Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Scamming commercial gurus get busted!!

Indictments Rage on for 1099 OID Scammers I thought I would write and explain... Why YOU should shy away from Patriot Myth Mongers (PMM): You Could Go To JAIL. Maybe you can see a bigger issue in this: People generally go to jail for doing something wrong that endangers or hurts government or fellow humans. Here's a case in point: The FAKE 1099 OID Tax Return. What they did wrong: Filed the fake 1099 OID tax return to get undeserved money from the IRS/Treasury. Intended Purpose: The 1099 OID serves only one legitimate purpose. People who buy original issue bonds at a discount and agree to forego coupon interest can sell the bonds back at face value, generally at maturity, or if the corporation calls in the bonds early. The 1099 OID return identifies to the IRS the amount of money earned at maturity, the difference between the discount price and the face amount. The scheme: scammers get conned into believing that US Government went bankrupt in 1933 (even though no such court case exists) and converted all Americans into chattel of the creditors from birth. Thus government ultimately guarantees payment of all debts from a secret birth certificate bond account with the Treasury. By filing the 1099 OID with some related forms, the scammers get the government pay their tax debt, plus some. The Problem: The scheme actually cheats government out of tax revenues. Maybe many other reasons can explain why people don't actually owe the taxes, but the 1099OID scam presumes they do, and then makes a false claim to government, a felony crime. I know of two central PMMs who promoted this nonsense: Winston Shrout and Sam Kennedy. I heard of numerous accolytes who learned from those gurus and then became gurus themselves, like Sam Davis, Tim Turner (who filed fake maritime liens against people he didn't like), Paul Laird, etc. And many others learned from them to become "practitioners" who would fill in paperwork for people who then filed them and got busted. My Beef: I do not love the IRS. I consider the IRS a criminal enterprise for its abusive collection of taxes I believe people do not owe. As a student of history, I acknowledge effective legal and political activism (including everything from elections, pressuring elected representatives, picketing, marching demonstrations, and open rebellion) for defeating crookedness in government, such as IRS crimes. However, I discourage individual crimes like FILING FALSE tax returns because they become a nifty way to win a prison term. AND you will still owe the money plus penalties. Many victims of such hoaxes became criminals. And only a doofus could possibly claim "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong." What Ultimately Happens: Grand Juries Indict Scammers, the DOJ Prosecutes them, Courts Convict Them, THEY GO TO PRISON As I have explained in the past, Winston Shrout, Glenn Richard Unger (Sam Kennedy), Sam Davis, Tim Turner, and others conducted seminars over the past 7 years instructing attendees on the "correct" methods to use in filing fraudulent financial instruments like 1099 OID in connection with income tax returns and other interactions with Government. Until a couple of weeks ago, the main theorists avoided prosecution. But the IRS and DOJ investigations have landed indictments against their Patriot Myth Mongering (PMM) understudies like Sam Davis and James Timothy "Tim" Turner. Chris Marrero got indicted in 2011. Pete Hesser from Port Charlotte just got convicted in November for filing false returns and tax evasion for that. And Glenn Unger ("Sam Kennedy") just got indicted a few days ago. Follow these links and read for yourself: Examples: David Marrero http://www.forbes.com/sites/billsinger/2012/05/03/federal-inmate-indicted-for-filing-false-tax-returns-from-prison/ Sam Kennedy (Glenn Unger) http://www.justice.gov/usao/nyn/news/1795-3530-669737344.pdf Chris Marrero http://www.justice.gov/tax/txdv111583.htm Straw Man Fraud http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2011/12/straw_man_tax_fraud_south_florida.php Pete Hesser http://www.justice.gov/usao/flm/press/2012/dec/20121205_Hesser.html Sam Davis http://www.justice.gov/usao/nv/press/march2011/davismarch252011.htm James Timothy Turner http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2012/September/12-tax-1126.html EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM If you agree with my assessment of the IRS, don't fight the battle against them alone because you will lose. The US Congress has devised a perfect way of making you into a slave in violation of the principles of the US Constitution. They wrote a confusing law (codified in 26 USC) which most Americans find daunting, arcane, and inscrutable. Most of America's Legal community, including the DOJ, have construed the Constitution ( especially the 16th Amendment) as supporting the direct taxation of the people in spite of crystal clear language that Congress shall apportion direct taxes among (and collect them from) the states (state legislatures). The President and the IRS agree with the lawyers. Generally, so do the courts. I don't. And I have only one voice. So I have hundreds of thousands of government operatives against me. I have two points to make: I cannot and shall not go it alone in a battle against the IRS and DOJ and Courts and Congress and President on the issue of income and wage taxes. Millions of informed, armed, resolute, belligerent Americans can defeat the abusive scheme of income and wage taxation by legal and political action ONLY if they work together and focus their power on the weakest part of government - the individual operative, removing the evil perps one at a time till none remain. The ICE PICK Government beats individual Americans on the tax issue by the ICE PICK method. The full power of the government focuses on one tiny needle-sharp point of cold steel: the bank accounts. Government agents forcibly extract so-called tax money from the accounts of recalcitrant taxpayers in banks, and banks cooperate. Failing that, the operatives steal automobiles, houses, and wages through unjust liens and levies. Failing that, theyget an indictment, prosecute, convict, and imprison the recalcitrant taxpayer. One Obama Democrat, taking his cue from 9-11-2001, protested abusive taxes by crashing his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Had he managed to fly a freshly fueled Boeing 787 into the White House US Capitol building in Washington DC, that might have gotten his point across. If that continued to happen in a variety of ways, maybe Congress would get the point. But short of massive, meaningful protest that "No means No," the tax abuse will continue. Bottom line, you cannot break down a block of ice by smacking it with the flat of your hand. You use an ice pick. You focus all the power of your arm on the point, and when you jam it into the block of ice, with that force, it begins to shatter and break apart. I believe the voter base has become watered down by immigration and procreation of millions of people of such low intelligence that when they vote, the always vote for candidates who will make laws that rob from one group of people to give to another. And I believe that the super-smart of the world have used credit and debt to enslave the people, corrupt the government, and destroy the value of savings and of our currency. And I believe that the energy producers, including oil companies, have joined in to keep the world enslaved to fossil fuels and nuclear power when we should have switched to water fracturing technology to produce HHO gas decades ago for our power sources. America needs crash programs to produce HHO gas through water fracturing devices, and to establish eugenics programs to clean up the gene pool, and to re-engineer suffrage so the irresponsible and ignorant cannot have any voice in government. America needs to return to family values so that men and women marry, produce children, and stay married to rear those children in a responsible household environment so the children become good and sensible citizens. This means all of us should start to work on that today, right now. We cannot stop runaway spending that justifies bilking the populace without forceful, pin-point political and legal activism. How will YOU make that happen? Bob Hurt Blog 1 2 3 f t 2460 Persian Drive #70 Clearwater, FL 33763 Email; Call: (727) 669-5511 Law Studies: Donate Subscribe Learn to Litigate with Jurisdictionary

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