Thursday, July 9, 2009

Canada Became A Police State While Canadians Were Sleeping: Landmark Proposed Class Suit Against CRA

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) acts like a private police organization disregarding equal rights under the law and due process of the law. CRA criminal investigators now have badges. Next, CRA will want their own weapons to save "taxpayers" money.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 22, 2009 – Widespread corruption, incompetence and statute driven extortion of the CRA cause Canadian families to go bankrupt and lose their homes, businesses and income. Unrelenting financial terror from the CRA can result in broken families and suicides. For this reason, CRA directs distressed or suicidal callers to the Salvation Army's Suicide Prevention Services.

The grounds for the proposed Landmark Class Suit against the CRA and the Minister of National Revenue, include unjust enrichment, extortion, negligence,fraud, breach of trust, abuse of power and process, discrimination, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of privacy, breech of confidential relationship, invasion of privacy and arbitrary targeting of taxpayers.

We are witnessing the day by day erosion of democratic rights and freedoms in Canada. Privacy and civil liberties activists object and protest each time a democratic right disappears. The Canadian public is silent.

The Supreme Court of Canada passed a "proceeds of crime legislation" that allows the police to seize assets from any individual or business "accused" or "suspected" on the "balance of probabilities" of any crime without a warrant. This "proceeds of crime law" has a lower standard than the "criminal test of proof beyond a reasonable doubt" and has been misused in other countries such as the United States.

Canada rejected UN human rights recommendations. The Public Service Alliance filed a Charter challenge in court over the erosion of workers' and women's constitutional rights. The claimants allege that Harper government hid regressive laws in the budget.

Canadian women's rights groups and Unions have sent a human rights complaint to the UN Commission on the Status of Women regarding Canada’s current practice of systematic discrimination against women.

The Federal Government intends to pass a law giving police powers to force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide customer identifying data such as name, postal/email/IP address, telephone number, cell phone identifier without a search warrant or court order or any reasonable grounds or proof to suspect criminal activity.

The Federal Court of Appeal gave the CRA approval to collect the names and sales figures for eBay’s top national sellers of $1000 or more in monthly sales although the computers are in the United States.

The Federal Government has a poor record for keeping immigrants families together as demonstrated recently by the shabby treatment of Mikhail Lennikov. The CRA discriminates and targets immigrants such as the farm workers.

Soon all police and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) will have the power they need to "legally" abuse Canadians.

The CRA routinely and arbitrarily violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian Human Rights Act, Canadian Bill of Rights, Statutes of Limitations, Contract Law and Income Tax Act itself including the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

The CRA seizes or freezes bank accounts, issues liens on personal, business property, and insurance policies, often based on improper certificates - RTP- Requirements To Pay instead of proper Court Orders or Judgments of the Court. Citizens and businesses are denied due process of the law.

The CRA reassess tax returns, threatens to take legal action if the taxpayer does not comply with the demands for private information, payment of arbitrary fines, interest and alleged taxes. CRA uses a process of blackmail and extortion which is similar to tactics used by communist and fascist regimes.

The CRA issues illegal garnishment orders based on Statutes, using RTP, not a valid legal document without proper Court Orders or registered letters or registered certificates signed by the Minister of National Revenue.

The RTP are often improperly, illegibly signed by anonymous CRA officials with no identifying information: lacking printed name, title and no witness.

CRA seizes income as quickly as possible at the highest rate from any source including family benefits, disability allowances, pensions, business income, investments.

Such ruthless intimidation is intended to pressure the taxpayer to enter into a contract with the CRA to pay the alleged amount demanded.

Hal Neumann won a precedent setting victory , "Jury awards B.C. man $1.3M for taxman's raid". The Supreme Court Jury of B.C. ruled the CRA invasion and search of a citizens home violated the privacy protection in Section 7 and the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure in Section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "Gestapo tactics of the Revenue Agency Brought to Light".

Victoria lawyer Steven Kelliher asked the jury to tell the CRA -- "The CRA don't rule us. They have an obligation to respect our fundamental rights. They serve us. They don't prey on us."

The Minister of Justice and CRA are appealing the $1.3 M award. However, the BC Court of Appeal gave Neumann access to the award on May 25, 2009.

The CRA refuses to compensate Irvin Leroux for $4.5 M loss of his home, business and income in BC. Leroux won the tax fight with the CRA over the $1M alleged tax bill. Tory MP Dick Harris who tried to help Leroux, compared the CRA to terrorists.

Donors owe millions in taxes and numerous charities lose revenues after CRA revokes charitable status. Lawyer David Thompson of Scarfone Hawkins LLP who filed a Class Suit against Banyan Tree Foundation said that the CRA also needs to take some responsibility.

Bud Webster a former foster parent from Victoria, so broke and depressed he wanted to kill himself, gave up foster parenting and launched a lawsuit against the province of B.C. Webster said that raising troubled youth was easier than fighting CRA with the resulting $100,000 in legal bills. Ontario foster parents Tom and Helen Brouwer also gave up foster parenting, after they were illegally billed for $100,000 in back taxes.

Accountant Dave Hansen said that the CRA is 'incompetent' in carpenter Dennis Collins' case. Collins was reassessed $500,000 alleged taxes plus $67,000 GST after all his expenses were disallowed and tax information was sent to his wrong address due to CRA errors.

Unfair tax laws requiring taxes to be paid on the stock value at time of purchase, will result in bankruptcies of thousands of Canadians who own worthless stock options from their employers, purchased before the market fell.

The CRA withdrew demands for detailed financial information about earnings and assets of Hells Angels, including any - hidden - outside the country because it violated the Income Tax Act and Charter of Rights.

Vancouver lawyer David J. Martin, wanted the CRA declared guilty of illegal conduct by targeting the plaintiffs through an initiative known as - Project MOGAL, - or the - Hells Angel Project - HA - . The CRA gave private financial information to third parties, including the police.

The CRA withdrew the letters of requirement in a precedent setting - out-of-court - agreement made on the same date as the Federal Court challenge was to be heard last spring .

The Provinces are allegedly in collusion with the CRA and cooperate to register invalid notices of garnishment based on RTP- CRA requirements to pay aren't judgments of the Court and not a legal instrument.

Wally Oppal, former Attorney General of B.C did not respond to the Notice of Claim for the Statement of Claim- File No. S-116959 in New Westminster, B.C, which objects to such a "bogus" notice of liens used to change the title of a Canadian citizen's properties.

The Canada Revenue Agency is out of control and acting like an agency in a fascist or communist dictatorship removing democratic rights in a systematic process of statute driven extortion.

To participate in the Proposed Class Suit : ...


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