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More Cures for the virus's they don't want you to see

News Article written by Nancy Robey (
(Nancy Robey is one of the premiere researchers in the field of Colloidal Silver used on AIDS and the HIV virus.)

Is there a simple, inexpensive treatment for AIDS? Perhaps so. An obscure but crucial discovery was made at the Biochemsitry Unit of Upjohn Labboratories in 1991:
"Among a number of metal ions tested, Zn2+ (zinc), Cn2+ (copper), and Ag1+ (silver) were found to be the most effective inhibitors of renin and the HIV protease (data not shown). Kenectic analysis revealed that inhibition of renin by Ag1+ (silver) is basically identical with that seen with Zn2+ (zinc), i.e., concompetitive, first order with respect to the metal." Biochemistry, September 10, 1991.

Further testing at Upjohn, including a clinical trial, revealed that zinc was toxic in effective dosages. This was the first report that silver is a highly effective protease inhibitor. Over the following years, this same discovery would be made several times. The following article is from the Orem Herald of Provo, Utah, February 13, 1992, on page D1:

The small glass vial is filled with clear liquid resembling water. But an Orem resident is convinced it contains the cure for AIDS. "I don't have a doubt in my mind. It's what eats me alive at night," says Daryle Tichy.
Suspended in the liquid, which is mostly distilled water, are ultrafine particles of positively charged silver. By researching within several different sciences, Tichy has determined that the solution will kill the AIDS virus without harming the human body.

Tichy, a full time member of the administrative staff at Brigham Young University's physical plant, said he considers himself a searcher, not a researcher. He looks for patterns and answers to problems by crossing the boundaries of different disciplines such as physics and medicine...
Tichy said he had the material tested at two different labs; results showed the solution killed a variety of pathogens, including the HIV virus.

A year later, this same discovery was made at the University Medical Center in Geneva, Switzerland:
"Metal-binding proteins are important components of retroviruses such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Therefore, metals could be used as antiviral agents...silver is a highly active bacteriacidal metal with little toxicity for humans. Silver has also been shown to be a potent inhibitor of HIV protease." Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, December 30, 1992.
Three years later, Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, made this same discovery apparently independently:
"We tested the ability of biotic silver protein to inhibit human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) replication in the human T cell line, SupT 1, as measured by syncytia formation. We found that pure silver protein inhibited HIV-1 replication in SupT 1 cells as measured by a reduction in the appearance syncytia in cell culture. There appeared to be little if any acute toxicity associated with the dose of biotic silver protein which inhibited HIV-1 replication...These results are very encouraging and suggest additional experiments that could be done..." Earl E. Henderson, Ph.D. Professor.

The following March 20, 1995, Professor Earl E. Henderson released the findings of another experiment at Temple University:
"My laboratory has studied the effects of special formulation of biotic silver protein on human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 (HIV-1) survival and on latency reactiviation of HIV-1 in the human lymphoblastoid B cell line, M57-3...The results of the...experiment show that exposure of HIV-1 to 1000 ppm of special formulation of silver protein for one hour at 37 degrees Centigrade completely eliminates infectious HIV-1 as measured by syncytia formation on SupT 1 cells..."

This is what an AIDS patient says about silver therapy:
"I was infected with HIV through a forced infection in 1991. I tested positive for the HIV antibody November 18, 1991; of course, the same day as my birthday. From that day forward, my life became something totally beyond anything I could have expected...It has been rough, though. HIV has helped me so, so much. The experience has given me access to my own soul again, to a living, breathing relationship with Spirit; regardless, I have literally gone to hell for much of it...While I had plenty of good days, I was getting more and more bad days...
"The 106 degree fevers began to return, the intense body pain, the harsh, long-lasting chills... I began to make my own immediate funeral arrangments....and then this voice popped into my head and told me to get the hell on colloidal silver RIGHT NOW! Sure enough, within a week I had begun to gain the weight I had lost back, and in two weeks, I had gone back to mountian climbing. Wow!

I still feel absolutely incredible. I have symptoms of nothing and I am back to my hyperactive self. This new dosing of silver seems to be taking care of my oral thrush problem and is keeping the MAC at bay...I'd like to think I could be cured of this disease...I feel so good that, if I was to start getting sick again and move closer to death, I would be so thankful for this period of absolute health that it would be okay. I do not know how long I am to live, nor do I know how my death will come." T. W.

The depopulation program of the African Continent was discussed near the turn of the of the 2oth century and finally brought to deployment starting in the 80's with various mutated strains of deadly bacterial created in African and US laboratories as aided by the eugenics and genome projects of the German scientists of the second world war.

Fortunately their are several antidotes that not many get to hear about as of destroying the planned takeover of that very valuable real estate.

Colloidial Silver in Distilled water in specific gradations injected IV drank and bathed in is effective at eliminating a majority of viral and bacterial infections,,,

Hydrogen peroxide injected as about .1% in hypodermic with gradation in increase effectively kills the virus,,as well s ozone,

Chlorine Dioxide is effective at killing the Virus at very small concentrations applied intravenously and imbibed.

Those are only some of the very powerful curative agents that typical news media do not report on.

Are you a typical media agency or an honorable one that cares about it's people and nations?

Please let me know if you plan to research and publish this anti genocidal historically significant info or not as if it is not your intent to offer the cures then it is your intent to offer the annialation of your people.

Blessings upon your choice It's your watch now

Ezekiel 33:6-10

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