Friday, December 11, 2009

Alberta curriculum guide to writing your name, grade one.....

Specific Outcome Statements WiggleWorks PreK-1
Correlation ---
The Alberta English Language Arts Grade 1 Curriculum to
Scholastic WiggleWorks PreK-1

4.2 Attend to Conventions (continued)
Attend to spelling
• Spell phonically irregular high frequency
words in own writing
• Use phonic knowledge and skills and visual
memory to attempt spelling of words need for
All Guided Reading Teaching Plans
• Know that words have conventionally
accepted spellings
Attend to capitalization and punctuation
• Capitalize the first letter of names and the
pronoun “I” in own writing
• Identify periods, exclamation marks and
question marks when reading, and use them to
assist comprehension
Teacher’s Guide p. 19
Guided Reading Teaching Plans:
Hide and Seek

I Love Mud and Mud Loves Me p.
3, 4
What’s Inside? p. 3
Music Is in the Air p. 4
Frog’s Lunch
The Ball Game p. 4
Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox p. 4
Buzz Said the Bee p. 3
Jane Goodall p. 4
Ants and Other Insects p. 4
Willie’s Wonderful Pet p. 4
Guided Reading Teaching Plans
4.3 Present and Share
Present information
• Present ideas and information to a familiar
audience, and respond to questions
All Guided Reading Teaching Plans
Enhance presentation
• Add such details as labels, captions and
pictures to oral, print and other media texts
All Guided Reading Teaching Plans
Use effective oral and visual communication
• Speak in a clear voice, with appropriate

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