Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Statutes and Codes of Louisiana....proof you can deny corporate existance

The wording of the Statutes and Codes of Louisiana aided in the discovery that led to the Redemption In Law process. It is noteworthy that Louisiana was the last state to adopt the UCC (July 1, 1994) and the only state NOT to do so in entirety, excluding the articles on sales and secured transactions. This information is now being put to good use in many other states. It is entirely logical to believe that it will work anywhere there is corporate jurisdiction at play (everywhere). Examining the following two sections from the Civil Code of Louisiana, and the Louisiana Revised Statutes will permit you to quickly grasp their importance.
Civil Code of Louisiana
Art. 445 "The statutes and regulations which corporations enact for their police and discipline, are obligatory upon all their respective members who are bound to obey them, provided such statutes contain nothing contrary to the laws, to public liberty, or to the interest of others."

Art. 429 "Corporate existence presumed unless affidavit of denial filed before trial. On trial of any criminal case it shall not be necessary to prove the incorporation of any corporation mentioned in the indicement, unless the defendant, before entering upon such trial, shall have filed his affidavit specifically denying the existence of such coporation."
These two passages contain virtually all one needs to know. Members of a corporation are bound by its corporate rules and regulations; non-members are excluded from (not subject to) its jurisdiction. The entire legal system operates on presumptions of law. One of the operational presumptions is that the caption of a pleading is deemed to stand, grant jurisdiction to the court, and apply to you as a corporate person, unless you deny the existence or capacity to sue of all designated parties to the action.
Thus, if you enter a court you are automatically presumed/assumed to be the all-caps corporate entity set forth in the caption of the case, unless you negate the assertion. Likewise, each all-caps entity in the caption is presumed to exist, be solvent, have standing to sue, and be a party in court unless expressly negated/denied by you.

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