Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Private federal Law Suit

Federal Court Of Canada Plenary Statement Of claim Tort of Intimidation: to leave Her Majesties defense of the faith and our freedom of religion Between: Elizabeth Mary Alexandra Windsor "Defender of the Faith" Et al Department of Defense Special Exercise operation “SILENT DEFENDER” With: Judicial Examiner Delegate International as Ezekiel 33:6-10 proxy for the “Defender of the Faith” minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger with scheduled members of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International a non commercial non registered organism of living men and women in union of spirit as the body of Christ See Schedule “1” The private man Doug Horner, acting defacto as deputy premier, president of Treasury Board The private man Dave Hancock, acting as head over Human Services, government house leader The private man Ted Morton, Acting as minister for Energy The private man Verlyn Olson, acting as Justice and attorney general, deputy government house leader The private man Fred Horne, acting as minister for Health The private man Ron Liepert, acting as minister for Finance The private man Thomas Lukaszuk, acting as minister for Education The private woman Diana McQueen, acting as minister for Environment and Water The private man Jonathan Denis, acting as solicitor general and Public Security The private man Cal Dallas, acting as minister for International, Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Relations The private man Evan Berger, acting as minister for Agriculture and Rural Development The private man Frank Oberle,acting as minister for Sustainable Resource Development The private man George Vanderburg, acting as minister for Seniors The private man Ray Danyluk, Acting as minister for Transportation The private man Jeff Johnson, acting as minister for Infrastructure The private man Doug Griffiths, acting as minister for Municipal Affairs The private man Greg Weadick, acting as minister for Advanced Education and Technology The private man Jack Hayden, acting as minister for Tourism, Parks and Recreation The private woman Heather Klimchuk, acting as minister for Culture and Community Services The private man Manmeet Bhullar, acting as minister for Service Alberta The following men and women acting as various titled Judges for the Provincial de facto courts J.B. Veit Edmonton A.B. Sulatycky Calgary A.M. Lutz Calgary E.A. Marshall Edmonton B.L. Rawlins Calgary J.L. Foster Red Deer L.J. Smith Edmonton W.V. Hembroff Lethbridge T.F. McMahon Calgary S.M. Bensler Calgary L.D. Wilkins Calgary D. Lee Edmonton C.A. Kent Calgary J.H. Langston Lethbridge P.J. McIntyre Calgary C.S. Phillips Calgary M.T. Moreau Edmonton P.M. Clark Calgary S.J. LoVecchio Calgary W.P. Sullivan Calgary C.L. Kenny Calgary R.P. Marceau Edmonton R.P. Belzil Edmonton M.A. Binder Edmonton G.C. Hawco Calgary C.Scott Brooker Calgary S.M. Sanderman Edmonton B.E.C. Romaine Calgary D.A. Sulyma Edmonton R.E. Nation Calgary B.R. Burrows Edmonton A.G. Park Calgary G.A. Verville Edmonton L.D. Acton Edmonton T.D. Clackson Edmonton A.B. Moen Edmonton B.E. Mahoney Calgary S.J. Greckol Edmonton E.A. Hughes Calgary M.C. Erb Calgary E.F. Macklin Edmonton V.O. Ouellette Edmonton D.C. Read Edmonton K.M. Horner Calgary S.D. Hillier Edmonton J.E. Topolniski Edmonton A.W. Germain Edmonton J.M. Ross Edmonton J.J. Gill Edmonton D.R.G. Thomas Edmonton S.L. Martin Calgary A.D. Macleod Calgary K.L. Sisson Red Deer R.A. Graesser Edmonton D.L. Shelley Edmonton D.K. Miller Lethbridge K.M. Eidsvik Calgary Nielsen Edmonton M.G. Crighton Edmonton E.C. Wilson Calgary J. Strekaf Calgary D.J. Manderscheid Edmonton K.D. Yamauchi Edmonton R.G. Stevens Calgary P.R. Jeffrey Calgary M.R. Bast Red Deer S.L. Hunt McDonald Calgary B.A. Browne Edmonton J.T. McCarthy Calgary W.A. Tilleman Calgary J.H. Goss Edmonton R.J. Hall Calgary G.H. Poelman Calgary R.A. Jerke Lethbridge P.B. Michalyshyn Edmonton M.D. Gates Edmonton Those private men and or women acting as Masters of the Provincial Courts W. Breitkreuz, Edmonton K.R. Laycock Calgary R.P. Wacowich, Edmonton J.B. Hanebury, L.A. Smart, Q.C.Edmonton J.T. Prowse, Q.C. W.S. Schlosser, Q.C. J.L. Mason R.B. Waller, Q.C. (ad hoc) Calgary/Edmonton A.Gail Vickery Edmonton A.H. Lefever Edmonton J.K. Wheatley Edmonton M.G. Allen Edmonton L.G. Anderson Edmonton H.A. Bridges Edmonton M.M.Carminati Edmonton A.G. Chrumka* Edmonton S.R. Creagh Edmonton F.A. Day Edmonton D.M. Groves Edmonton J.T.Henderson Edmonton E.A Johnson Edmonton J.B. Kerby Edmonton F.E.LeReverend Edmonton L.E. Malin Edmonton Terry.J. Matchett Edmonton D.J. McNab Edmonton Philp Edmonton M.G. Stevens-Guille Edmonton P.G. Sully Edmonton D.R. Valgardson Edmonton Ernest.J.M. Walter Edmonton Leo.J. Wenden Edmonton D.R. Wong* Edmonton D.R. Pahl Edmonton P. Ayotte Stony Plain L.J. Burgess Edmonton S.A. Cleary Fort McMurray D.E. Demetrick St. Paul B.H. Fraser* St. Albert H.W.A. Fuller Edmonton C.D. Gardner Stony Plain B.R. Garriock St. Albert J.R. Jacques Fort McMurray P.T. Johnston Vermilion Norman Alexander Forgon Mackie St. Albert J. Maher* Sherwood Park Vaughn.H. Myers St. Albert L.E. Nemirsky Edmonton Donald.C. Norheim Hinton S.G. Peck Edmonton D.G. Rae Fort Saskatchewan K.E. Tjosvold Stony Plain M.M. White Leduc K.D. Williams St. Paul Northern Region Peace River E.J. Simpson M.B. Golden Grande Prairie T.R. Goodson High Prairie B.R. Hougestol Grande Prairie J.R. McIntosh* Peace River G.W. Paul Peace River J.A. Watson Grande Prairie C.K.W. Thietke Peace River Central Region Red Deer W.A. Skinner W.A. Andreassen Camrose G.E. Deck Red Deer J.D. Holmes Red Deer J.A. Hunter Red Deer J.B. Mitchell Red Deer D.J. Plosz Red Deer E.D. Riemer* Red Deer B.D. Rosborough Wetaskiwin K.L. Rostad* Camrose Calgary and Calgary Regional R.J. Wilkins J.D. Bascom Calgary P.B. Barley Calgary Regional A.J. Brown Calgary G.G. Cioni Calgary E.J. Creighton Calgary Regional W.J. Cummings Calgary C.L. Daniel Calgary M. Delong Calgary G.S. Dunnigan Calgary A.A. Fradsham Calgary B.R. Fraser Calgary G.J. Gaschler Calgary M.L. Graham Calgary L.R. Grieve Calgary Regional S.A. Hamilton Calgary H.A. Lamoureux Calgary F.L. Maloney Calgary P.J. Mason Calgary P.M. McIlhargey Calgary Regional G.M. Meagher Calgary B.A. Millar Calgary J.J. Ogle Calgary T.C. Semenuk Calgary J. Shriar Calgary Regional C.M. Skene Calgary M.T.C. Tyndale Calgary S.L. Van de Veen Calgary H.M. Van Harten Calgary B.L. Veldhuis Calgary Southern Region Lethbridge E.W. Peterson Assistant Chief Judge G.R. DeBow* Lethbridge F.C. Fisher Medicine Hat D.J. Greaves Medicine Hat T.G. Hironaka Lethbridge L.B. Hogan Lethbridge G.K. Krinke Medicine Hat J.N. LeGrandeur Lethbridge G.S. Maxwell Lethbridge S.L. Oishi Lethbridge P.G. Pharo Lethbridge D.G. Redman Lethbridge P.L. Adilman Edmonton e R.W. Bradley Edmonton D. Brand Medicine Hat P.M. Caffaro Edmonton H.R. Chisholm Edmonton F.W. Coward Lethbridge H.D. Gaede Camrose D.G. Ingram Edmonton R.A. Jacobson Lethbridge N.P. Lawrence Red Deer N.P. Leveque Calgary W.R. Pepler Calgary J.D. Reilly Calgary T.G. Schollie Red Deer J.C.M. Spence Edmonton B.C. Stevenson Calgary S.E.W.J. Wood Edmonton J.M. Filice D.J. Buchanan* Edmonton M.J. Burch Edmonton D. Dalton Edmonton J.G. Easton* Edmonton J.D. Franklin* Edmonton G.B.N. Ho Edmonton J.C. Koshman Edmonton P.E. Kvill* Edmonton S.C. Miller Edmonton M.J Savaryn Edmonton L.S. Witten* Edmonton V.T. Tousignant Calgary G.J. Burrell Calgary E.R.R. Carruthers* Calgary L.T.L. Cook-Stanhope Calgary K.J. Jordan Calgary T. LaRochelle Calgary S.E. Lipton Calgary L.K. McLellan Calgary R.J. O’Gorman Calgary S. Prowse O'Ferrall Calgary J.R. Shaw Calgary N.R. Hess L.L. Burt Calgary M.M. Donnelly* Edmonton K. Haymour Edmonton K.D. Hope* Edmonton M.A. McCorquodale Calgary J.L. Skitsko Edmonton L.D. Young Edmonton D.R. Ackroyd, Edmonton M.A. Brown W.S. Andrew, J.K. Conley I. Yaverbaum, Edmonton D.C. Elliott S.N. Douglas J.G. Szekeres T.H. Langeste P.B. Higgerty J.J. Moher L.G. Morris F.Y. Roy E.P. Newcombe A.R. Schlayer L.L. Plater J.L. Schwager S.J. Taylor Grande Prairie Lethbridge D.B. Logan R.D. Price Red Deer Grande Prairie Lethbridge D.B. Logan - PT R.D. Price Red Deer Medicine Hat D.C. Ellis C.B. Wheatley S.T. Gorsalitz Presiding Justices of the Peace Edmonton Calgary D.J. Blais- FT W.D. Milne Arthur E. Wilson, Q.C. W.J. Shiplett I.A. Zaharko - FT T.C. Brennan J.L. Booth J.L. Clark J.A. Bowron S. Wan W.M. Faulkner M.C. Dunkley E.E.P. Johnson, C.S. Macdonald Max A. King S.D. Morgan J.L. Lester A. Verenka R.M. Saccomani M.S.D. Smith R.S. Stelmaczonek all Crown Officers working in the Public Trust, and Private Trust of the people of the province of Alberta and for the Courts of the province of Alberta, Alison Redford in her private capacity acting as Premier for the defacto province of Alberta , Stephen Harper in his private capacity acting as a defacto prime minister of the corporation CANADA , Robert Nicholson in his private capacity acting as the defacto minister of Justice for CANADA the corporation, the man Robert Marr in his private capacity acting as a provincial prosecutor in right of her majesty for the Province of Alberta, the corporation, out of Stony Plain, Steven Bilodeau in his private capacity acting as a provincial prosecutor in right of her majesty for the Province of Alberta out of Edmonton ,Richard Marks in his private capacity acting as Freedom of Information Requests officer for the minister acting as the solicitor general in right of her majesty for the Province of Alberta out of Edmonton , Max King in his private capacity acting as a provincial justice of the peace in the Edmonton Law Courts in right of her majesty for the Province of Alberta Arthur Wilson in his private capacity acting as a defacto Provincial justice of the peace at the Edmonton Law courts, Helena Solin in her private capacity acting as a federal Crown prosecutor in right of her majesty for CANADA out of Edmonton and the man known as Adam Halliday in his private capacity acting as a federal Crown prosecutor in right of her majesty for CANADA out of Edmonton and the man known as Brian Saunders in his private Capacity acting as the director of federal prosecutions in his private capacity acting as senior federal Crown prosecutor in right of her majesty for CANADA and the woman Leona Aglukkaq in her private capacity acting as the minister of Health of Canada out of Ottawa , et al also including Lance Cranna in his private capacity acting as court security for the Edmonton law courts, Greg Medley in his private capacity acting as Superior security officer for the Edmonton Law Courts, Neil De Hass in his private capacity acting as an Edmonton City Police officer Wayne Redding acting as the director of the Edmonton Remand Centre a condemned and privately owned building Cathie Scott acting as former director of the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional facility Rueben Eschevarra Working as a guard at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Facility and other private men and women to be named acting as de facto officers et al, as well and expansively inclusive of all other named private men and women most irrefutably occupying the offices of the Provincial Court Judges and Prosecutors in fraud in direct violation of the Federal Oaths of Allegiance Act The British North American Act of 1867 Schedule V and section 11 of the Governor Generals Act of 1947, The Westminster confession of Faith from 1646 an Act of the British Parliament. They are all hereby Collectively and individually, in receipt of formal, written, private, Judicial and Ecclesiastic Notice that all of their public and private liability bonds and/or insurance policies, to cover damages of this nature, are being claimed by minister Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger speaking for private organism being the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International comprised of it’s body of Christ being the private members, specifically in their entirety for: See Schedule 1 . Plaintiffs And Respondants All herein named below are claimed upon their private capacity as we ministers of Christ cannot show respect to the persons of men, the titles are that which they choose to employ in an attempt to escape private liability for the Tort of Intimidation as such ignorance of the law is no excuse. Deuteronomy 1:17, 10:17, Matthew 22:16, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, James 2:9 for reference as to why we cannot be associated or show respect to persons) Deuteronomy 4:2 12:32 is the law indicating it is not to be added to and as such all private men and women acting in the office of a corporate government can rebut the claim they altered our names for financial purpose without law to support that action or our informed consent and they did add to God Jehovah’s law as defended by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor without the lawful authority to do so and as such are with intent to defy God, his law and with the power of a dead in law corporation comprised of thinking minds are intent on intimidating men and women to submit to their collective will, in defiance of her majesty’s ability and sworn Oath to defend the laws of God, thereby causing damages in the amount of 1 million dollars for each and everyone of the so named herein men and women to effect restitution for those damages intent upon bringing about unlawful restrictions upon our Church member awake in Christ and washed from the laws of mammon and collective fraud. They can rebut that they by their de facto activity of adding to God’s law without sanction did harm by intimidation of that defacto regime to the Church founded upon Christ and added to and removed from Jehovah’s law with unavoidably deliberate and conspired intent to bring damage to those men and women taking sanctuary in the Church indeed in God Yahuwah’s (Jehovah’s) law by intimidating them with defacto commercial legislation offering the intimidation of jail and fines if they do not submit. Note there exists no law that allows the alteration of a man’s name into an all capital legal fiction “Capitus Diminutio Maxima” unless he consents with knowledge as to the reasons and result of such action. Contracts that impede or impair ones ability to practice their faith are void. Amselem v Syndicate Northwest 2004 SCR. Ezekiel 33:6-10 The provided extensive list of men and women in their private capacity who are accused of aiding and abetting the Tort of unlawful Intimidation by the adding to removing from the laws of God YHWH in violation of his commands and the Oath to bear faithful and true allegiance to Her majesty in aiding her in her duty to defend them, The private woman Alison Redford of Alberta sometimes located in the Provincial legislature who with knowledge and without sanction of her majesty or evidence of it . Notice all these fictional titles herein provided are only for evidence, the subsequent names in interlocking equity and conflict of interest are of the respondents, so named, being private men and women severally, collectively and privately liable for the tort of intimidation to violate the Christian faith and submit to the laws of a false god being involved with the fraud of altering my name to a fiction of law referred to as a “Person” which includes a corporation,( Canada Interpretation Act section 35 Ezekiel 33:6-10) which is dead in law, intimidating me to respond to it respect it and associate my flesh with it with threats I will be arrested if I do not . Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Again these names provided are for the convenience of the court as the full names are extremely hard to get and a motion for Subpoena Duces Takem in regard to the gaining of the full names may be of merit to advance such a emergent need for remedy cure and maintenance in full Standing and defense of the laws of God as is the Cause for these proceedings. This being necessitated as of no other competent process and as of the evident intent to intimidate myself and the Church body to submit to the codes rules and regulations of corporations acting as false gods and trading our values by assumptive Parens Patriae jurisdiction and utilizing such assumed right of proxy to trade such value based in flesh achieved by tacit consent pledge and surety on the NYSE. All this in defiance of her majesty's ability to defend the Christian faith and obstruction of our ministry. These enumerated and named as respondants herein did in the intent of enforcing a de facto authority in violation of the commands of God and her Majesty’s duty to defend them did severally and collectively with interlocking equity bring harm to man woman or property by the force of intimidation to myself as a Christian minister not bound by contractual obligations of a commercial and corporate nature, and they did with private knowledge using the force of a de facto unlawful government in defiance of the laws of God YHWH impede my ability to officially perform the functions of my calling as a minister washed in the blood of Christ engaged in ministerial non commercial travel and or functions, and they did severally and collectively with a planned will and intent,intimidate me via the use of commercial Provincial civil law codes regulations and impositions as unlawfully governed by her de facto Provincial assembly, to violate the commands of God that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor defends by her Coronation Oath. She is so herein named as dejure monarch operating in capacity as SILENT DEFENDER intervener to this suit as she most dutifully shall by proxy. This forced and intentional intimidation to submit to commercially titled Provincial and Federal ordinances of a corporate nature indicates, prima fascia, an intent on conspiring with and acting in interlocking equity with and to bill the created Cesti Que Vie trust formed by the registrar upon the registration of a birth event in a Provincial registry pledged as surety and bonded for value into a commercial instrument used as a security with a name in all capital letters and done in fraud as no law statute code or regulation permits it or authorizes it. These ex officio agents of a defacto nature have by fraud and intimidation been acting as billing agents with others so herein name upon that so named and registered Cesti Que Vi trust as in fraud to make use of the legal fiction creations, being commercially formed fictions to serve as corporate vehicles of Identity. These men and women so herein named as being privately liable for the Tort of intimidation will be expected to provide proof of their ability in law as supported by her Majesty to add to and remove from God’s law as is the basic cause of the claimed intimidation so their can be no excuse for missing or declaring that their is no definitive cause when Ecclesiastical Standing is clear on the face of the record. The cause is supplemented and aided by proof of the diligence of the plaintiffs so herein named, to ensure the private men and women so herein named as liable for the Tort of intimidation, were well aware of the principles of the Christian faith withstanding and defense of her majesty (176CCC) and indeed our ministerial duty to not walk in the ordinance of the heathen. Leviticus 18:3-4 These private men and women so herein named as respondents to the Statement of Claim for the Tort of Intimidation that are brought before this honorable court ,of oath sufficiency and subsequent competent jurisdiction, have insisted collectively on ignoring the diligent private notices and videos sent to them, notice to agent is notice to principle, and their associates so herein named in their private capacity as connected and associated in interlocking equity to the value of our birth bonds and as such are effecting the Tort of unlawful intimidation against our Church members collectively by imposing a defacto government’s manufacturing of laws in excess of God’s law upon the lives and freedom of those private non commercial servants of Christ under YHWH as supreme. They collectively so named in their private capacity have without lawful oaths and via defacto use of public office in a misfeasance manner exceeding statute code and regulation, have thereby reduced their capacity to that of a private man or woman effecting an abuse of the laws of a corporation upon a private men and women not being an officer citizen or person of that corporation, by utilizing the powers of assumption and alteration of my given name for a financial purpose without my consent in violation of my faith and statute in fraud . Notice frivolous assumptions not regarding the high merit and due cause of this matter as it is in emergent state of defeating her majesties ability to have this case heard, are without her sanction or her authority as this case has absolute historical parliamentary original jurisdiction and prime ecclesiastical Standing! Such schedule of names of the privately liable men and women are so herein attached in honor and the saving of grace of the provision of her Majesties Bible and her defense of same. Notice of Motion Take notice that minister Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger will make a motion to the court in writing under Rule 369 of the Federal Court Rules. The motion is for the granting of a stay of fee’s in the nature of “Informa Pauperis” on the grounds of Indigent Status. The grounds for the motion are I am under a medical disability and as a result of that misfortune in health cannot gain a livelihood at this juncture, and as such as of necessity and under threat duress and intimidation to be on Provincial income support derived from CANADA acting as de facto trustee over the Cesti Que Vie trust issuing shareholder annuities to the provinces via section 33 of the charter of Rights and Freedoms. At this juncture it is appropriate to also bring notice to her majesty’s court for consideration of her Absolute Standing in this precise matter of ultimate Ecclesiastical significance in defending the laws of God as a benefit that all Canadians would suffer for a lack thereof. This begs the courts lack of discretion in such a cause and would indicate the emergent need in duty to grant such demand in good merit with cause high in standing and by the Grace of God we aid her Majesty in true allegiance to the glorious defense of the Christian faith. The courts jurisdiction is with meritable cause in granting the motion for indigent status allowing the benevolent waiver of the clerks fee’s as was her discretion to grant and with her majesties Style in defense of the faith the declaration and granting of the status of Standing to proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada with absolute standing as defended by her majesty herself and doth bear witness and stand guard ever faithful and on guard in this matter as such in ecclesiastic need to form a Statement of Claim “informa Pauperis” The following documentary evidence will be used at the hearing of the motion is : an income support status card bearing a bifurcated form of a name I was given and was issued in fraud and in violation of my faith to not associate with the corporate dead in law. My sworn word! Letters from two Doctors confirming my medical condition Photographic Ecclesiastical Proof of Existence card autographed by three ecclesiastics engaged non commercially as notary witnesses Affidavit of Identification Dated 2003 Commissioned by Alberta Commissioner Dated International Magazine Article with photo and name. 2001 Dated private information court hearing notice. June 14th 2012 Dated recognizance entered into with the RCMP in jasper dated May 11th 2012 A.D. Dated Notice of hearing before an Alberta provincial court judge upon a private information sworn before a Justice of the Peace using only my ecclesiastical proof of existence card as already produced for proof of who I am and was accepted. It is hereby claimed that The PROVINCE OF ALBERTA is a registered corporation for profit Exhibit A and the private men and women so herein named have with intent, without the support of corporate statute code regulation or dejure law, intimidated myself as a Christian minister to violate the commands of God YaHuWaH by forcing myself in Christ using intimidation of punishment by loss of liberties sanction of pecuniary fines and civil defacto corporate legislation to submit to and serve them and their corporate rules in violation of the commands of God the Queen by law has sworn to defend. Exodus 20:3-5 Leviticus 18:3-4 It is a prima fascia fact that they, so herein named are with not with her majesty’s standing as of having no statute code regulation statute or bill to rely upon in their defense ; thereby prima fascia indicating on the face of the defacto record and their sworn oaths to a Christian Monarch so herein named as joint plaintiff ex officio operation SILENT DEFENDER , that they severally and as private men and women have invoked private liability upon themselves upon the cause that they have in private, and with knowledge of the law, exceeded their defacto statutory authority by forcing those defacto corporate code statutes and regulations written in excess of God’s law, upon me and my ministry. Deuteronomy 4:2,12:3, Such unlawful action is causing and effecting damages of hardship stress emotional physical and mental duress so as to endanger my life health and spiritual well being and of effecting a forced unlawful confinement and extortion of alteration of my Christian given name and by the theft and conversion did intend to defraud me of any value they act as Trustee's over that I may possess. It is their intent notwithstanding to obstruct my ministry and intimidate me to comply to corporate statute code and regulation upon threats of imprisonment removal of property forced eviction from lands by fraud and issuing fines and kidnapping my body all being undefended by the Christian monarch and unsanctioned by her authority with the Authorised 1611 King James Bible as the rule for the life and government of Christian princes . The cause herein enumerated and extensively detailed is as such an intentionally fabricated scheme to deploy distress upon the physical mental and spiritual well being of the plaintiffs as of the intentional and deliberate force upon the plaintiff’s ministry in defiance of their duty bound oaths to God to bear true allegiance to the Christian Monarch’s defense of the faith. That oath swearing to bear true Allegiance is indicative of their prime duty to her throne and power. It is also herein offered before a court of established competency bearing and offering in honor a valid oath in law that it is prima fascia evidence that the “Province of Alberta” is in fictional PLAYSCRIPT league association and business with “ CANADA”, both being established corporations, Exhibits B and C of an mutual relationship in interlocking equity, and of certainty neither being a geographical land mass as is a province, note the small ”p” as opposed to the large “P” in the former Province, are being orchestrated used and deployed by the aforementioned private men and women and are using the defacto corporation’s rules to superimpose some immoral and unlawful assumpsit social contract upon my freedom to officially perform the functions of my calling in Christ in violation of my freedom to practice my faith in following God and Christ over the ramblings and unlawful passage upon my sacred office of minister of Christ as defended by the anointed of God Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Cause To be clear upon cause so no assumptions can be drawn upon. The laws of God as defended by the Monarch upon lawful oath are being threatened and her Majesties office of Royal Style and Title “Defender of the Faith”, that this court bears an oath of true Allegiance to, is being used immorally and is being tenaciously usurped by privately liable men and women with private knowledge who are imposing the fraud of a defacto corporation’s contractual assumption of submission via registration, as an excuse to intimidate men and women to submit to them and their manufactured law as god...Cause is the intentional violating the commands of God and intimidating men and women with fear of punishment to submit to those false god’s laws. Constructive treason is the cause… knowledge of the cause removes the potential for claiming there is no cause and upon any confusion I as plaintiff demand the court seek clarification if the court is not clear on the cause to remove potential time constraints imposed by the potential claim by her Majesties court there is no cause.. Breaking the commands of God the Queen swore to defend by intimdating men and women to break them as well by using the Queens name to do it, is the fraud invoking the intimidation. Without a meeting of the minds and knowledge of all the terms of the contract there can be no contract and if that assumpsit contract is in violation of the commands of God then it is void ab initio. Roncarelli v Duplessis 1959 SCR, Amselem 2004 SCR, Alberta Dairy Pool SC,R Saumer v City of Quebec 1953 SCR, Big Drug v Regina SCR, Definitions Heritage Canada Website under section 32 The RCMP case of Sergeant Dhillon in Quesnel British Columbia in 1988 or thereabouts wherein he was awarded 10 Million Dollars as of being told to remove his Turban to be a member. It has been removed from the supreme court website and replaced with R v Grant . John Anthony Hill V. Her Majesty..Great Britain Court Case May 20012 I Edward-Jay-Robin formerly of the Belanger Family do hereby swear to YaHuWaH my creator, Psalms 83:18, and before my peers that I am, a non secular man under Christ as my redeemer free from assumption of commercial law and now so proclaimed with absolute standing in the Kingdom of God as his humble servant and bondsman, 1 Corinthians 7 :22-23, and am without funds to pay the filing fee in the Edmonton Federal Court of Canada and humbly demand my case be heard in fairness by a competent tribunal not in conflict , as of my inability to pay the filing fee Magna Carta section 40. To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice. May 09th, 2012 A.D. ____________________________________________ minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger as ecclesiastical proxy for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor anointed of God. 10755-133rd Street Edmonton, Alberta No Code, Non Commercial Phone: (780) 633-7723

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