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Letter of notice confirming faith bound duties and requirements

To: The private man Wayne Samis January 14th 2001 A.D.
Acting as the Clerk of the Alberta court of Queens Bench. Served at the
Edmonton Provincial court house on January 14th 2001 A.D. by hand and in the

From: Christian Minister Edward Jay Robin: Belanger ( no alterations of my name
allowed) in performance of a function of my calling as per Queens command and
Coronation promise.176 CCC
C/o The Church of Ecumenical Redemption International Near Onoway Alberta.
Telephone 1 780 967 3915 email, (

Dear Mr. Samis, It is under threat duress and intimidation I am informing
you and giving you good faith and fair notice that I acting as a minister
of God have been made aware that a fraud has been perpetrated upon me God's
creation and his church through your officer John Bachinski acting as a
clerk of the court and the private man acting as Provincial Land Titles
officer , Ray Runge and the law firm of Bishop and Mackenzie having the private man Douglas J. Hughes.

I have been in private communication with Ray Runge the Canadian BAR and the RCMP regarding this matter, a commercial transaction of a fraud upon my flesh and blood in action of The law firm of Bishop and Mackenzie and Canada Trustco/TD using my name in an altered fashion contrary to law and my Christian faith for a financial purpose in filing suit against a legal fiction# 0203 0054 in the court of Queens Bench with no permission from me to do so and in fact in total awareness of what they were doing was against my wishes ,is a breach of trust and religious discrimination against my religious belief and Christian faith and in that belief a violation of 361,363,366,372.374,375.378,380,388 ,397,405,408,426and 126 and 176 of the Canadian criminal code that only applies to members of the body corporate of Canada save internal Imperial law consistent with the Coronation oath.. I have noticed these men and women of my knowledge and duty to require and insist on only legitimate officers of her majesty's court be allowed to file documents against me the man and Christian minister in my Christian given name and respective family name as supplied. They have been told I can only communicate and deal with true allegiants of her majesty's royal style and title, in short, defender of the faith.

You publicly have no Imperial regulations that allow you to register an altered fraudulent manner of my name or conspire to alter my name without my permission.

Ask the private man Barry Haugrud at Alberta vital statistics and the private woman Pat Nelson the former Government services Minister and She and he will tell you they have no law that allows them to alter my name! Ask the Ombudsmen that sided with me. They can pick a method of recording it but cannot alter it or even record it Capitalized or in an incorrect manner! (See "Canadian Style"2001)

Ask Danielle Umrysh the Deputy Registrar or Lynn Varty The registrar about that letter of notice and her reply last April regarding Appeals case 00030494AC and the actions of Mr. William Barclay acting as council for Lac Ste Ann County, and Mr. Costigan and McClung both failing to subscribe to their oaths in that proceeding. Essentially in my belief and faith they were obstructing me a Christian minister from protecting the people who have trust in my faith and defense of same. No procession or development of that case matter has transpired since that date as it would be an act of treason and violation of an oath sworn obligation to uphold the Biblical law of bring love not harm. Bear not false witness.

If those lawyers judges and public servants that by Imperial law swore oath to God, and subscribed allegiance to her majesty Queen Elizabeth, do not know the meaning of their oaths they admit perjury as no allegiant can be an allegiant nor receive her majesty's authority if they do not know what they swore allegiance to. Ask Wayne Hatt Justice of the peace for information in the Edmonton provincial court house what the meaning of that oath is Wayne, he really knows and is proud to provide the correct answer!

Woe, unto you lawyers! for ye have taken away the key to knowledge; ye entered [the Kingdom of God] not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye [have] hindered.
Luke 11:52

I have asked Douglas J. Hughes of Bishop McKenzie as well as the partners and the Canadian Bar association for that understanding. I went all the way to Osgood hall in Toronto to hear the registrar there at the countries most prestigious law school tell me that she did not know what the meaning was and thought no lawyer or Judge would know the meaning of the oath of allegiance. A very telling revelation! I have communicated privately via private notice to all allegiants of her majesty in the Edmonton Journal on the 19th of December 2001 and The firm along with Mr. Douglas has refused to comply with my need to know and duty to ask of his oath sworn understanding of the allegiance to her majesty by action of proceeding against a legal fiction and has attempted to attach this legal fiction to me. I in Christian faith can accept no legal fiction as my flesh and blood self as is false witness and fraud and a violation of Gods command to not worship or serve false Gods or their systems. It is under threat duress and intimidation I approach you to bring you into agreement with my belief in the facts that state that without a true understanding of their oaths of allegiance these men masquerading as lawyers are frauds perjurers and possibly traitors.

I hope you have no belief of malice or mischief on my part in this notice to you and that you have no wish nor intent to obstruct me in performing this function of my calling or by such action of aiding and abetting this legal fiction action #0203 00554 , discriminate against my faith that her majesty stands in defense of by allowing and participating in the procession of this action of fraud by the aforementioned parties in your register and with your clerks .

I offer no consent and can effect no joinder with fraud but am of faith commanded to report it to those in position to effect justice not commerce. I am not a member of the bankrupt legal fiction corporation known as Canada and have no contracts with the legal fiction corporation known as Canada that are valid. I am not subject to the Bankruptcy and insolvency act as I am sovereign and an active functioning Christian minister performing life's holy ceremony of God YHVH's worship and accept God's entitlement to my fleshly body as God's temple.
Corinthians 3:16

Wayne, I cannot of my faith allow you to conspire with these imposters to commit a fraud upon God the Queen and the people of this land. I demand in the name of Jesus Christ and his defender Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith that you swore allegiance to and subscribed to, that you cease and desist any communications or provision of services of her majesty to these alleged traitors and frauds in this case so numbered that have refused to deliver to me as a minster of God performing a function of my calling orally or in writing their understanding of their said subscribed oaths of allegiance. 337 of the Criminal code.

I have communicated my good faith in Christian intent for almost two year now to this legal fiction TD/Canada Trustco ,and I am including to you my notice to the board of directors of the legal fiction that has in my Christian faith and belief been committing the crime of fraud , usury , extortion and conspiracy to commit treason upon myself and other Christians of this land , the TD bank.

The oath of allegiance that you took Wayne is Imperial law and is of purpose to defend the laws of God the true profession of the Gospel and the Church and clergy thereof. If one man or woman does not subscribe to that oath then it is invalid, and to continue to act as if one has the sanction and authority of her majesty in absence of knowing what the allegiance is about is fraud and quite possibly treason. I cannot participate in crimes against God's word and her majesty's oath as it is my duty as a minister of God to ensure that God's law is upheld and only his Justice is imparted by his lawfully sworn allegiants to his agent on earth for the Church of England and the whole of the British Commonwealth.

I hope and am of vigilant prayer you will be of integrity and owe duty to God rather than money Wayne and ask these men of their oaths of allegiance before you allow them to continue in her majesty's courts.

In the name of Jesus Christ our redeemer and savior I thank for your time and forgive me for any stress this may have caused you as I am aware how the system works and is of intent to get you conspire with it to commit crimes against God's law, Imperial law, Common law and Canon law. I cannot in my right of faith do that Wayne. I hope you will see and feel my sincerity in this and the fraud and crimes they are proposing you involve yourself with.

The Bank Act of 1913 is not Imperial law! No contract is valid without revealing all the facts of the contract! The Banks have no money to loan they need get you to give them permission to access your bond! A promissary note is funds and your permission!. A loan is not an exchange. They have nothing to loan until you give them your promissary note and they an attach it to your bond to create the money , your money ......that they then say they lend back to you. That is an exchange at best and saying it is a loan is fraud!

Such acts and bills and fraudulent contracts have no authority over me , and I believe in Christian faith and Godly provision of wisdom, were conceived in treason! The Income tax act is the same Wayne and I hope you do not wish to contribute to a system based on deceit fraud and flesh currency.

Remember we have no Gold to back our money the bankers stole it. We back it with bonded enslaved, sold men and women via sureties formed with birth records handed from mother to government. This value of our future fleshly energies is then converted to paper.

I am not allowing this abomination of bondage to continue as it is my function and sworn duty of performance as a minister of Christ Jesus to make others aware of this fraud and treason and of those who administer it in criminal activity and violation of God's laws as Imperially dictated by the Reigning monarch.

Sincerely in the wisdom of Matthew 18:15 20 and the action of Jesus against
the money changers. They entered God's temple and altered the weights and measures. They lied! They coveted my flesh that is God's temple and I am duty and oath bound to kick them the money changers out of God's temple with all of my faith and energy..


Minister of Jesus (Yashua) Christ performing a protected function of my calling under the threat of fraud by the money changers and unlawfully sanctioned lawyers and duress of extortion by the same and intimidation by such same said aforementioned parties to violate my faith and beliefs in Christ's teachings

From : Minister of Christ
Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger (
C/o Heatherdown ecclesia of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption International near Onoway Alberta
1-780-967-3915 (Church international number 202-239-5856)

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