccused who has no conditions no bail and was evicted from Fort Saskatchewan correctional facility has admitted that the gift of god was in his care when we were obstructed by the RCMP....He has no probation officer and needs not to report yet his record is as bad as mine...Any orders I signed were offered under protest of threat duress and intimidation as per U.D.I. beside my autograph on each form I signed....That invalidates the agreement as no agreement can be held as valid if it is obtained under threat duress and intimidation...

Blessings upon knowing I am not going anywhere and wish to remain in communication with you as I am claiming you as my witness in this excellent exchange..Thankyou for your cooperation in not disputing my lawful excuse and your acceptance of the proof I provided that the men and women acting as judges in the province have false oaths and are impostors....

Bidding you goodbye in Yahushua's name....Thankyou so much Vinnie and Gaylon! wow good letter!!....I left her a message today that chimed with yours beautifully ...Bless your lives you two!


Hello and greetings in the name of YHWH (Christ) our savior.

We are writing you as friends and fellow ministers of Edward Robin Belanger. We as many others have been witnessing our brother being criminalized under your commercial system for the past year but more importantly treated less than a man of YHWH our Christ. As men and woman it might be rather obvious to assume that our justice system is corrupt and will remain corrupt
until someone like yourself realizes money and power feeds an empty soul. We as men and woman are told to answer to are authorities in life but who do you answer to? I hope you don't feel threatened or intimitaded by this because these aren't our intentions I would just like to know why you in your posistion would ever violate a minister in his teachings who holds the ten commandments as his rule of law in life. I was always told that a criminal was one who would do harm to another. Clearly Edward is not a criminal. Why does your system of governments wish to hurt people that only speak in truth and would never harm a soul? Tell me please who are the real criminals? I do not wish to offer you facts clearly you know this case but my job as a minister is to help anyone in need and act as a watchmen Ezekiel 33:6-10. Maybe its yourself needing guidance?? We will continue to stand by Edward and I hope you can find some sort of peace in him as he carries on in his teachings and peaceful life and realize there is room for God (YHWH) and truth in this world and there is a men and women in this world who deserve true freedom.

blessings in truth,
ministers Vanessa-Robin:Nixon and Gaylon-Wayne-Frans:Duchek

Greetings Fran,

We are also writing to confirm that we are witnessing this exchange between
yourself and,

minister Edward Jay Robin Belanger.

To Fran Salidas acting as probation officer for the Defacto Government of Canada
from: minister Judith- Patricia: Duchek
and minister Carl-Wayne:Duchek

Greeting Fran,

We are contacting you as ministers of the Church of Ecumenical
Redemption International, and as ministers we do not intimidate or threaten in
any way shape or form.We merely act as witnesses and watchmen Ezekiel 33 ;6-10.
It has come to our attention that of our brother and fellow minister has fallen
victim of a criminal conspiricy of our Government along with some of its
officials and Government workers.

Minister Edward-Jay-Robin:Belanger has had his religious rights and true
justice completely ignored and made a Judas Goat to show false authority, power
and personal revenge. Are you aiding and abetting some of these crimes in the
Canadian Criminal Code? To name some, intimidation(423), common nusiance(180),
obstruction of officiating clergymen(176), Breach of trust,forcing YHVH,s
minister into a commercial contract, swearinga false oath in YHVH,s name,
involving the Queen's name in fraud and treason. A breach of the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms, the list goes on.
Do you know a Government official or Government worker who has taken a
false oath, is a fraud and an impostor and has no legal authority what so ever?
Should all previous court cases and illegalities preformed against men
and women of YHVH be reenacted, since the oath was altered in 1955?
What do you think?
We are being our brother Edward-Jay-Robin:Belanger's, watchman and
witness hoping you will act in honor and in a true lawful and religious manner.
Do you realize, YHVH's law is still supreme and as quoted from the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms(whereas Canada is founded apon the
principal that recognizes the supremacy of YHVH). This protects our right and
religious freedoms as men and women of YHVH, our father in Heaven. As we are of
his creation we will be watching and witnessing.

We also look forward to your reply at you earliest convenience stating your
honorable intentions.

Blessings from minister Judith-Patricia:Duchek and Minister Carl-Wayne:Duchek

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton Oct 18 2010

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton Oct 18 2010

WITHOUT PREJUDICE Myself and others are monitoring these events very closelyI look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience and pray it is honourable.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Debra Bentley
Date: Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 2:06 AM
Subject: Fwd:lawful excuse for failure to meet with probation
officer.......Treason!!! Please email her and let her know your watching
Fran Salidas


Greetings Fran,

I am writing to confirm I am witnessing this exchange between yourself and;
Minister Edward Jay Robin Belanger.
I am from New South Wales, Australia, and a Member & Minister of the Church of
the Ecumenical Redemption International.

I would like to know if you will act in honour or are willing to go along with
the conspiracy to commit Treason et al?
Do you also realise it is a criminal offence to conceal a criminal offence?

Many criminal offences are being committed by officials & authorities using
tactics of intimidation. threat & duress as well as deception, coercion &
fraud, these also amount to Misprision of a Felony/Felonies & Misprision of
Treason et al.

Myself and others here in Australia are monitoring the events in Canada very

I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience & pray it is
:Debra: Bentley.
P.O. Box xx
Buxton [NSW xxxx] non-commercial

Notice of Greetings to Fran!

Hey Fran, I am just writing this Notice to you simply to put you on notice that I have noticed minister Belangers notice that he sent to you and I am bringing you into awareness that I am a witness to this event. Your law is written very clear so as our public officials are able to perform the scope of their duties, but if for some reason they act outside of the law then there are consequences I'm sure that would follow as would be the case in anyone breaking the law. Please don't think this is a threat or a nasty notice or anything like that, it is simply to bring you, Fran, into awareness that I am a witness to minister Belangers offer he proposed to you. I truly hope it is not your intent to threaten or coerce the good minister into participating in a fraud once he has already let you know all the facts and is clearly awaiting your response, and as we all know in law silence is compliance :o)

If you examine the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms you will find that section 32 clearly spells out who the charter was intended for, which is our government and our government officials. If we look in the same charter under section 52 we will notice that all statutes shall be in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms if they are not already. So it is safe to conclude that if this charter only applies to government and agents as such then all other acts and statutes have to as well, simply because that is the way it is written. Looking at the pre amble of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms we will see that the system and the government recognize the supremacy of God. Therefore if God is supreme, then his word through the bible is as well. There is no Act, Statute, Bill or Code anywhere that enables any man woman or child to perform religious discrimination against another, nor does one exist that enables any man or woman ACTING in any capacity to do the same.

I sincerely hope I have demonstrated myself accordingly by bringing you into awareness and agreement as the good book, the bible, says. If you have any response to my e mail please e mail me back as I look forward to hearing from you Fran :o)

All rights and immunities reserved

without malice, ill will, vexation or frivolity

minister Marko

from Albert Olofsson
date Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 7:52 AM
subject Probation

hide details 7:52 AM (3 hours ago)

Hello Fran, My Name is Albert Olofsson and I have been witnessing the exchange between you and minister Belanger of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International ....

It is my sincere hope, as a Swedish National having an international interest in this, that you will not offend this mans freedom from participating in fraud by intimidating him with threats of imprisonment if he refuses to bow to the orders of false god judges with false oaths.

If it is within your power I feel that as witness that if you plan to do anything to him as a result of his good faith reason and lawful excuse for not coming to your office that you do give him fair warning so we as his supporters may rally a flag internationally against treason and tyranny...

I thank you for grasping the sincerity of my writing to you...

May light fill your life



Hello minster Belanger here of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International I wish all to be aware that despite my diligent efforts to communicate to Fran she said she never read my emails. I also sent her voice mail which she also ignored.

I am trying to get her to respect my faith and beliefs that I do not need to physically show up in her office in submission to orders by a false oathed judge......Here is the false oath I showed her that she ignored and proceeded to intimdate me with threats I would have a warrant out for my arrest if I did not submit to the false oath orders...

Now..From the Federal Oath of Allegiance Act that says carefully and note the word "shall" is an imperative absolute.

(1) Every person who, either of his own accord or in compliance with any lawful requirement made of the person, or in obedience to the directions of any Act or law in force in Canada, except the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Citizenship Act, desires to take an oath of allegiance shall have administered and take the oath in the following form, and no other:

I, ...................., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God. ( Notice no words saying "according to law")

Now on to the oath all of the legislature of Alberta and it's employee's have taken for decades as well as all the lawyers and Judges and police.

Alberta >> Statutes and Regulations >> Consolidated Statutes of Alberta >>



HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly
of Alberta, enacts as follows:

Oath of allegiance
1(1) When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an oath of
allegiance it shall be taken in the following form:

(Notice there is no word “Do” and no “Queen of Canada” and the words “According to law are not in the federal enactment”.

I, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , swear that I will be
faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.

So help me God.

(2) Where the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second is expressed
In the form, the name of the Sovereign at the time that the oath is taken
Shall be substituted therefore if different.
RSA 1970 c266 ss2,5,Form A

Official oath
2 When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an official
Oath on

(a) Being appointed to an office other than that of judge or
Justice of the peace, or

(b) Being admitted to a profession or calling,

the oath shall be taken in the following form:

I, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , swear that I will
diligently, faithfully and to the best of my ability execute according to
law the office of . . . . . . . . . . .

So help me God.

RSA 1970 c266 s3,Form B

Judicial oath
3 When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take a judicial
Oath on his appointment as a judge or as a justice of the peace, the oath
Shall be taken in the following form:

I, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , swear that I will honestly
and faithfully and to the best of my ability exercise the powers and duties
of a . . . . . . . . . . . .

So help me God.

RSA 1970 c266 s4,Form C;1975(2) c43 s5

Affirmation or declaration
4(1) A person who is required by a statute of Alberta to take an oath
prescribed by this Act may make a solemn affirmation or declaration instead
of taking the oath.

(2) When on the administering of an oath prescribed by this Act the person
about to take the oath is permitted by law to make a solemn affirmation or
declaration instead of taking an oath, the person may make a solemn
affirmation in the prescribed form of the oath, substituting the words
"solemnly swear and truly declare and affirm" for the word "swear", and
omitting the words "So help me God".
RSA 1980 cO-1 s4;1990 c29 s19

Thankyou all for being witness to my diligent efforts to gain this agreement...I left a message with Fran that I could not appear in her office as of my faith and beliefs to not submit to fraud nor impostors...

I just talked to Fran Salidas and she said she has no time to check her email....She then intimidated me to submit myself to the fraud of false oathed judges....Do you as MLA's Support fraud? She thinks it is ok and intentionally intimidated me....

I want you all to be my witnesses to this...You wil be called upon to give evidense if I my freedom is taken from me by those who have no respect for my faith or the laws of God the Queen defends...

The oath is false ladies and gentlemen! Why do you support a false oath??

minister Belanger
Michelle Lafrance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

date Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 9:57 PM
subject Re: Notice to all that an agreement has been reached with the private woman acting as a de facto Corrections officer Fran Salinas

hide details 9:57 PM (45 minutes ago)

Minister Belanger,

It is not your concern if Fran has not opened or read your (electronic) mail /correspondence - by law she has been served - see Postal service delivery - even with postal (snail) mail, it is deemed served after 4 days if there has been no rebuttal/return to sender.
Your mail, whether electronic or via postal service, has still been delivered regardless whether she has taken the time to open & read it, & whether she chose to acknowledge or ignore it.
She has confirmed via your conversation that it has been received but she has not read them at this time. That is NOT your problem - it is hers.
If you or I ignored their written letters, regardless of which form it is made, we are held accountable & this also applies to Fran / others.
Since you have responded with lawful excuse & you cannot be forced to perform under their fraudulent contract, you can now cease from any further correspondence with these Corporate thugs & if they do try to force you into their deceptive & fraudulent contracts with their enforcers (ie; RCMP etc) & attempt or actually do kidnap you in order to do so, that is further evidence of their criminal activities & exposes their rort of involuntary slavery.

I know that you are a GOD fearing man & act peacefully at all times, but you may have no other options if this situation continues.
SLAVERY is against all known morals & Law, domestic & International & you may then be forced into a position of self-defence.
Do you have others close by who are in a position to come to your aid & help to defend you from these criminal slave traders who use deception, fraud, threat, intimidation & duress, violence, kidnap & sometimes murder to achieve their aims.

I am prepared to be a witness to your peaceful & lawful attempts to placate these criminals if required & if they wish for me to appear in a Canadian Court, I demand that all my travel & accommodation expenses are paid for by Fran & her Government Corporation/s.

All Rights Reserved
:Debra-Margaret: Bentley.
Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International
C/- PO Box xx
xxxx [NSW xxxx]

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